Can People Ride In A Travel Trailer Or Fifth-Wheel While On the Road

We take in consignment RVs all of the time and one of the questions that first time travel trailer and fifth-wheel owners ask is, “Can people ride in a travel trailer, or fifth-wheel while on the road?”  Let me go on record by saying that I don’t recommend it. There are too many variables that can make riding in an RV that is being towed unstable and dangerous. In fact, most states make it against the law to ride in an RV being towed, Texas is not** one of those states.

Here’s a good reason not to:

When traveling with a towable, you are going to be safer riding in the vehicle that is doing the towing, that’s just fact. If you are are traveling through a state that allows you to travel while your trailer is being pulled, just be extra careful…and you may want to watch this movie first.
If you have any questions about consignment RVs in Houston, be sure to give RV Nana a call at PPL Motorhomes. I know that we’ll have the right RV for you and your family.
**Edited for content – 03/17

2 comments to Can People Ride In A Travel Trailer Or Fifth-Wheel While On the Road

  • Mike

    Hi – I enjoyed your article, but I believe you are incorrect about citing that Texas does not allow occupants of a travel trailer when in transit. Texas Transportation Code, section 545.4191 states one of the three defenses to prosecution to the general rule of not riding in moving trailer is “(3)the person occupying the trailer or semitrailer was in a part of the trailer or semitrailer designed for human
    habitation.” This pretty clearly spells out that one could ride in a moving travel trailer, 5th wheel, etc. Now, whether it’s a good idea? That’s a different discussion. Thoughts?

    • Nana

      Thank you for reading and thank you for that correction, Mike! I guess I was just erring on an abundance of caution. That’s what Nanas do, I guess. 😉
      -RV Nana

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