RV Theft Is A Real Thing

It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. A thief backs up to your prized possession, your RV, and takes it. Can you imagine being gone to the lake and then returning to an empty spot where your RV used to be? That’s a devastating loss and one that could take years to recover from. With the loss of property, replacement costs and dealing with insurance companies, you should really consider doing all you can to prevent it from being stolen in the first place.

Coupler Locks

Every RV fifth-wheel or travel trailer has a coupler that hitches up to your truck and allow it to be pulled wherever you may go. Theeasiest way to deter a criminal from snatching your house on wheels is to prevent anyone or any vehicle from hitching up to that coupler. A good, strong lock will make thieves look the other way when scoping out potential victims. If you have a fifth-wheel, there are thick metal sleeves that attach to the king pin coupler and have a lock that doesn’t allow it to be pulled off, eliminating the possibility of another truck with a fifth-wheel backing up to your RV and taking off with it. For travel trailers with ball couplers, you can purchase a security device with a ball on it that goes in the coupler and latches onto it, so there’s no room to insert a ball into it.

Wheel Locks

If you’d feel safer with an extra layer of security, then a wheel lock is just the thing. You’ve probably seen wheel locks when you’re walking down the street and someone with parking tickets gets caught and their car gets booted. That may be frustrating for the driver because their car can’t be moved anywhere until the boot is removed. That same idea is perfect for deterring potential RV thieves. If they see that your RV’s wheels won’t move, then your RV isn’t going anywhere.

GPS Trackers

The ultimate in recovering your stolen property is having a GPS tracker installed on your RV. If, heaven forbid, someone did get ahold of your RV, you can trace it and report it to the police so they can apprehend the thieves. With the amount of money and time that we spend on our RVs, an extra added level of security is well worth the expense. After all, no one wants to spend the money for a new RV if they don’t have to.


Get Out Your Hiking Boots

Yes, it’s nice to lounge around in the sun at the lake, or under your awning, but if spend all day sitting in your comfy chair, you’ll start to notice your waistline getting a little bit bigger. That’s why you need to get out of that chair and go hiking! It’s one of the best ways to get your exercise in when you’re out on a campsite. You’ve driven all this way and there a whole world out there that just waiting for you to explore. Not only is it great exercise, it’s also a fun activity for families to spend quality time together. But before you head out for the trails, remember these helpful tips!

1. Pack plenty of water

It’s hot out there and hiking will make you sweat. Keeping yourself and your family hydrated is super important to make sure no one suffers from heat exhaustion. I see plenty of people carrying gallon jugs of water with them, whenever they head out for the trails.

2. Pack some snacks

Some hiking trails are strenuous and you could use a little bit of a pick-me-up along the way. Carrying fruit and nuts along with you will give you something to munch on so you can keep your energy up without hitting the proverbial wall and realizing that you’re far away from your RV.

3. Comfortable shoes

A good pair of hiking shoes/boots will be your best friend at the end of the day. Hiking boots are designed to withstand the rigors of climbing up rocks and handling different terrains. Some are even waterproof! If you don’t want to be complaining about how much your feet hurt at the end of the day, I suggest getting a good, trusty pair of hiking shoes/boots.

4. Find a good walking stick

Some hiking trails have hills that are tough on our legs and feet. A good walking stick will help you get over them and keep on truckin’.

5. Don’t forget the camera

What good is hiking up to a scenic lookout if you don’t have photographic evidence?

What do you take with you when you go hiking?


It’s Never Been Easier To Go Green

Going green in your RV has, for many years, been a pipe dream. Expensive hardware and solar panels made it a tough pill to swallow, just to be less dependent on that electrical hook-up. Many boondocking vacations have been cut short due to running out of electricity, but now, you can convert your RV to solar and replace your old incandescent lights to LED lights for pennies on the dollar compared to just a few years ago.

Converting your RV to solar energy frees up your RV so you can travel anywhere, as long as the sun shines. That mean you can take a trip out to the desert and enjoy your ATV on the sand dunes and not have to worry about getting back to an electrical hook-up for a recharge. If you place a few solar panels on the roof of your RV, you could harness enough power to never have to plug in! I don’t know about you, but that sounds great to me! There are so many other places in the United States to visit that aren’t RV-friendly, so that just means you have to boondock it and I wouldn’t dream of spending a week away from an electric hook-up without solar energy backing me up.

Converting your old incandescent light bulbs in your RV to LED bulbs is a big help when you’re trying to reduce the electrical draw that your RV has. There are LED lights for just about every possible use, from book lights to overhead lights, that don’t require any type of conversion or new installation. Just remove your old bulbs and put in the new ones!

If you’re serious about going green in your RV when you’re out on vacation, installing solar panels and converting your old incandescent bulbs is a great start. Best of all, it’s cheaper than it’s ever been!

Have you installed solar panels or LED lights in your RV? How do you like them?

Is It Time For A New RV?

With vacation season in full swing, you may be realizing that your RV you’ve had for a few years just isn’t cutting it. Maybe you need more space to handle a few more people who’ve jumped on the RVing bandwagon. Maybe you want to downsize to a smaller unit. Maybe you’ve decided to invest in an ATV or jet ski and want to get a toy hauler so you can take it where you can get the lead out. Regardless of the reason you want to start searching for another RV, now is the best time to do it.

Let Us Buy Your RV

If you are ready to get rid of that RV and put it towards another one or pay off some bills before you start looking for a new one, we can buy it from you! Don’t put it off any longer, bring your RV in and we’ll make you an offer and you can walk out of here with cold hard cash in hand.

Let Us Sell Your RV

We are the largest consignment RV dealership in the USA and when you choose to sell with us, you’ll know why! We can off a free appraisal, extensive advertising through our network of interested RV buyers and a free Ultimate RV Cleanup (that’s $485 worth of service!) when you chose to let us sell your RV. There’s no cost to you until we’ve got a buyer for your RV. Check out our RV consignment process and give us a call!

Trade Your RV

We also do RV trades! If you’ve had your eye on an RV in our lot we will consider any trade. There are almost 500 RVs to choose from and we’re certain you’ll find something that fits your needs and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Come by and see us at either our New Braunfels’ or Houston location and let us take care of your RV’s needs and help you find the one you’re looking for.

RV Selling Season Is Here!

Great Destinations: Possum Kingdom

I’m a big fan of lakes and there are plenty of them here in Texas. One of my favorites is about 90 miles west of Fort Worth, Possum Kingdom Lake. This lake is a great destination for all of the RV owners out there who have toy haulers and love bringing their jet skis along with them. For all the boat owners out there, you’ll love the 19,000 acres of deep waters to take your boat out and enjoy the lake. Here are just a few reasons you should consider Possum Kingdom for your next vacation.

Boating & Fishing

You’ll love getting the boat out of storage and into the water at Possum Kindgom. Plenty of clear water and fishing space to cast a reel and enjoy the day out on the water. The 310 miles of coastline and cliffs will keep you safe from the wind so you can enjoy the calm waters and smooth rides for jet skis. For the fisherman in your family, they’ll love how well-stocked the lake is with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, white bass, spotted bass, crappie, and bream.

Hiking and Biking

The areas surrounding the lake are majestic rolling hills that are great for hikers and bikers. There are trails for everyone, from the most novice to experienced hikers, to enjoy the scenery and grab some exercise. There’s even a nature trail for you to take the little ones to teach them about the plants and animals native to Texas.

RV Sites

You’re in luck, RVers. Possum Kingdom Lake is surrounded by RV parks so you’ll very rarely ever hear of it being full or turning people away from their parks. Be sure to check out the East side parks and the West side parks and select the one that’s closest to the attractions that you want to see. I recommend taking a peek at Hell’s Gate. It’s amazing!

Have you ever been to Possum Kingdom Lake? What did you think?

A Few Items To Make Your Life Easier

I’m always looking for way to make my life easier when I’m out on the road. If it’s something that will save me a little bit of time or an inch of space, I’m all about it. You should see my kitchen, I’ve got all of the space-saving Tupperware containers and more collapsible containers than any family would ever need. My theory is that when you’re out on the road, you have a limited amount of space and if you can find a way to maximize that space with special gadgets, then go for it. It’ll be worth it in the end because you can carry more stuff with you and enjoy your time out on a campsite with your family. Here are a few great ideas for your RV to save a little space and time.


You know those plastic bags you get at the grocery store? The ones that you’ve kept and stuffed in a cabinet somewhere? Well, now you can take them with you next time you head out for a vacation. Your RV has a limited amount of room and the BagSavr+ is designed with space in mind. They are designed to use those grocery bags as normal garbage bags. Since you don’t have the room to put a full sized trash can in your RV, you can mount these on the wall and save floor space in the process. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons of plastic grocery bags that I’ve been saving up for something, but now I can actually use them!





Collapsible Broom

Your storage space is limited and you should always carry a broom with you. If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know you’ll end up with sand all over the place inside your RV. Or, if you travel with kids, you know that the floors will always end up dirty with cereal, mud and whatever else they track in from outside. Keep this handy collapsible broom close by and you’ll keep your RV’s floors clean and dirt free.


What do you use to save space in your RV?

Protect Your Investment

Ask any RVer and they’ll tell you, RVing is an expensive hobby. RVs are not cheap, some of them cost as much as a new house. Plus, the money we spend upgrading, fixing and accessorizing. Even then, that doesn’t include all of the things you bring along with you for a vacation. Tablets, televisions, appliances, and everything else. All in all, your RV has some very valuable items in it. Take stock of just how much it would cost if someone were to break into your RV while you were away and clean you out. My guess is that’s a number you don’t want to have to pay.

I hear about it all the time. People getting their RVs broken into and having stuff stolen. Sure, most RV resorts have security roaming around, but they can’t always be watching every single RV in the camp site. That’s why I recommend getting a wireless alarm system for your RV. You have to protect yourself at all times when you’re out on vacation. There are people everywhere who are willing to break into your personal property and clean you out.

A wireless alarm system for your RV works just like one for your car. If any windows or doors are opened while it is armed, your neighbors will hear it and the thief will likely be scared off because they know that all eyes will be directed toward the RV that is making so much noise. You can even purchase a motion detector that would set off the alarm if, somehow, a thief got into your RV.

These wireless alarm systems are perfect for the RVers who enjoy spending time away from their house on wheels. Whether it be at the lake, hiking or enjoying your ATV, don’t leave your RV open to criminals.

Check out our wireless alarm systems and protect yourself today!

Bringing Baby RVing With You


Mossy Oak

All of us parents know that when the new baby arrives, your RV life is put on hold. It’s hard to juggle a baby and an RV at the same time. You’re out of your routine and routines are best for babies. Plus, it’s such a hassle bringing all the necessary equipment along with you. Cribs, Pack-n-plays, diapers, baby food, etc… But there is a little ray of hope for the new parents out there. Taking your little one is a little easier with a Ciao Portable Baby High Chair.

These chairs are made from the same material as the ones we use to sit around the campfire and they fold up just as small so you can carry them along with you. But it’s doesn’t just have to be for RVing, you can use them for picnics, vacations, camping, tailgating, and even a trip to Grandma’s house! It’s a totally free-standing chair so there’s no attachments to mess with and it comes to you already assembled. Just take it out of the bag and expand it! It’s lightweight and flexible design makes it easy to carry on your shoulder and in the trunk of your car. You never know when you’ll find a good spot to have a picnic. There’s even a built-in cup holder and clear vinyl tray and that can be wiped clean when your little one decides to make a mess, and we all know that they will.


Check out the Portable Baby High Chairs from Ciao on our site and pick one up! Your baby will thank you!


Nana’s Recipes: Ground Beef

Ground beef is such an easy ingredient to use. I buy the huge packs of it at the grocery store and cut it into 1 pound square so I can stuff the in freezer bags, that way, when I need a pound or 2 of ground beef for a recipe, I can just set them out on the counter and let them thaw during the day, or defrost in the microwave, if needed. Ground beef is so versatile, too! Hamburgers, meatloaf, tacos, stroganoff, you name it, ground beef probably goes with it. Here are a few of my favorite recipes that use ground beef.

Onion Burgers

2 – pounds of ground beef
1 – ounce dry onion soup mix
1/2 – cup of water

Combine hamburger meat with onion soup mix and water, mixing well. Shape into 8 burgers. Place burgers in a baking dish and cook uncovered at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until browned. If you like, you can also cook these out on the grill. Serve on hamburger buns with cheese, lettuce and all of your favorite condiments.

Hamburger Steak with Mushrooms

1 1/2 – lbs of ground beef or ground round steak
3-4 – tablespoons margarine
1/2 – pound mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

Shape meat into 4 large patties. Fry on both sides to desired doneness. In a separate skillet, melt margarine. Saute mushrooms in melted margarine, stirring often, for about 5 minutes. Drain. Place hamburger steak on each dinner plate and pour mushrooms on top.

Hamburger Stroganoff

1 – pound ground beef or ground round
2 – (10 3/4 oz) cans of cream of mushroom soup
1 – 16 ounce package of noodles

Brown the hamburger meat and drain. Stir soups into the crumbled hamburger and mix well. Cook for 10 minutes or until thoroughly heated; stir often. Boil noodles according to package directions and drain. Serve hamburger mixture over noodles.

Nana’s Barbecue Beef

1 – pound of ground sirloin or ground beef
1/2 – cup of packed brown sugar
16 – ounces barbecue sauce

Brown, crumble and drain meat. Stir in brown sugar and barbecue sauce. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring often. Spoon onto heated hamburger buns.

What are some of your favorite ground beef recipes?

Summer Is Officially Here

Summertime is great. The kids are out of school, the lakes are calling your name, and there’s plenty of RVing vacations to be had. Down here in Texas, our Summers are pretty warm, sometimes getting up over 110 degrees! If you’re not prepared for it, your vacation may be a disaster, a sweaty disaster. Keeping your RV cool during the summer months is not only a good idea for keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape, it’s a good idea for you, as well. Here are a few tips I can think of to keep your RV cool during the blazing Summers when you’re out on a campsite.

Tint your windows

Lessening the amount of the sun’s ray will keep the strain off of your air conditioning unit and keep it cooler in your RV by a few degrees. You can get it done professionally or you can make a trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot and pick up some do-it-yourself tint. They have all different shade of tint, all the way up to complete black-out shade. Which may be overkill, but some people use it!

Find a good tree to park under

Most RV resorts are well lined with trees and it should go without saying that you want to pick out a good spot that shades over your RV during the hottest hours of the day.

Maintain your Air Conditioning unit

Before you head out this Summer, double check your unit and make sure you have enough coolant, the belts are all intact and there are no problems. when you’re out on a campsite, enjoying your vacation, there’s hardly anything worse than feeling your air condition go out of service.

Oscillating Fans

Keep a couple running during the day and you’ll notice the moving air keeps your RV cool and livable. If you don’t already have a couple you can use, check out our selection of fans and keep cool!

What do you do during the summer to keep cool when you’re out on a campsite?