Consignment RV Dealer Introduces the Winegard Carryout Anser Antenna

Just because I love the outdoors, doesn’t mean I spend all of my time while RVing out in them. The fact of the mater is, there is a significant amount of time spent inside the RV, so there had better be some good entertainment on-board. Namely, when I want to watch TV, I don’t want to worry about my reception. I rely on a good antenna that’s simple and easy to set up. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the all new Winegard® Carryout® Anser™. This antenna is fantastic.

Aptly named after the star Anser, the Winegard® Carryout® Anser™ antenna is an all new, patent pending design from the Winegard. This antenna is by far, the brightest shining star of all portable satellite TV antennas. The Anser antenna is very affordable and marries the beauty of the great outdoors with the luxury of Satellite entertainment.  This design is one-of-a-kind and is hassle-free to set up.

Equipped with a larger reflector, the Anser antenna has the unique ability to receive all DISH SD and HD programming from a single satellite (72.7°), unlike other automatic antennas that must toggle between 2 or 3 DISH satellites. The Anser antenna receives all DIRECTV standard programming from satellite 101° and is also compatible with Bell TV in Canada. PPL Motorhomes

The best thing about the rugged, but lightweight Carryout Anser antenna is that there is not a lot of set up time required to start watching your favorite shows. Simply set the elevation provided by your receiver and plug it in. The antenna will then automatically find the satellite. Once it pauses on the satellite, unplug it and you can start watching TV – it’s that easy!

The design is simple and easy to use and include:

  • 2 coax inputs to allow for multiple receiver hook-up
  • A convenient carry handle
  • A security eyelet molded into the base so the antenna can be locked up
  • Includes one 25’ coax cable and a 25’ power cable that plugs into standard 12V outlet (12V power converter to 110V sold separately)
  • Stores to 15” x 21”
  • Weight 16 lbs.
  • Compatible with Carryout tripod mount (sold separately)
  • Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Anyone who is interested in better satellite reception while out RVing should consider looking into a Winegard® Carryout® Anser™. It’s new, it’s a significant improvement in technology and it’s easy to use. If you have any additional questions about the reception or connections, just call or see PPL Motorhomes, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

Houston Consignment RVs, Hooking Up At An RV Park

I guess one thing I’ve never really covered here is how to actually hook-up your RV once you get to the RV park. I think I just assumed that most of the folks who are reading this are old pros and have done their fair share of RV hookups. Of course, that’s probably not really the case. I’m sure there are quite a few newbies out there who could probably benefit from a detailed, step by step process of how to hook up your RV once you get to the park.

Now, I know that that video and the information contained in it might seem rudimentary, but remember there are new families RVing all of the time and the more families we can attract to the RV lifestyle the more the lifestyle will thrive. If you are thinking about getting an RV, I suggest looking into getting one that has been put on consignment. Your overall cost will be lower and you can actually get more RV for your money. If you are interested in checking out some consignment RVs, don’t hesitate to call PPL Motorhomes.

Consignment RV Drivers, Be Careful With Your Prescription Medications

Here’s something to think about the next time you take your RV for a weekend outing. Your Houston Consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes wants to remind you that you can get a DUI even if your prescription drugs are to blame. If you get pulled over for driving your RV erratically, you will likely be questioned for a DUI. If the officer believes that the prescriptions you are taking have caused him to intervene, then you could be facing an arrest for DUI. Regardless if they are legal prescriptions, you are responsible for your driving. It is not a guarantee that a judge will dismiss your case.

I know we’re all getting older and need various medications, or we have severe allergies, or pain medication for that sprained ankle that just doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  Regardless, remember to read all of the information that comes with your medication. It’s easy to ignore and throw away without looking at it. Don’t rely on the bottle containing the warnings about operating motorized vehicles. If it causes you to get a little drowsy, then you shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel.

This was just a small reminder to be safe and if you have any questions about Houston Consignment RVs, or just want to share a few of your RVing tips, don’t hesitate to let PPL Motorhomes know.

Consignment RV, Guaranteed Cure For Stress, Go RVing

I can already feel it. My favorite time of year…Fall. The shift in temperature and colors between seasons is noticeably fast. In fact, it’s a lot like Rving in Houston! You can go from 104 with 100% humidity on Monday, then Tuesday it’s 79 degrees with 50% humidity. Well, right now is RV Nana’s favorite time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right in a row and I’ll guarantee you that I’ll be in my RV right around those holidays enjoying the season festivities.

Why do I like it so much? That’s a good question. It’s festive. It’s family oriented. It’s cooler. There are lots of great RV decorations this time of year. In fact, I’ve seen campsites during the holiday seasons totally decked out in holiday cheer as if the scene had been plucked our of a Hobby Lobby diorama. It’s the perfect excuse for us to decorate our campsite and take in some much needed relaxation.

…And that leads me to what I want to touch on today: Stress. We all know it. We all know ALL levels of it. You have your good days, and you have your bad days. Mixing work life with real life is virtually impossible these days. They are all mashed together. Longer hours, more trips, more phone calls. When was the last time you had a sleepless night thinking about what lay in wait for your the next morning? That recently, huh?

You need stress relief. You need too relax. You need to get out of town! That’s right, pack your bags, jump in your RV and recharge. You need to realize that you have but a brief moment in time to make a few good memories to combat all of those not so pretty ones during the weekdays.

If I were a M.D. I have one prescription…Go RVing. What are you waiting for? The moment in time when you actually regret not RVing? Get out there! It’s cheaper than you think. In fact, why buy new when you can get some lightly loved consignment RVs right here at PPL Motorhomes.

The time is right! The weather is cooling off and you’re start to get a serious case of the “I WANNA’ TAKE A VACA-tions”. Trust me…just go RVing.  Pack up the wife and kids, or husbands and kids, or just forget the husbands all together and grab the dog, whatever you do…just go RVing.  Ask RV Nana how.

Consigning Your RV, Check To See If You Have Mice First

The Rodent. Dirty and destructive. You do not want to have an infestation, or incur rodent damage if you are thinking of consigning your RV. Mice can be very destructive – chewing through wires, cables, wood, fiberglass, plastic. Anything they can get their mouths on, they’ll eat and that includes your food supply.

Suspect you have mice in your Consignment RV? Lay some traps and call an exterminator. You may need to service any damage that has been done, as this can affect the value of your Houston consignment RV.


If you notice any signs that you have unwanted guests, don’t wait for the problem to multiply. I mean that literally,. Mouse gestation period is very short and the pups can become actively destructive in just a couple of months. Once you have the beginnings of a colony….you can only guess where it goes from here. Once they exhaust their meager food supply, they’ll start coming after yours. Cereal and mac n’ cheese boxes are prime targets. You need to act fast. Call an exterminator.

If you have any questions of comments about how to get rid of rodents, or want to check any of the great RV products and supplies we carry, just swing on into PPL Motorhomes.

Consignment RVs Houston, Can You Take A Shower In Your RV While It’s Moving

At your consignment RV center in Houston, PPL Motorhomes, we get questions all of the time from new and veteran RVers alike that we are happy to address and answer. Of all the question we have received over the years, one is essentially: Is it okay to use the toilet with the RV is in transit?

The Short answer is: Yes (as long as you aren’t the driver), it is okay to shower while the RV is moving down the road. However, there are a few things you should know first.

First and foremost, be careful when you are moving around in a RV that is in motion. It doesn’t take much to lose your balance and fall. You are increasing your chances for injury the more you move around.

Second, it’s going to take a little preparation on your part. Is your fresh water holding tank full? If not, you could have a very short shower and hitting up that roadside diner with a hair full of conditioner might not be your idea of a fun meal.

Third, you’d better make sure that your grey water holding tank is empty. If it isn’t and starts to overflow, you are going to have a shower full of dirty sink and previous shower water.  (Kind of defeats the purpose of taking a shower in the first place.) Be sure to  drain your grey water tank before you leave your campsite.

Fourth, if taking a warm shower is important, then you are going to have to prep for that and that depends entirely on how your water heater functions and if you have a choice for that function. Are you going to heat your water using 120 volt electric? Then you’ll have to leave the RV’s generator running. If you are heating it using propane, you are literally playing with fire. In the event of an accident, having an open flame going around a fuel source of any kind isn’t a good idea. You might almost be better off just taking a cold shower.

Again, I want to stress the importance of safety here. It’s really a much better idea to just wait until you are locked and loaded into your campsite before trying to shower in a moving RV. I think safety far out weighs how stinky you may be at the moment. Walking in a moving RV is hard enough as it is…standing in a slippery shower? You must really be dirty if you are going to try to do that.  You are better off to just wait.

If you have anymore questions about RVing or the RV lifestyle, don’t hesitate to leave us a commend below or call your Houston RV consignment Center, PPL Motorhomes and ask us!

PPL Motorhomes, West Nile Virus Still A Problem In Texas

Across Texas, the West Nile Virus has been a major issue and one of the worst outbreaks on record. The disease is carried by mosquitoes who have bitten certain animals which is then transmitted to humans.

Although the West Nile Virus is primarily found in parts of Africa, the Middle East and parts of Western Asia, if you’ve watched the news at all lately, we are all well aware that this virus has reached the U.S. and has hit Texas particularly hard this year. The fact of the matter is that our climate conditions here are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes who can carry the virus.

There have been hundreds of cases of West Nile reported across Texas resulting in at least 36 deaths across the state. Now, while there is a very real reason to take extra precautions, the reality is that only 1% of the people who contract the disease die from it. Most show no symptoms, but many show mild to moderate symptoms including stiffness, headache, disorientation, confusion, dizziness and other symptoms that are highlighted in the video below. Take a few moments to watch it and educate yourself on what to look for.

Even though chances of contracting the virus is slim, it is certainly more likely now than ever before with at least 55 cases being documented in the Houston area. You should take every precaution you can when outside, that includes wearing repellent with DEET, long sleeves and pants. Also, remove the breeding grounds that mosquitoes like to occupy, like any standing water around your home, or RVs in Houston such as in birdbaths, planters and gutters.

We’re not out of the woods yet and this year has already been the worst on record, so make sure you take every precaution you can to reduce your exposure. To read more on the origins, symptoms and other related material in regards to the West Nile Virus click here.

PPL Motorhomes, Be A Greener RVer

Going Green. We’ve been hearing this phrase for quite a while now, and we are slowly acclimating to the idea of energy conservation and stewardship of our lands. Even further, the idea of “Going Green” is really starting to show up at campgrounds and National Parks across the US.  As RVers, we all have a certain connection with the Earth and the outdoors. That’s why when I found this totally Green RV, I had to share it with you!

In addition, “going green RVing” falls right in line with my last post about frugal ways to RV. I found an article from a full-time RVer that I wanted to share just because it’s so interesting. Do you think you could live this way in your RV?

  • I am completely off-grid. I have 190 watts of solar panels and a pair of golf cart batteries that meet all my meager electrical needs.
  • I live in a 6×10 foot converted cargo trailer with the minimal comforts. It’s carbon
    footprint is tiny. More importantly, it is so small I can’t own much “stuff.” It’s full with
    just the essentials of living, leaving no room for frivolous luxuries. So by necessity I am free of the consumer culture.
  • I use less than 15 gallons of water a week. I bathe and do dishes with a solar shower,
    spray bottle and wash cloths.
  • While my pick-up gets poor fuel mileage, (10-13 mpg), I drive very little. That’s possible because I work as a campground host in the Sierra National Forest in the summer.
  • I park the truck and only drive on my weekends when I need supplies.
  • In the winter I live in the desert on BLM land. Because it is 14 day stay land, I have to move every 14 days. So I find a beautiful spot to camp on, set up camp, and stay there for 14 days until I have tomove again.
  • I generally go into town once a week for supplies and I have a small motorcycle(75 mpg) I use on most of those trips.
  • The only other fossil fuel I use is a very small (less than 10 gallons a year) amount of
    propane to cook with. Because I am a “snowbird”, moving with the seasons, I rarely am in extreme heat or cold, so I very seldom need any heat and never use air conditioning.

Now, not all of us RVers  can be as “Green” as Brian Bawdy’s RV, or the individual above, but there are certain things that we can do to be better stewards of our National Parks and Camp Grounds. In fact, PPL Motorhomes has numerous products that you can use on your RV adventures We have as solar “just about everything” from solar panels, to battery chargers, to patio lights.