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Frequently Asked Questions about Selling with PPL Motor Homes

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Trade - Ins Welcome!    go Top
PPL accepts motor homes, travel trailers and 5th wheels as trade-ins for any of the units available on our sales lot. First, you select the vehicle you would like to purchase. Then, PPL will purchase that vehicle from its owner with the intention of trading for your current vehicle. Finally, after an inspection, PPL will give you a fair trade in value for your current unit and apply it to the trade.

How do I place my vehicle for sale with PPL?    go Top
Contact PPL toll free 1-800-755-4775 to schedule an appraisal appointment.  Our appraisers are here Monday through Saturday and it will take about an hour to get the vehicle listed for sale.   For full details on how PPL can help you sell your RV quickly and at a fair price click here "Wanted - Your RV" 
Please call today to arrange an appointment to meet with one of our RV appraisers.

How is the asking price established on the RV?    go Top
Since PPL has sold thousands of RVs, PPL's appraisers know the RV market.   We know what will sell and what will not.  The appraiser discusses the market value with the owner when they list the vehicle for sale.  A fair asking price is established by the owner and PPL.  PPL will refuse to list vehicles if the owner's price is unrealistically high.  For these reasons, once a fair price has been established, most of the units sell at the asking price or very close to it.

How long have you been in business?    go Top
PPL Motor Homes has been selling consigned RVs since 1972.  We have sold over 35,100 consigned RVs since that time.

If I consign my vehicle with PPL, will it be sold?    go Top
PPL Motor Homes has sold over 35,100 consigned RVs for private owners since 1972.   We sold 91.2% of all vehicles listed in the last 3 years.

Do you sell any new RVs?    go Top
PPL only sells used vehicles.  We believe that we can best serve the buyer and seller by concentrating on consigned RVs.  Unlike a dealer that sells both consigned and new RVs, we are not tempted to try to convince a prospect to buy a new RV rather than your consigned vehicle.  We can only remain in business by doing an exceptional job in selling your consigned RV.

Can I get updates emailed to me?    go Top
You can sign up for our special mailing list. Members of our list are emailed notices of newly consigned RVs, price reductions, weekly RV specials and money saving sales events on a regular basis.  By comparing your vehicle with the vehicle in the list, it will help you establish a fair price for your RV.  Click here to sign up for our free email.

How long is your consignment contract and what is your commission?    go Top
Our contract is a 90 day contract and commission is 10% of the actual selling price.  Minimum commission is $1475. for motor homes and $975. for trailers and 5th wheels. If your vehicle does not sell during the 90 days, the agreement will automatically renew itself for 15 day periods unless you request otherwise. To schedule an appraisal, contact our office at 1-800-755-4775 (toll free).

Do you pick up or deliver motor homes, travel trailers or 5th wheels out of state?    go Top
There are a number of independent services that pick up and/or deliver RVs through out the country. Click here for a list of these services.

Toll Free: 800-755-4775

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