Leisure Resort: The Best Little RV Park in Central Texas

Those of you who know me have all had to listen to my stories about the best little RV park in Texas.  I actually have mixed emotions about writing this blog because I would really like for this park to be one of those best kept secrets, but I also want everyone to have an RV experience like this.  Leisure Resort in Fentress, Texas is a beautiful park outside Luling and I think it is simply a little piece of heaven on earth.  As you drive down the road off Highway 80 you that you’re going to have a brief minute when you wonder where in the world I am sending you.  Then you turn off to the left at a “not so fancy” sign and you enter this river front property.  Leisure Camp, as it was called for years was a well known fishing camp positioned in the midst of a beautiful pecan orchard with terraced campsites leading down to the winding San Marcos River.  Whether you’re in a diesel pusher, travel trailer, tent or simply day camping out of the back of your truck, you are sure to enjoy everything here.  This is a family owned and operated RV park complete with cabins, a swimming pool, miniature golf and even a hayride for the kids on Saturday night.

We have been coming here for several years and have met some of the friendliest people in the world sitting in this river and camping under these trees.  This is a great spot for a family reunion where your friends can join you even if they don’t own an RV because they can rent one of the cabins or even a tree house and still enjoy the great outdoors and the RV lifestyle.  Make plans to check this out, but save room for us!

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