There’s An RV For Everyone; The Bicycle Camper

It has been said that necessity is the Mother of Invention. In this case, it’s a bicycle camper. I just thought that this was a really neat idea thought up by minimalist inventor, Paul Elkins. Just looking through his portfolio on his web site and you can’t help but be a little inspired by his ingenuity and workmanship.

In this case, he made a bicycle drawn camper for the Burningman Event held yearly in Nevada. Every year the event has a theme and the theme for the year he built this was “Fear of the Future”. What if we suddenly had to scramble for survival? What would you create for shelter if you only had a moderate amount of building materials? It really is an interesting idea.

His camper obviously wasn’t designed for road use, however, it did provide him with adequate shelter (and meager amenities) while he attended the event. Take a look at the video below as he explains his thoughts and the design work of his camper.

What do you think about this camper? Pretty smart, huh? Really inspiring, Paul! Have any of you attempted to build anything similar? You know PPL Motorhomes is one of the largest RV parts distributors in the US… you might want to try to build your own camper to pedal around the RV park!

RVing Is Great For Traveling And Shopping

Everyone loves to travel and shop and there’s no place like Texas for great travel adventures in your consignment RV.  From small towns to the big city, there’s something for everyone! Take Canton, Texas for example. About 4 and a half hours from Houston, Canton, is a small East Texas Town with one BIG Monday every month.

Every first Monday, traders and craftsmen from all over the state come to sell their crafts, antiques, and other goods. You’ll find everything from pottery, to textiles, to antiques, to livestock. Canton pretty much has everything you’d ever thought you need or want. It really is a great place to take a weekend RV adventure and stay for the First Monday Trade Day.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect:

If there’s one great thing about being able to travel, it’s being able to shop the local stores and contribute to a small town economy. I can say without a doubt that every small town welcomes the business of RVers. In fact, they count on it. So the next time you are taking your Texas RV out for a weekend spin, make sure you stop at the local shops and restaurants and bypass the big chains. You’ll be glad you did, and so will they.

I think I’m going to start doing a regular “Texas Small Town” feature here on RV Nana. If you have any suggestions on what town I should cover next, let me know! Remember to travel safe and travel often!

Bees Can Turn A Fun Trip Into A RV Nightmare

Do you know what can turn a fun trip into a RV nightmare? Bees. That’s right, RV Nana says to watch out for those crazy bees when you’re at a campsite.  Bees, mosquitoes and ants can all be a part of our camping experiences. We’ve all seen them, dealt with them and the fun of the RVing experience far outweighs these pesky creatures.  Last weekend we were enjoying a fun weekend with the family at the lake when my husband bit down into his sandwich and, much to his surprise, a bee had already started chowing down on his meal.  He did not see the bee and the next thing he knew, it was in his mouth and actually stung the roof of his mouth.  Bees are a painful, but tolerable problem unless you’re allergic to them.  Fortunately, he was not allergic, but he was extremely uncomfortable with a swollen mouth, nose and aching teeth.
The moral of this story is “watch what you’re eating and drinking.  The park ranger told us this happens often when people take a sip out of a coke can and end up with a mouth full of bees.  In fact, you know those German beer steins that have the flip lids on them? They were actually attached to the beer mugs to keep the bees out of their beer!

Now, we all know that Benadryl is great for helping us control the body’s reaction to a bee sting, but I have heard all sorts of home remedies to take the fire out of the sting… and none can be used internally!  One person told me to spray a bite with WD 40, another suggested meat tenderizer and another suggested using deodorant.  Now that we have had this experience, I decided to do some homework and research on what to do to prevent bee stings and I found these great suggestions at

Whatever your remedy, just make sure you have something on hand to help with the reaction from a bee sting. As RVers, we have to be a little creative to deal with some of the elements we encounter.  There is still nothing better than the RV lifestyle.

RV Clutter: How to Keep It Down

It’s really easy for an RV to start collecting clutter during an outing. Before you know it, without staying on top of things, you are going to end up with an uncomfortable and cluttered RV. A cluttered RV can drive any person mad and make you feel very unorganized.  Take back control of your RV!  You will find some simple way to help you de-clutter below….
1. Multiple Use Items – when you do buy new things for the RV make a rule that it must do more than just one thing
2. Go Paperless- Pay your bills online and/or any banking as much as you can this will allow you to minimize your paper clutter
3. Collapse-able Items – Try to get items that are easy to disassemble it will make it easier for storage
4. Use the One In/One Out rule. The concept is to dispose of one thing once something new is brought into the RV. Things add up very easily and this will also add to the weight which you must be mindful of.5. Utilize your outside storage more efficiently.  Use plastic bins with lids to keep your items safe.
6. Use decorative leather baskets and containers to keep remotes, cameras, glasses, pens, etc. in. This will make it more convenient to access items and them away while traveling.
7.  Quarterly Cleaning – This will make it easy to access and put away highly used items as well as secure them while traveling! We recommend decluttering and cleaning out the RV four times a year, or just twice a year if not a full-time RVer.   When cleaning create piles of items that you haven’t used in the last 3 months and donate them. I know this can be hard, but more than likely if you haven’t used the stuff in past three months, then you won’t miss it. Further, if you are looking to put your RV on consignment any time soon, you are going to want to keep your RV as clean as possible.

There are a lot of ways to reduce clutter and to stay organized so please share with us what you do!

Apps For Your iPad That RVers Really Need

Let me first start out saying, “I LOVE MY iPAD!”. Now that being said, there are a lot of RVers out there who have difficulty embracing new technology, but we’re moving into a faster age of communication that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. With a device like an iPad, RVers can have instant access to virtually anything you can think of – from where to find lowest gas prices, to Medical apps, to entertainment apps, etc. You get the picture…oh…there are picture apps too.

Here are a list of my favorite Apps for Rvers. Each of these apps have been totally worth the nominal purchase price, and have paid for themselves many times over. Many thanks to and Karen Ballentine for the suggestions below.

…and those are just a few examples! Spend a little time searching and I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of great apps for your RV travels.

In closing, I just want to reiterate to my fellow RVers out there that new communication technology is nothing to fear (I still know people who refuse to text). Take advantage of these apps for your iPad or smart phone and you truly can make the most of your RV adventures. If you have any questions about apps that we use here at your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes, give us a call, we’d all be glad to discuss what we use the most and which ones are our “Can’t Live Without” apps.

Cuddles For Kids Teddy Bear Drive

It’s that time of year again at your consignment RV and RV parts store, PPL Motorhomes is collecting Teddy Bears for the Cuddles For Kids Teddy Bear Drive for the Missouri City and Houston Police Department Clergy Teams. For years, police officers have collected and distributed teddy bears to children to comfort them at a crime or accident scene and these bears often become the child’s best friend. We will be accepting teddy bear donations for their worthy cause.

Last year PPL Motorhomes donated over 800 bears and strives to increase their donation this year to 1,000 bears with your help. To kick off this year’s drive, PPL will again donate one teddy bear for every RV sold in November and December. So, if you are looking for the perfect consignment RV, now is the best time to get it!

Plus, come to PPL Motorhomes on December 15th from 1pm-3pm for pictures with Santa. Don’t forget to bring teddy bears to stuff the RV for the Cuddles For Kids Teddy Bear Drive.

Veteran’s Day Is More Than Just One Of Remembrance

“War is Hell”. There’s no other way to describe being in an armed conflict. It’s not pretty, it’s not clean and it scars not just people, but entire nations. Though this year’s Veteran’s Day fell on a Sunday, and today being Monday, I thought to myself, “Is our gratitude as a country for service rendered relegated to just one day”? “Do we go another year before we are, for lack of a better word, “forced” to recognize both our combatants and non-combatants that serve, or have served?” “Shouldn’t EVERY day be Veteran’s Day?”

For hundreds of thousands of families across America it is. Children wake up every morning knowing that their Mom, or Dad isn’t going to be there to make them breakfast.  Those same children go to bed every every night knowing that they still have to wait to be tucked in by their soldier Mom, or Dad who is away from their family in order to protect ours. Husbands and wives have to carry on with their daily routine as if their lives were actually normal. Their Veteran’s Day is every day.

Now imagine when combat veterans come back from one of their many duty assignments. When Vietnam vets came back, they were spit on and called names all because they served their country. Whether they agreed with the politics behind the war efforts or not, they were all treated the same, as pariahs. That is unforgivable. Returning Vets today certainly get a better homecoming than they did in Vietnam, maybe it’s because of the shame, maybe it’s because we understand what today’s soldier has to face, but it certainly still isn’t the type of homecoming and respect they deserve. As I said before, EVERY day should be Veteran’s Day.

War changes people, there’s no mincing words here. Watch these videos and maybe you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to try to return to civilian life after being in combat.

If you know a veteran, thank them everyday for their service. Honoring our soldiers both past and present shouldn’t just be relegated to one day of barbecues, it should reside somewhere in your mind at all times. Never forget that those that came before you, the ones that are there right now and and future combatants are fighting because they love this Country. They fight so your children won’t have to. They deserve a “Thank You”. So, PPL Motorhomes wants to send the warmest and most genuine “THANK YOU”  we can to all of those who have volunteered to defend America and others around the world without thinking about themselves first…THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!

Exercise Your Patriotic Right To Vote

Regardless of your political stance, or who you think is right or wrong, no one will ever know if you don’t exercise your patriotic right to vote. Living in one of the greatest nations on Earth solidifies your right to choose who should lead our great country. Why would you let your voice go unheard by not voting? If you really thought, and I mean really thought about the history of voting, you might be more inclined to take advantage of this inalienable right. It wasn’t just our forefathers who fought to secure the right to choose, but also African Americans and women as well. The system hasn’t always been perfect, but it is you who can make it better – simply by voting.

Again, this isn’t a political rant, or a “who you should vote for and why” post, it’s simply a reminder to vote tomorrow. Vote for the candidate who you think will better serve America. Vote for the candidate who you think will lead our nation with both pride and humility. Vote for the candidate that will protect our interests both domestically and abroad. The only right you DON’T have is the right to complain about who is leading our nation if you didn’t even take the time to make your voice heard.

We live in an amazing country that has an amazing future and that’s because we choose our leaders. They aren’t forced upon us as in other countries. Here’s some food for thought: Don’t just remember the people who have died to secure this right for you, but consider those who are still dying today just to have the chance to better their lives and countries by simply wanting to have a voice in their future. Don’t squander your right to vote, use it. It’s the most powerful weapon you could ever possess.

PPL Motorhomes