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Xtreme Plumbing Vents for RV


These Items are No Longer available.
Please consider this Rotating Plumbing Vent

The Xtreme RV Plumbing Vent is designed with a true Venturi. The vent swivels with the wind so the larger opening always faces the direction of air movement, whether driving down the road or parked. The air enters the vent through a larger opening and is then compressed as it is forced through a smaller opening, causing the air to speed up as it exits out the opposite side. This principle is the Venturi effect and it causes a low pressure area sucking the odors out of the holding tank.

The constant flow of air through your holding tanks creates an oxygen rich environment in your tanks to promote the natural enzymes in the waste in your grey and black holding tanks, and enzymes cause the natural decomposition of the solids.

Odors from the grey tank can also be onerous, so get one for that tank too if there is a separate vent pipe.

Made of durable powder-coated aluminum.

Coupler Kit

The Xtreme Plumbing Vent needs at least 3/4" of vent pipe showing to be installed. This coupler kit will simplify the process without disturbing any vent base which may be in place. The white coupler fits inside the pipes, while most commercially available couplers fit outside the pipes, which would not work. (If you have enough pipe exposed for the coupler, you don't need it.)

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