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RV awnings consist of a Fabric canopy, a spring operated roller tube, arms or awning hardware, and an awning rail. Of course there are replacement parts available for the roller tube and hardware.

Usually, a full awning is ordered as two separate components:

First is the "FRTA" or fabric and roller tube assemly. Most RV patio awnings extend 8ft from the vehicle and are measured in even foot increments for the length of the awning. This awning measurement is the distance from the center of either the arms or the arm mounting brackets on the side of your RV. The awning fabric will measure aproximately 10 inches less than the actual awning measurement. DO NOT USE THE FABRIC MEASUREMENT AS THE AWNING MEASUREMENT.

Second it the hardware or Arms of the awning. The hardware measurement is taken from the top bracket to the bottom bracket, in inches. This distance is usually between 64 and 86 inches. There is a break at around 75 to 76 inches from short to long hardware. Most manufactures also offer a "universal" hardware. It may be, especially on 5th Wheel RV's that the front hardware may be of one size and the rear hardware may be of another size.

ALL RV Patio Awnings are considered Non-Returnable Custom Orders and care should be taken to order correctly.

When replacing parts on you existing awning you will need the Model numbers from the roller tube and hardware. Ordering the correct parts for your awning is impossible without these Model numbers. The Model number for your fabric and roller tube can be found under the fabric on the roller tube. Therefore you will need to extend the awning completely to see this number. The Model number for the hardware can usually be found inside one of the down tubes on the hardware arms. See the diagram below for examples.


You may have heard the term "Weatherguard". On most vinyl awnings this is an integral part of the canopy and is the piece of fabric that wraps around the awning when it is stowed. The Weatherguard can also be an optional corrugated metal shield, separate from the fabric, which wraps the canopy when it is stowed.

The majority of RV awnings are either Vinyl or Acrylic. Vinyl awnings are less expensive than Acrylic. As you would expect, Vinyl awnings have a smooth feel. Acrylic awnings are more fabric like. Both come in a variety of color styles. In addition to the standard awning designs, many custom options are available.

Replacement Awning Fabric comes in Original Equipment Fabric and Universal Replacement Fabric. Original Equipment Fabric is the direct replacement from you awning manufacturer. Universal Replacement Fabric will fit most manufactures of awning. The Universal Fabrics come in more limited color/pattern selection and are less expensive than Original Equipment Fabrics. Also the Original Equipment Fabrics will come in one piece, which starts at the awning rail and comes over the roller tube finishing in the scalloped valance. Universal Fabrics come in two pieces. the main canopy from the awning rail to the roller tube, and a second piece of fabric for the scalloped valance.
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