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Black Water Tank Replacements

Black Water Tank Sample

Black Water Tanks - 32 Gallon Shown ( Sample of Many )

Black water replacement tanks can come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and valve arrangements (location).  When ordering your replacement black water tank, please make sure to have the size, dimensions and 3" outlet valve placement for your existing black water tank handy. We can supply over 75 different sizes of Black Water Tanks, dimensions and outlet valve placements.  Eight common ones with manufacturer's product numbers are shown in this link to black water tank replacements. Please note that these are only a small sample of the 75 sizes and shapes that we can quickly ship nationwide. This link will open in a new window. Therefore, simply close this new window to return here.

As these tanks are made of polyethylene plastic, the following products are not compatible: Sealants, pipe dope, greases, petroleum jellies, glues or other adhesives. Required plumbing include a 3" inlet and 1.5" or 2" vent in the highest part of the tank. You must drill these holes in the proper places to suit your plumbing situation. Installation of the piping is most easily accomplished by use of rubber grommets as shown.

Part #88-1259 - 3" rubber grommet

Part #88-1257 - 1.5" rubber grommet

The black water example tanks shown in the above link are listed below:

Our Product #  Manufacturers #  Size-Gallons  Overall Dimensions  Valve Location
H502  H502  24.5  9 1/2" x 27" x 31"  end center
23726  H086  27  9" x 19 7/8" x 56 1/2"  end center
23717  H492  29  13" x 19 1/2" x 32"  end offset
H664  H664  30  8 1/2" x 22 1/4" x 52 3/8"  end center
23706  H488  32  6 3/4" x 32" x 54"  end offset
H562  H562  32  5 3/4" x 32" x 54"  end center
H083  H083  40  9" x 27 1/2" x 55 1/2"  end offset

***Due to the manufacturer's lead time, orders can take up to 30 days for delivery.

Also you should have the existing dimensions: length, width, and height. You should also know the position of the 3" discharge valve. Is it on the middle end, middle side, left end, right end, left side, right side, etc.?  If you can make a sketch of the existing one, it would be most helpful. Simply put detailed dimensions on the drawing similar to the drawings of these sample black and gray water tanks and fax it to PPL's RV Parts Superstore at 713-995-8697 and include your name and phone number and we will help you find a replacement. For faster service, please call PPL toll free at 1-800-755-4775 .

NOTE: In some cases, you may need to create inlets and re-plumb to make the new tank work properly. If you have good information, PPL should be able to help you find a replacement unit requiring a minimum of work to install.

***Due to the manufacturer's lead time, orders can take up to 30 days for delivery.

Black Water Tank Replacements - How to Order:

Please order online below. For questions or phone ordering, our telephone lines ( Toll Free 1-800-755-4775 ) are Open 7am to 7:30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm Sat, (Central Time) Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 06/30/16.

Complete Parts Catalog Plumbing (Black Water) Index Shipping Info Return Policy About PPL
Stock # Item Description Price Qty Order
Items Presented Above
Manufacturer #: H562
$249.00 Item Unavailable
at this Time
Manufacturer #: H502
$279.00 Item Unavailable
at this Time
23726 RV HOLDING TANK 27 GALLONS...Regularly $297.79  On Sale for Only $191.36
Manufacturer #: H086
23717 RV WASTE TANK - 29 GALLONS...Regularly $259.99  On Sale for Only $172.46
Manufacturer #: H492
Manufacturer #: H664
$199.95 Item Unavailable
at this Time
Manufacturer #: H083
23706 WASTE HOLDING TANK - 32 GALLONS...Regularly $341.96  On Sale for Only $142.95
Manufacturer #: H488
$142.95 Item Unavailable
at this Time
88-1259 RUBBER GROMMET FOR 3IN TANK INLET PIPE...Regularly $11.29  On Sale for Only $9.79
Manufacturer #s: 11-0997, 93
Manufacturer #s: 11-0995, 91
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83-1880 THETFORD BRAVURA TOILET - HIGH PROFILE - WHITE...Regularly $229.68  On Sale for Only $151.23
Manufacturer #s: 31084, 12-0310
89-8282 VALTERRA WASTE VALVES - 3IN - HOLDING TANK DUMP VALVES...Regularly $14.99  On Sale for Only $8.10
Manufacturer #s: T1003VP, 11-0622
89-8466 HYDROFLUSH W/VALVE...Regularly $28.69  On Sale for Only $22.12
Manufacturer #s: F02-4100, 11-0328


PPL's RV Parts Superstore stocks popular products for immediate delivery. Also, we can quickly deliver almost any item from our warehouses located throughout the United States. We will work hard to help you obtain the products and parts that you need. Our Sale Prices are limited to in-stock quantities for some items.

Click on this link to return to Black and Gray Water Tanks plus an index of links to many additional RV Toilets, Holding Tanks & Sanitation. PPL's RV Parts Superstore has 1000's of RV Parts and Accessories for sale.  If you do not find the item you are looking for, please call us at 1-800-755-4775 .

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