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Propane Gas Heaters
made by Northstar Flameless

These Items are No Longer available.
Please consider the Olympian Wave Heaters



3000 Btu
No Longer Available
6000 Btu 9000 Btu

Propane Gas Heaters provide fast penetrating radiant heat.

Propane gas heaters provide instant heat for a recreational vehicle or patio area. These lp gas heaters have no open flame. They burn at a safe temperature that is below the ignition point of clothing, paper and most materials. Northstar's catalytic technology requires no fan or electricity.  

Safety Note: Any fuel burning ventless appliance needs adequate air exchange to replenish Oxygen and remove products of combustion. Standards require at least a 1 square inch fresh air opening for every 1000 BTUs of propane used by any appliance. Replacement air (oxygen) is provided best by two vents, one low on an outside wall and the other high on another outside wall.

Massachusetts Exception: This item is prohibited for sale and delivery into the state of Massachusetts.

Propane Gas Heaters Additional Information

All three models of these propane heaters have a Standard 3/8" SAE Flare Gas Connection and come with a piezo spark ignitor.

BTU Output: Sunlite
(No Longer Available)
Sunray Sunburst
Minimum 1800 3500 5500
Average 2500 4000 7250
Maximum 3000 6000 9000
Fuel Consumption on High 1/8 lb. per hr. 1/4 lb. per hr. 1/3 lb. per hr.
Height 12.5" 19.5" 22.5"
Width 12.0" 13.5" 17.5"
Depth 3.5" 4.0" 4.0"
Weight 9 lbs 13 lbs 20 lbs
Area Heated* Up to 110 sq. ft. Up to 230 sq. ft. Up to 290 sq. ft

Addition information on these propane gas heaters can be viewed on the Northstar Website.

With these legs that fit all three models, you  can make the units into a portable heat source.
Dust covers for each model are also available to protect the unit when not in use.
A 90 degree elbow with swivel attachment can make installation easier in many situations and is especially useful when the unit is used as a portable heater.
A regulator and hose will be required to connect to the LP Gas bottle. See PPL's gas hoses and two stage regulators in the LP Gas Section.

Please note that any installations and work on  LPG Gas systems should always be performed by someone knowledgeable and qualified to do such work.

Propane Gas Heaters - How to Order: