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Torklift Stable Load Spring Pads

stablelock-quick-disc-installed Stable Load Upper spring
Quick Disconnect StableLoad for Lower Overload Spring StableLoad with Upper Overload Spring
Actual product color is black; shown in yellow for contrast.

Torklift StableLoads for Trucks and RV's

StableLoads by Torklift are designed to dramatically improve the handling characteristics of your loaded vehicle by "pre-loading" the factory overload spring. The This is accomplished by bolting each of the four StableLoads onto each overload end (two per passenger side, two per driver side).Quick Disconnect StableLoad Series (patent pending) incorporates a unique design that allows the StableLoad to quickly engage or disengage your overloads, enabling your vehicle to return to the soft stock ride in just seconds.

Please click here for Quick Disconnect Stableloads.

Things to consider:

  • The chart below indicates which model vehicles require no drilling for installation of Torklift Stableloads.
  • A7310 Quick Disconnect is specified where drilling is not required in the lower overload spring.
  • The A7311 is the same Quick Disconnect kit, but with drill bits and instructions for drilling the holes, therefore enabling installation on any truck or RV with lower overload springs. SPECIAL ORDER
  • Before ordering your StableLoad overload kit, please first verify that your vehicle came equipped with factory overloads, and what type of overload, upper overload or lower overload your vehicle is equipped with.
  • The StableLoad functions equally as well when used with or without airbag overloads. For vehicles that do not yet have airbag overloads we recommend starting with the StableLoad prior to investing in airbags.

Some of the features of the Torklift Stableload include a lifetime warranty, quick and simple installation without the need for drilling, a lower air spring pressure, and an angled design which helps to maximize the spring contact surface of the vehicle.

StableLoad Application Guide

!!IMPORTANT!! This application guide is a PARTIAL LIST of the most popular vehicle applications. Due to the hundreds of makes and models on the road not all of the vehicles that can utilize the StableLoad are listed in this application guide.

Do not see your vehicle listed? CLICK HERE

Due to varying suspension options NOT ALL VEHICLE MODELS come equipped with factory overloads. Before ordering your StableLoad, please first verify that your vehicle came equipped with factory overloads, and what type of overload, upper overload or lower overload your vehicle is equipped with.

I have both upper and lower overloads on my truck. Which StableLoad should I go with and is one recommended over the other? CLICK HERE for more information
ALL Truck - Van - SUV
- RV - Commercial - etc.
A7311 (2) (4) -
2001 E150 Van A7311 (2) (4) -
2008 E150 Van A7310 (1) (4) -
05-11 E250 / E350 Vans(5) A7311 (2) (4) -
12-13 E250 / E350 Vans(5) A7310 (1) (4) -
A7310 (1) (4) -
2002 F150 Truck
Extended Cab 6-1/2' bed
A7310 (1) (4) -
04-08 F150 Truck
Factory bed
A7311 (2) (4) -
09-13 F150 Truck
Factory bed
A7310 (1) (4) -
97-04 F250 Truck
Factory bed
A7311 (2) (4) -
05-13 F250 Truck
Factory bed
A7310 (1) (4) -
97-04 F350 Truck
Factory bed
A7311 (2) (4) A7200 (3)
05-14 F350 Truck
Factory bed
A7310 (1) (4) A7200 (3)
2012 F450 Truck
Regular Pickup with Factory Bed
A7310 (1) (4) A7200 (3)
00-13 F450 / F550 Trucks
Cab & Chassis
- A7200 (3)
ALL RANGER Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
1995 1500 Truck 8' Bed A7311 (2) (4) -
02-08 1500 Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL 2500-4500 Trucks A7311 (2) (4) A7200 (3)
ALL SPRINTER Van A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL DAKOTA Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
1988-2014 1500 - 2500 Trucks A7310 (1) (4) -
11-13 3500 Trucks(5) A7310 (1) (4) A7202 (3)
1988-2010 3500 Trucks(5) A7310 (1) (4)
ALL CANYON / COLORADO Trucks A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL EXPRESS 2500-3500 Vans(5) A7310 (1) (4) -
2011 SAVANA Vans A7310 (1) (4) -
1999 TAHOE A7311 (1) (4) -
00-13 SUBURBAN 2500 / YUKON XL 2500 SUVs A7310 (1) (4) -
ALL S10 / SONOMA Trucks A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL TACOMA Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL TUNDRA Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL FRONTIER Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL NV2500 / NV3500 Vans A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL TITAN Truck A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL XTERRA SUV A7311 (2) (4) -
ALL H3 SUV A7311 (2) (4) -
11-13 SPRINTER 2500 Passenger Van only A7311 (2) (4) -
11-13 SPRINTER 3500 Van A7311 (2) (4) -

(1) A7310 StableLoad is a NO DRILL APPLICATION and requires factory predrilled .5" diameter holes in lower overload spring. The A7310 Quick Disconnect StableLoad is designed for vehicles that have a lower overload leaf suspension with a hole near each end of the lower overload spring. The lower overload will for the most part be shorter, thicker and will generally have separation from the rest of the spring pack. In most cases, there will be a plastic disk covering the hole in question. Click here for illustration.

(2) A7311 (WITH DRILL KIT) will fit any passenger or commercial vehicle, Van, SUV, Truck, RV etc. with rear leaf springs and lower overload spring. The lower overload leaf can be identified by being on the very bottom of the spring pack, being thicker than the rest of the leaf springs in the spring pack and generally speaking having a gap between the lower overload leaf spring and the upper leaf spring pack.
-Drilling four 3/8 holes required. Specially treated drill bits and detailed drilling instructions are included.
-Average drill time is 30-40 minutes for complete installation
-Many factory overload springs come predrilled with 1/2" holes. Therefore drilling holes in the overload springs in the same factory locations found on vehicles with predrilled holes will have no affect on your springs integrity or operation. The drilled springs (when drilled in accordance with the Torklift International drilling specifications) and the integrity of the springs once drilled are covered under the lifetime Torklift International warranty.

(3) The A7200 is a NO DRILL APPLICATION and must have factory installed upper overload.
-Will not work in conjunction with Supersprings
-Due to factory overload engagement design, some applications have progressive engagement, where rear springs will contact first.
-Drilling of rubber pad on some older Dodge applications may be required. Depending on the vehicle model, suspension package and condition, actual distance between the StableLoad and vehicle frame overload contact bracket may vary. In some rare instances, when the vehicle is not carrying a load the StableLoad may come into contact on occasion due to rough road conditions and other anomalies.

(4) On Quick Disconnect StableLoad (part#'s A7310/A7311) Due to wear and tear after time, some vehicles leaf springs may have minimal clearance with the lower overload for StableLoad engagement / disengagement when the vehicle is unloaded. In order for the StableLoad to engage and disengage with minimal effort, a minimum gap of 1/8" is required between the lower overload and the spring pack.

(5) There is no fit for the 3500/E350 Cab and Chassis.

Torklift Stable Load - How to Order:

Please order online below. For questions or phone ordering, our telephone lines ( Toll Free 1-800-755-4775 ) are Open 7am to 7:30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm Sat, (Central Time) Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 07/28/17.

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92-1834 STABLELOAD W/QUICK DISCONNECT - FOR NO-DRILL APPLICATIONS...Regularly $335.29  On Sale for Only $303.99
Manufacturer #s: 15-3181, A7310
92-1833 STABLELOAD W/QUICK DISCONNECT - FOR DRILLING APPLICATIONS...Regularly $360.99  On Sale for Only $326.99
Manufacturer #s: 15-3187, A7311
92-1934 STABLELOAD BY TORKLIFT- FOR SOME FORD/DODGE W/UPPER OVERLOAD...Regularly $335.39  On Sale for Only $303.99
Manufacturer #s: 15-3180, A7200
92-2045 STABLE LOAD BY TORKLIFT - FOR SOME CHEVY W/UPPER OVERLOAD...Regularly $335.39  On Sale for Only $303.99
Manufacturer #s: 15-3182, A7202
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