Get Rid Those Stinky Holding Tank Smells

Traveling by RV is a way of life for a lot of us. We enjoy getting out in nature, exploring new parts of the country and spending time with our families. When we’re out for an extended period of time, we can tend to encounter some ‘smells’ that we’d rather not deal with, namely the ‘rotten egg’ smell of our holding tanks. Lucky for RVers, there’s a great product that removes that odor and let’s you continue enjoying your vacation.

Odorlos is a safe, non-toxic holding tank additive that neutralizes the odor coming from it. How does it work, you ask? It introduces a nitrogen-based additive into the tank which then attacks the odor causing agents and processes them. That means no holding tank odor! Odorlos also breaks down all waste and tissue as well as lubricating the inlet and outlet valves for your tank. All of this while being 100% biodegradable and accepted by all campgrounds across the nation.

11 Great reasons to choose naturally effective Odorlos

  • Safe and effective in all RV and marine holding tank and septic tank systems
  • Approved by all campgrounds
  • Accelerates breakdown of paper and solid matters, helping to prevent clogs that can lead to costly repairs
  • Lubricates valves with every treatment
  • Scent-free – eliminates odors without harmful masking perfumes
  • Non-staining
  • Formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Stores easily regardless of conditions
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Effective even in a high heat environment

What you won’t find in Odorlos

  • Formaldehyde, a poisonous chemical that kills bacteria – including the good kind – and stops the break-down process
  • Deodorants and fragrances, chemicals that just mask smell instead of eliminating it
  • Enzymes, an ingredient that takes too long to work and may actually increase the production of odors
  • Bacteria, which have limited shelf lives (especially in high heat). (Plus, you already have plenty of bacteria in waste, why pay for more?)

Visit the Odorlos page on PPL Motorhomes for ordering information.




Storing Your Spare Tire Underneath Your RV

Looking for an easy way to carry that spare tire conveniently on your RV? We have a great solution. BAL now offers the Hide-A-Spare Tire Storage System that allows you to mount the bulky tire beneath your trailer and out of the way. This system is very easy to mount and if you ever require access to the spare tire, simple to remove. This sturdy bracket attaches to the undercarriage of the RV or trailer allowing easy access to your spare tire.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.45.14 PM

We all know that I like to carry lots of ‘stuff’ when we travel. With that being said, storage space is always an issue. A cargo basket makes it easier for us to carry more necessities. If you carry a bike rack or a cargo tray, a bulky spare tire can make that a challenge, sometimes even force you to remove the spare tire completely. We all know that’s a bad idea, getting stuck on the road with no spare tire is an RVers nightmare. Instead of taking your spare tire off, or hiding it inside your RV, just mount it underneath!

The Hide-A-Spare also prevents dry rot and sun damage to your spare tire, by keeping it out of the sun and away from the elements, your spare tire will last longer! Plus, no need to worry about losing a spare tire cover having it blown off or getting ripped in transit.

Installing the Hide-A-Spare is quick and painless. It comes with self-tapping screws and 2 mounting plates that need to be attached to the undercarriage. Once they are attached, there’s a hand-tightened screw that holds the spare tire up off of the ground. If you need access to the spare tire, undo the hand-tightened screw and it telescopes out so you can get to it quickly and get back on the road. I have even had some customers tell me this is the perfect place to store their car dolly spare tire, too.

Visit the Hide-A-Spare page for more information and details on how to order!


It’s Time To Replace Those Water Filters!

Fresh, clean drinking water is more important than ever for the RVer. Water in RV parks comes from several sources. From well water, to city water, no two parks have the same taste or water quality just like no two households do.

Changing your water filter is as critical in the RV as changing your air filters on your AC unit.  If you do not have a water filter built into your RV, then make sure you are using one on the outside for all water coming into the unit.

Culligan makes a pair of inline filters to attach to the outside that are very cost effective and good for up to 2,000 gallons or one RV season.

Camco makes the Evo water filter which is also an outdoor use water filter.  It will make a difference in the quality of your water and greatly reduce your chlorine intake. The Hydro-Life HL-170 Under Sink filter is designed for cold water lines under your bathroom or kitchen sink.

If you’re looking for bottled water quality in your RV, the Everpure Purification Kit is the way to go. It removes harmful cysts, bad tastes and odors, plus chlorinates/de-chlorinates and kills bacteria and viruses.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.01.29 PM

After a long day of being outside, swimming in the lake, or hiking through some tough trails, there’s not a lot of things better than a nice relaxing shower to take all the dirt and stink off. Sometimes, there’s a new stink after we shower, and it’s the water from the shower. That smell of chlorine is hard to get rid of and pretty soon it’s everywhere. Not only does it smell, but it also leaves your skin and hair dry. That’s why I’ve put Culligan’s shower head filter on our shower head. The ISH-200 attaches easily to the existing standard ½-inch shower arm at one end and then to the existing shower head at the other, without affecting the height or positioning of the shower head. The Culligan ISH-200 allows any standard chrome shower head to be converted to a filtered shower head.

With Spring coming just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your RV is in working order and ready to head out for a long weekend. Checking and replacing your water filters is a big step in the right direction.



Cold Weather Water Hose


Right now as I type this, North Texas is bracing themselves for one heck of a cold snap. It got me thinking about gear that gets me through my Winter RVing. I was introduced to a product a couple of years ago and have been promoting it, knowing it was a good product if you need it.  This product is the Camco Cold Weather Water Hose.  I live in Houston, Texas and it just doesn’t get that cold here.   In the past 30 years, there has only been one winter where we had to worry about wrapping pipes and pipes freezing.  We sell so many of these hoses for RVers and for agricultural use, but I never really thought about it until last week.

A dear friend of mine just moved from the warmth of the Rio Grande Valley to Blue Eye, Missouri.  She purchased a great Montana 5th wheel with a Canadian artic package so she thought she was prepared for all weather.  As a Christmas/House warming gift, I gave her a 12’ heated water hose and jokingly told her this might come in handy.  She arrived last week in Missouri and her trailer was delivered the next day.  Within 24 hours of her arrival, the big arctic blast hit that area of the country and hit it hard.  She emailed me to say she was the only person in the RV park with running water.  Everyone else had to disconnect their hoses and prepare for the hard freeze.  She told me it was the greatest gift she could have ever received.

After hearing her story, I decided to share it with all of you.  We have had an unusually cold December and winter is just beginning.  Check out this awesome product.  It may be the “hottest” RV item you have!!  Stay warm and make memories in your RV!





Getting To Know Your Sewer Hoses & Septic Tank Safely

Oh, if I could avoid writing about this subject I would, however, being an RVer, maintaining your sewer hoses and septic system is of paramount importance. Luckily at PPL Motorhomes  we offer some of the best hoses in the business, like the ones manufactured by RhinoFLEX.

RhinoFLEX Sewer Hoses are made of HTS (a high tensile strength formula) that is tough, flexible, and stays in place when you set it up. The 10′ hose compresses to just a 32″ long rigid pipe that iseasy to handle and store. Pull it apart, and it can be shaped to fit your situation. Best of all, it stays that way! No need to worry about stabilizing it with sticks or rocks. Comprised of  three wraps of vinyl over steel-wire core pinholes and other leaks caused by rough scrapes and abrasions are minimized. RhinoFLEX hoses come in 10′ and 15′ lengths, plus a 5′ extension with adapter. These hoses fit all standard 3″ fittings.

Now, here comes the dirty talk. Maintaining your septic system and hoses is a dirty, disgusting and dangerous job…so let Dad do it! Kidding!!! Really if you take the proper precautions, you should be fine. Still, I am amazed at the health risks that people will take when handling their sewer hose and black water connections. Remember to use disposable latex gloves for this job. These are the kind of gloves that are used by paramedics, doctors and nurses. You see them used on TV all the time by crime scene investigators. These gloves are inexpensive and disposable. I keep a box of them in our RV at all times.

If you have any questions or comments about septic systems, or the parts contained there-in, don’t hesitate to call PPL Motorhomes.We’re not shy, or embarrassed to have this conversation with you and answer any question you may have. Remember, having a properly functioning system is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your health!

Choosing The Right Hoses For Your RV

OK, let’s say that you went ahead and did it; you finally took the plunge and bought the family a consignment RV (hopefully it was from PPL Motorhomes). Let me tell you, you are going to love it! But, before you hit the road, there may be a few things that might need a little attention first, hoses being one of them. Specifically your drinking water hose.

Think about it. If you just bought a used RV, would you really want to keep the water hose that came with the RV?  Who knows what that may have been used for? You are much better off just replacing it.  So, what would you use? Would you use the green garden hose from your house?  No way, the garden hoses are not manufactured to be used for drinking water.  The white hoses from brands like Apex are made of a safe material to be used for drinking.

While you’re at it, take a look at how to sanitize your fresh water tank too. These are just a few of the things that you’ll need to do to make your RV adventures more memorable…in a good way.

So, what’s one of the very first things you should do when you purchase a used RV? Right! Simply change the drinking water hose and replace it with a quality Apex hose from PPL Motorhomes. Hoses are available at both out Houston RV Parts Supercenter and New Braunfels…and, of course, on the website!!

Cover Your Tires When Not Using Your RV

We all wish we could take our RVs out more than we do. If I could get away every weekend, I would. Heck, I might even spend more time in my RV than in my house. But unfortunately, we have jobs, kids, and responsibilities that force us to keep our RV locked up in storage or sitting in our driveways for what feels like forever. It happens, life can affect your RV schedule at any time, after all, RVing is a time-consuming process and it can be hard to make time once or twice a month to head out to a campsite. We understand and we’re guilty ourselves. But, there’s no excuse for letting your tires rot in front of your eyes while your RV sits there and waits for you.

Your RV’s tires are sitting there absorbing the sun’s rays and getting weaker and weaker as we speak. Unless they are covered! Good quality wheel covers will help your tires last longer and eliminate the damage done by UV rays from sitting there in the blistering hot sun. Driving on sun-damaged and dry-rotted tires is a very dangerous proposition and could even cause a blowout! I’ve heard way too many stories of RVers being stranded on the highway because they thought their tires were OK, when in fact, they were damaged and unsafe.

Anytime your RV will be sitting for any period of time, I suggest covering up those tires and keeping the UV rays from the sun off of them. It’ll keep your tires ready to roll next time you gather everyone and head out for a weekend. Always double check your tires to see if they’ve been damaged, you’ll notice cracks on the sidewall if they are too dangerous to drive on. Don’t put your RV at risk, cover those tires!

Do you use wheel covers when you aren’t using your RV?



Get to know your RV’s fire extinguisher

I recently talked to a full time RVer who had the scare of her life and lived to tell about it thanks to a handy fire extinguisher she had mounted by the stove in the kitchen.  After she read one of my blog articles about how quickly RV fires can spread, she purchased fire extinguishers and mounted them in the kitchen, bedroom and compartment of her home away from home.  This is one of those purchases you make and hope you will never use.  Having a fire break out in your RV is very dangerous as it can spread very, very quickly. The bottom line is that you could never have too many fire extinguishers when you travel and the magic number seems to be three. Watch the video below for some basic instruction on the right way to operate your extinguisher:

A good rule of thumb is to have one fire extinguisher for every 10 square feet of your RV.  Makes sense to me.  Also don’t just assume that your fire extinguisher is fully charged. One important thing to remember about fire extinguishers is that they need to be checked periodically.  I guess this is like changing batteries in the flashlight.  Even if you don’t use the flashlight, you will have to replace the batteries with time.

But above all, your personal safety should be your biggest concern. If a fire should happen to break out in your RV, the best decision you can make is just get out of it. All of your things can be replaced, but your life cannot be. It’s better to exit your RV and know you will safe than try to fight an expanding fire that could potentially trap you in a very dangerous situation.

Take time this week to check your fire extinguishers, buy them if you don’t have them and make plans to play it safe!


Eliminate Sway with LockArm Stabilizing Bars

Stability. There is nothing more important than controlling the sway of your travel trailer, or fifth-wheel when your landing gear is in the down position. How many of us have stepped into our RVs and felt that somewhat unnerving shake or sway? Probably more often than we’d like to admit or even remember. Nothing is more annoying than having a seemingly unstable RV while camping. Don’t worry, PPL Motorhomes has exactly what you need: LockArm Stabilizing bars. This innovative LockArm stabilizing bar attaches between the frame and the leveling jacks to increase stability. They are affordable, extremely easy to install and attach directly to the your jacks. Plus, once they are on, they are on. There is no need to remove them as they fold up with your jacks, which directly translates into saving much needed cargo space.

By eliminating most fore-and-aft trailer movement, strain on your jack mounting is eliminated as well. The LockArm mounts to all current leveling/stabilizing jacks and even 5th Wheel Landing Gear. Again, the telescoping tubes travel up and down with the jack for easy set up and storage. Each unit contains two Lock-Arms and mounting hardware. There is some drilling required, but certainly it isn’t anything you can’t handle on your own.

If you are interested in adding more stability to your travel trailer or fifth-wheel, then you really should consider adding LockArm Stabilizing bars to your jacks. They really do make a world of difference. Get rid of the sway today, give PPL Motorhomes a call.

Stabilize Your Fifth-Wheel

I get asked this question all of the time: “What’s the best way to stabilize my fifth-wheel before unhooking at a campsite?” The importance of having a properly balanced RV is critical for safety and necessary for comfort. Aside from an unbalanced fifth-wheel being dangerous, your really don’t want to navigate through or camp in an RV that is listing to one side, or the other. For some RVers, getting an accurate level and balance isn’t much of a problem and for others it’s a total nightmare.

I think back to how many times we had to balance our Fifth-Wheel on less-than-level camping locations. As I mentioned, the last thing you want is your rig slanting, or on a tilt. Now one of the great things about working at PPL Motorhomes is that I am privy to seeing and testing RV gear and gadgets of all kinds, and in this case,  Fifth Wheel Stabilizer Jacks from BAL were a life saver.

Now this was a few years ago and I’ve since traded our fifth-wheel for a Class B (RV Nana 2), but I can say, without reservation that BAL stabilizer jacks made my life so much easier. The BAL stabilizer jack is an amazing product. It’s a tripod stabilizer that provides full side to side frame overhang stability and really helps maximize front to rear trailer stability.

The best part about using a stabilizer jack like the BAL is that you eliminate all of the trial and error associated with lowering the king pin onto a tripod stabilizing jack to achieve stabilization. Plus, it’s really simple to operate with the extendable jack screw for final adjustment. The jack screw handles fold down to use and fold up when not in use or for storage.

If you have a fifth-wheel, and are tired of the guessing game when it comes to balancing and leveling, you really should look into getting one of your own. PPL Motorhomes is an authorized dealer for BAL and can supply most of the products made by BAL, so if you have any question, do hesitate to call us. Keep your trailer balanced with PPL and BAL.