Are You Ready To Sell That RV?

Spring is almost here and there’s not a better time to unload that RV you’ve been trying to sell and put the proceeds towards a new one! Stop looking out the window at your RV, wondering when someone will drive by and notice the “For Sale” sign in the window. Let us sell it for you! Between March 19th – 24th, we’re having our Spring RV sale. We won’t charge you anything until your RV is sold, and we’ll even give you a FREE Ultimate RV Cleanup (worth $450).

RV Consignment has been the specialty of PPL Motor Homes since 1972 with the experience of selling over 28,200 consigned RVs. We are the largest consignment dealer in the USA! Take a look at this video that goes into details about out consignment process:

We know that selling your RV is a pain in the neck, and that’s why you should let us do it for you! We have over 15,000 buyers actively receiving information via mail on our inventory of pre-owned RVs, plus over 30,000 buyers receive updates via email. That doesn’t include the over 750,000 visitors per month on our website. If your RV is in front of that many potential buyers, your chance of selling goes up tremendously.

  • Every week, hundreds of prospective buyers will receive detailed information on your vehicle by mail.
  • This information will include the price, a detailed description, floor plan, and condition rating or your vehicle.
  • Buyers have learned to trust PPL’s information and ratings. In fact, many will look only at vehicles listed with PPL.
  • Buyers rely on PPL to save them time and the frustration of “unqualified shopping” which increases the probability of selling your RV at a fair price!


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Great Deals on Back-Up Sensor & Camera Systems

Hitching your RV up is a pain, especially if it’s just you doing the hitching, having to get out of the car multiple times just to gauge how much further you need to back up. With two people, you have confusing hand signals and lots of screaming and yelling, “TURN THE WHEEL LEFT, NO!!! I MEAN YOUR OTHER LEFT!”

This is where technology makes our lives easier. There are a couple of back-up sensor and camera systems that I recommend, and right now, until March 10th, they’re on sale! The Smart Hitch & the Swift Hitch are both great solutions to help you hitch up your RV and get outta town. Be sure and sign up for our email updates and be informed of all of our sales and deals.

The Smart Hitch Camera & Sensor System

  • Easily align hitch ball to the trailer coupler every time – Made for Towing
  • Makes it easy for one person to hitch up to the trailer by themselves – Plug-In Simple!®
  • Camera mounts behind the license plate
  • No Splicing! Plugs in behind the tow package connector, retaining electrical functions at the rear of the vehicle
  • Crystal Clear Monitor
  • Large, 3.5″ color monitor with static free image – Great for Everyday Use
  • Camera comes with SmartZone™ Sensors
  • 3 detection zones alert the driver to distance and direction of objects with audible alerts
  • Switch between Hitch Mode and Everyday Mode at the push of a button

The Swift Hitch Back-Up Camera

With this Trailer Hitch Camera you can easily hitch up your trailer, camper or snow blower during the day or night! Simply mount the magnetic camera on the tailgate, view the hitch while backing up to align and hitch it up. The fully automatic night vision camera has a magnetic base and transmits up to 300 ft. The easy to use full color 2.5″ LCD display (960×240) allows single-hand operation, normal or reverse imaging and has a 4 hour rechargeable li-battery. Complete system includes camera and display, 12V charger cable, display battery (22-1399 (SH02) also includes storage case and suction cup mount).


More that just a Trailer Hitch Camera!! Check out other uses:

  • Look into tight spaces on remodeling or construction jobs.
  • Inspect a chimney. The night vision is the key.
  • Inspect plumbing and find leaks in tight spaces.
  • Locate dropped parts in tight places (boat bilges, for example)
  • RV Owners Use Swift Hitch while adjusting the satellite dish for best reception. Simply point the camera at the TV and hold the display to fine tune the dish position.
  • On a stop-over or while camping to monitor sleeping child while you’re sitting just outside the vehicle.
  • Perform inspection tasks where space is limited. Attach camera to a pole.
  • Monitoring horses or other cargo inside trailers.
  • Temporary security camera – see who’s at the front door.

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Get Ready For A Weekend At The Track

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The Daytona 500 is this weekend and I know plenty of folks are already on their way, or parked and camping as you read this. RVing to the races is a big event and you’ve gotta be prepared for it. There’s a lot of community involved with NASCAR enthusiasts, so you’ve gotta be ready when the time comes to entertain a few of your friends while you’re waiting for the races to begin. I’ve put together a few products I think would definitely help you have a great weekend out at the track.

Racing RV Awning Mats

These Reversible Racing RV Awning Mats can be used in a wide variety of areas like floor mats, beach mats and area mats – Not only for your patio! Thick 3 straw woven polypropylene mats are UV stabilized for increased sun exposure. Lightweight breathable material dries quickly and won’t kill grass. New Racing Design for NASCAR enthusiasts. All mats include corner tie downs.

Speedway RV Globe Lights

These string lights would turn a boring old patio into a sight to see! Create a festive atmosphere with these weather resistant patio lights, after all, you can’t control the weather. Includes 6 large acrylic globes (6″ diameter) hardware and a heavy-duty 30′ coiled cord that resists tangles. Make your RV patio the one that all of your friends want to come visit.


Winegard Portable Satellite TV

During the downtime at the track, you can still enjoy your shows with this, the Winegard Carryout MP1 is an easy, low cost solution. Great for tailgating parties, RVing, camping, backyard BBQs, trucking, races, vacation homes, cabins and more. Unit is self contained in its fully enclosed case. The case has a twist off cap that provides an easy way to fill the top portion with water or sand for stability on windy days.


4 Tips For Driving Your RV On The Interstate

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RVs are huge. I realize that’s an obvious statement, but let’s be serious here. RV’s can weigh a few thousand pounds and and if they aren’t driven by an expert, you can very easily lose control of them and severely damage your vehicle and RV, not to mention the other people on the road. Driving your RV on the interstate seems like it would be a pretty easy endeavor, but I assure you, it’s more dangerous than you think. Sure, the idea of getting on the highway and just driving a straight line sounds like a perfect trip. When you factor in traffic, construction, other drivers, and road conditions, driving on that highway just became a dangerous idea. Here are a few tips I’ve compiled that may make you a better RV driver on the highways.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Stay In The Right Lane

The right lane on an interstate is designed for slower moving vehicles, like your RV. If you get in a hurry, you tend to change out of the right lane and then you’re causing more traffic back-ups than you solved by getting around the person in front of you.

2. Get Your Rest

Getting enough rest the night before a big trip is one of the easiest ways to avoid accidents and cause delays. If you feel sleepy, don’t hesitate to find a rest-stop to catch some ZZZs, or let someone else drive. Studies have shown that we make irrational decision when we are tired, we tend to drive too fast and make boneheaded moves, like cutting off that big rig.

3. Stay Off The Road If The Weather Is Bad

I realize that sometimes this can’t be avoided, but if you have the time to wait out a bad rainstorm or the possibility of ice, then stay where you are. The last thing anyone needs is to have their RV sliding across a lane of traffic.

4. Know Where You’re Going

Getting lost is always a nightmare. If you take the time to plot your course and use your GPS or smartphone to guide you where you are going, you reduce the risk of making a wrong turn and having to make some decisions you’d really rather not have to, like making a u-turn on a 2 lane road. Not an easy task for anyone, let alone you AND the RV behind you. Most GPS and smartphone apps will redirect and plot a new course you if you happen to make a wrong turn, follow their instructions and let the technology get you where you need to go.

Great Destinations: New Braunfels

New Braunfels

Photo by Jeff Gunn (Flickr Creative Commons)

Taking the kids out for a summer vacation is always a pleasure. To get them out and experience new things and watch them having fun us always a bonus for me. Here in Texas there are so many destinations that are kid-friendly and RV-friendly, it’s hard to choose which ones to write about. The best part about it? Everything is with a few hours of driving! Today I’m going to focus on a great little city south of Austin, but just north of San Antonio. New Braunfels is a city that embraces its small town charm and its German heritage. Here are a few places you should definitely take your little road-trippers (and big ones, too!):


This place has been a constant summer destination for many members of the PPL family. 65 acres of rides including more water slides than you can count, endless rivers, even adult pools with swim-up bars, and more. During the summer, this place is packed to the gills and it’s totally worth it.

Comal & Guadalupe Rivers

There are 2 rivers that run through the city of New Braunfels and so many things you can do in the water. Swimming, fishing, tubing, skiing, kayaking, or even relaxing by the waterfront listening to the water are all acceptable activities.

Natural Bridge Caverns

An amazing tour of underground caverns, perfect for a family outing. You can also search for minerals and gems using their mining equipment and can keep anything you find! Also you can climb, hike, rappel and explore the natural beauty thousands of years in the making. I love this place because it is just a reminder of how breath-taking our world is!

Gruene Hall

If you like to go dancing, Gruene Hall is the place to go. It’s been open continually since 1878 and is an internationally recognized tourist attraction. This place has had some legendary performers grace its stage, names like Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddly, Merle Haggard or Kris Kristofferson. If you get a chance, visit and step into a great piece of history.

Also, while you’re in New Braunfels, stop by our store and say “Hello”! (You didn’t think I’d write about New Braunfels and let you forget about us, did you?)

What do you like to do when you’re in town?

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Don’t Miss Out On Your Shows!

I talk a lot about getting out and experiencing nature, going on hikes, swimming in a lake, and spending time outdoors, but sometimes we just can’t help it. We have to watch the big game or turn the TV on to relax after a long day. I do it, and I’m sure that everyone reading this does at some point in time. It’s OK, we don’t think any less of you!

If you’re out in the woods, then you may run into a bit of a problem getting good reception so you can actually see the score of the game. Luckily enough, there are a few options that will resolve that issue, because no one wants to watch a fuzzy TV. With the digital changeover that happened a couple of years ago, it rendered a lot of tube-type (read: heavy) televisions useless without a digital converter. So if you didn’t fork over the money to get a digital converter, you were staring at a screen full of snow. Nowadays, you can not only pick up digital channels in your RV, you can even get satellite TV! Here’s a couple of antennas that we carry and would make sure you don’t miss the football game when you’re at a campsite.

King Controls ‘Jack’ RV Digital TV Antenna

This one is pretty neat. It allows you to stay inside your RV and spin the antenna 360 degrees. Using an LED guidance display, the SureLock Digital Signal Finder, it will tell you where your going to get the best signal, saving you from having to re-calibrate your antenna after you’ve sat down.

Winegard RAYZAR Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna 

The Rayzar is an antenna that you mount on the wall, preferably in a window in the direction of the best signal. It provides all the local programming in HD and is super easy to install. Just plug it in to the TV and mount it using the provided suction cups. I wish everything we installed on our RV was that simple.

Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite Antenna

If you have a DISH satellite subscription, this is the end-all, be-all antenna for you. It even finds your DISH signal automatically! No more having to climb up on top of your RV to adjust. You can even watch 2 separate channels on different televisions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used mine to catch up on my shows.

What’s your experience been with using antennas in your RV?


Keep Your Investment From Rolling Away

Lynx Levelers Chock 'R Dock

If you’ve ever been RVing (as I would expect, most of you have), then you know the value of wheel chocks. They keep your RV from rolling away when you aren’t looking! Us RV owners use them when we’re parked in our driveway and when we’re out on a campsite. I see tons of RVs that are being chocked with a block of wood. That may work for awhile, but wood tends to deteriorate from being outside all day. The rain, the sun and everything in-between takes its toll and soon you’ll have a rotted out piece of wood stopping your RV from rolling. I prefer something a little more sturdy and dependable. And how many times has your jack fallen off of its 2×4 wooden stand? After a few hours of moving around inside the RV, they’ll fall off at the drop of a hat!

Lynx Levelers has a new Chock ‘R Dock that works great as a chock but has the added benefit of a dock as well! The dock allows you to park the jack stand in the middle of the chock and it will keep your RV in place. Plus, they’re super lightweight!  Not every campsite you visit will be perfectly level and the last thing you want is to have your RV shift a few feet while you’re cozy in the middle of the night.

We all already know how great Lynx Levelers are because their interconnecting levelers and stacker blocks and this item is a great addition to their line. Lynx offers you products that are strong and durable, easy to pack, safe and easy to use and easy to clean. Everyone who owns an RV needs a set to protect their investment and offer piece of mind even when it’s parked in your driveway for the winter.

Check out the Chock ‘R Dock and make sure your RV doesn’t roll away!

Stop Bumping Your Head with Hatchlift!

Have you ever felt like you were just too short to reach the latch to secure your compartment hatch open? I have and it is frustrating.  I’ve also slammed the hatch on my finger a few times. I’ve found the perfect item that solves this problem and makes compartment storage easier than ever.  Hatchlift is a hydraulic lift kit that provides safe, convenient access to your compartments. This easy to install hydraulic lift provides universal application, too. No more headaches from dropping the hatch on your head! You’ll save money on pain reliever for sure.

Check out the Hatchlift hydraulic door lift kits

This same company has taken the hassle out of under-bed storage in your RV, too.  We all know that the area under your bed is great place to store so many of your RV needs.  We always stored our tubes for river trips here along with the patio lights and outdoor chairs.  Our first fifth wheel did not have a lift on the bed and it made it a two person job to store things here.  Bed Lift has come to the rescue providing an easy to install lift kit for your bed.  No special applications or size requirements.  Simply purchase the standard if you have a standard queen RV mattress or the heavy duty if you have replaced your RV mattress with a household mattress or if you have a king size bed.  I promise this will make it so much easier for you and will maybe even save a pinched finger or bump on the

Check out the Hatchlift hydraulic bedlift kits