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Girard On-Demand Water Heater for RV's

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RV Tankless Water Heater
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1) Outer Door is not included. See Below.
2) This unit is NOT to be used with a Magnatek-Parallax 6300 Converter. See Below

Girard On-Demand RV Water Heaters provide an unlimited supply of hot water when you need it. You can shower all day if you want since there is no recovery time, and there is no tank to run out of hot water .

This on-demand water heater uses up to 60% less LP Gas than storage tank model water heaters since the new and improved GSWH-1M only uses energy when hot water is demanded. There is no pilot light to burn when no hot water is needed. A storage water heater loses heat just sitting there. Even insulated tanks lose heat that goes right out the flue. The new Temperature Adjustment Dial feature allows for adjusting the temperature rise from approximately 20 – 70 degrees. The GSWH-1M is lightweight and since there is no storage tank that could weigh as much as 90lbs, less fuel is used to tow or carry it.

Girard On-Demand Water Heater Features:

  • Instant/Endless Hot Water* – An unlimited supply of hot water when you need it.
  • No Recovery Time – There is no tank to run out of hot water so you can shower all day if you want.
  • Energy Efficient – Uses 60% less LP Gas than Storage Tank Model Water Heaters.
  • Induced Draft – Improves combustion, and efficiency. Not affected by high altitudes.
  • Temperature Adjustment Dial – Adjust the flame/BTUs from 18,000 BTUs to 36,000 BTUs (Dial located inside the RV)
  • Allows for adjusting the temperature rise from approximately 20 – 70 degrees
  • Lightweight – Over 65% lighter (50 – 90 lbs. less) than conventional tank model water heaters.
  • State of the Art Electronic Ignition – No pilot lights or manual burners to keep lighting or adjusting. (12v power source required)
  • Does not operate on 110v power.
  • Compact – Overall dimensions are 12.5” X 12.5” X 15.5”.
  • No Anode Needed – No tank means you never have to worry about corrosion eating away at the tank.
  • No By-Pass Valve Needed – No storage tank to by-pass when winterizing the unit.
  • CSA Approved
  • Two-Year Warranty

* Water is hot as it leaves the heat exchanger but standing water in the lines must be voided before hot water is felt at the tap.

Winter Use Device (WUD). This instant, on-demand water heater includes a Winter Use Device to prevent freezing in winter conditions.

This Tankless Water Heater incorporates a power blower that forces the combustion air through the heat exchanger (Induced draft). This patent pending technology results in a unit capable of providing:

  • Higher Combustion Efficiency than atmospheric heaters
  • Heat Transfer Efficiencies in excess of 90%
  • Higher Wind Resistance Performance
  • No Adjustments necessary at High Altitudes
  • High Burner Power in a small footprint
  • Quieter Performance

How a Tankless Water Heater Works:

  1. A hot water tap is turned on.
  2. Cold water enters the heater.
  3. A water flow sensor detects that water is flowing.
  4. The microprocessor based circuit board automatically ignites the burner.
  5. Water Circulates through the Heat Exchanger.
  6. The water is heated to the set temperature.
  7. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down.

It’s the Flow that Makes it Go!

The GSWH-1M Tankless Water Heater Operation is literally based on the flow of water. That is to say, that the temperature of the hot water coming out of the hot water faucet is determined by how open or closed the hot water faucet is; the faster the flow, the cooler the water; the slower the flow, the hotter the water. By adjusting the flow, RV’ers can literally have endless hot water!

Since the Girard RV tankless water heater can fit in the same space as the conventional water heater, A NEW OUTER DOOR IS ALSO REQUIRED. Use the chart below to select the appropriate door.

Part #
16" x 16"
Replaces Suburban 6 gal. Water Heater
17" x 16"
Replaces Atwood 6 gal. Water Heater**
19.5" x 19.5"
Replaces Atw/Sub 10 gal Water Heater**

**These doors do not cover the corner cut-outs if replacing Atwood Water Heaters with FLUSH MOUNT doors. Additional modification/fabrication is needed to cover the corners. The covers work if replacing Atwood Water Heaters with Standard doors. Door # 09-0017 fits the Suburban 10 gallon with FLUSH MOUNT or standard door.

Please NOTE: It is recommended that installation and service be performed by a recommended installer, service agency or gas supplier.

Magnetek-Parallax 6300 Converter
The 6300 model converter is not a "clean" power converter and will affect the operation of the Girard Water Heater circuit board. If an RV has this type of converter then a 12V line (to the Water Heater) needs to be either;run directly from the battery, run from the filtered side of the converter (if the converter has this option) or the converter needs to be replaced. The Magnetek-Parallax 6300 Converter is prevalent on older model RVs (2000 and before) so before installation of a Girard Water Heater the installer should confirm the converter model and make corrections if the converter is a model 6300. Any damage to a Girard Water Heater and/or the circuit board due to use of the 6300 converter is not a warrantable item. (Go Back)

RV Tankless Water Heaters - How to Order:


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