The Benefit Of an Electric Tongue Jack

There’s no doubt that RVing can result in a few backbreaking activities. One of which is actually hooking up your trailer to your towing vehicle. The cranking, the cranking, and the cranking. Oh, did I mention the cranking? The Stromberg Carlson electric tongue jack takes the back breaking work out of jacking up your travel trailer. You know…the constant re-positioning of the tongue of your travel trailer up and down, hoping to get it in line with your tow vehicle. I can’t stand that. We also use it to level our trailer after towing. All you have to do is simply push a button on the electric jack to raise and lower into position. You have total control. The electric jack features a large, long lasting, three bulb LED night light, just in case you have to hitch up in the dark.

But why read when you can watch our very own Boyde McMakin give a great demo:

This tongue jack is installed by many manufacturers on their towable trailers, it is a very popular piece of equipment in the industry. They’ve even put enough engineering forethought into designing and including a removable foot pad which prevents it from sinking into soft ground. This is a life saver.

So,if you have any questions or would like to know more about the Stromberg Carlson electric tongue jack, you know where to find us.

RV “Gadgets” That You Need

I’m going to go ahead and brag on myself just once. I just wanna’ say that this RV Nana ain’t to shabby with keeping up with the RV industry on both a lifestyle and the technology that goes with it. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no pro, but I’ve been known to navigate through the social media set with satisfying results. I understand that part of the RV experience is being as prepared as possible as to ensure a stress free trip. Face it, there are certain stresses that inherently come with RVing, why not try to counter as many as possible with “gadgets” that should be mandatory for every RV trip.

Check out this excellent list of suggestions from a full time RVing family.

Don’t leave home with with out them!!!

One of the things that I personally believe about RVing is that it should be as stress-free as possible. Worry about the ozone layer. Worry about politics. Worry about world affairs. Don’t worry about whether you’ll fit under the next bridge, let your GPS do that for you. Don’t worry about sinking into the mud, you’ve got Hoss Pads for that.

It just so happens that this technically savvy RV Nana has a fantastic place to stock up on all the gadgets you need.

OK… That’s it… that’s probably the last time you’ll hear any self-accolades from me.

Winegard/Dish Network Antenna

I don’t suppose I need to remind you of what happened last weekend between University of Texas and Notre Dame do I? Well for you Texas Aggie fans it was a legendarily good game!! I think it was the first time in history that a game went into overtime there at Darrell K Royal Stadium. Matter of fact it went to double overtime! The last three minutes of the fourth quarter was just unreal. Texas was in scoring position and then made a dumb penalty costing them 15 yards. I was screaming at the TV that that play was like the Houston Oilers at their worst. Ugh! But then two nail-biting overtimes later and we’re all jumping for joy because our Texas boys whooped those folks from Up North! And you know what? I was at my favorite campsite in Matagorda by the beach watching the game. Jealous?


The Dish Playmaker Portable Satellite Antenna by Wingard helped make that scenario happen. Nothing like watching HD TV in the comfort of your own RV baby! And we have them on sale until Sept 24th. If you’re the folks who enjoy a good tailgater before the game during college football season, or heck even during the pro season, then this antenna will help make all your dreams come true.

These things couple up to the Dish HD Solo receiver, and it’s full automatic. It’ll find the satellites by itself despite their orbital locations. And seeing how this thing is portable, it only weighs 10 lbs and comes with a convenient carry handle. Needless to say it’s pretty compact for what it does, which makes it perfect for storing in the RV until you need it. Tailgaters will be easy as pie in what hopefully becomes Texas’s Fall here in the coming weeks. Stars, BBQ, beers, and the game on HD. Can’t beat that! For more information click HERE

Lights! Music!

Sometimes I need to be drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and other times I’ll gladly jump in all by myself and this is one of those products that makes me fully appreciate the technological advances that are popping up all the time. Y’all, this thing is amazing and I’m so glad somebody thought to do this. Late last year King introduced a combination awning/porch light with included Bluetooth speakers!

speaker pic


Needless to say, if you’ve read this blog with any kind of regularity, you’d know how much I enjoy music and being at Matagorda with the awning out enjoying an evening. Now I can have a sip outside, enjoy the sunset, listen to some Eagles, then not trip over anything when I’m ready to go inside. How cool would it be to be able to have your music with you as you enjoy being outside with your friends and family?

The light fixture is a simple replacement of your existing exterior light, and utilizes LEDs which are the 21 Century’s “longer lasting lightbulb” aren’t they? The speakers are weatherproof, and can be controlled via Bluetooth from a downloadable app on your smartphone. You can even control the light dimmer from your phone or tablet! Even better, the speaker and light hard wire into the RV with just two wires so you don’t have to worry about charging it up like a regular Bluetooth speaker, or even worse, pulling it down off the wall to change those batteries because you forgot to turn it off. And they come in stunning white, or black.

If you’re interested in learning more, please click HERE to be redirected to our website. We have them on sale until September 17th. They are a truly remarkable and useful accessory that will indeed make your next trip just that little bit more enjoyable!

Pullrite Fifth Wheel Hitches

I haven’t written about the Pullrite hitches in a couple years, but I went back to what I wrote in 2013 and it still holds true…these things are GREAT! They truly are a well-engineered, labor saving, stress reducing, making-life-easier piece of equipment and I urge all of you who struggle getting your trailers hitched, or if you’re always having to do it solo, to look into one. Here’s what I had to say a couple years ago:

“Have you ever watched the endless minute adjustments being made by folks who may not use their fifth wheel hitch very often? Forward, reverse, forward, reverse, forward, reverse, pull out, readjust, start over. It’s even worse when they’re driving a long bed truck and the adjustments have to be amplified to counteract the longer pivot. Sometimes I just want to go knock on the window and ask if I can hitch ’em up real quick so these folks can get down the road, but I can never decide whether or not that would be rude or helpful. As they get more and more frustrated, you can just imagine them cursing the hitch, the truck, and the trailer.

Well I’m here to ease that frustration in a not-rude, very helpful sort of way today! For you long-bed truck having, fifth wheel trailer dragging folks who are tired of feeling like you’re wasting your time getting hitched up, Pullrite has an awesome light weight, high mounted fifth wheel hitch that will be the answer to your prayers! First of all the hitch is touted as the easiest fifth wheel hitch in the entire industry to couple. Secondly, it IS light, weighing in at only 52 lbs which means the UPS guy won’t even break a sweat lugging it to your door. And thirdly, what Pullrite has done in the engineering of this hitch is incredible.

What they’ve done is combine the functions of the hitch plate, rocker arm, and crossmember into the king pin adapter, which clamps to the trailer’s king pin and mounts an upside down ball hitch. Then, a gooseneck coupler is mounted upside down onto a base which attaches to most industry rails (unless it has the bole mounted in the middle, call for details). A funnel is mounted to the gooseneck coupler so instead of fine-tuning your long bed truck, all you have to do is contact the ball with any portion of the funnel and you’re all hitched up! Plus, the funnel and ball are completely visible from the cab! How easy is that? They are available right HERE. You’re welcome!”

The link is still good so check ’em out!!

Eurochair RV Recliner


I may be showing my age a little bit, but there are some days where all I’d like to do in my RV is have a nice…brisk…sit. And I’m telling you, we have an awesome recliner that suits the bill just beautifully. The Eurochair from Lippert is a great little recliner that doesn’t take up much room in the RV. All it needs, space-wise, is 7″ at the top, and 12″ clearance at the bottom to be opened fully. They’re covered in Alternate Latte upholstery and packed with high density foam, which is dang comfy.

So let’s picture it in our minds OK? It’s one of those sweltering hot July days in TX and we’re at our favorite State Park for the weekend. Luckily we’ve found a spot in the shade and it’s not too crowded. This morning we woke up early and went for a hike down to the water. The park offered a beginner archery class at 11, and then we followed that up with a good lunch. Now what is better than taking a little siesta in our new Eurochair Recliner? Have a little nap through the heat of the day so we’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed when it’s time for thjat sundowner and some star gazing this evening.

I’m telling you these things are comfy. Is there much better than kicking up your feet at the end of a busy day, maybe with a frosty beverage of your choice in one hand and maybe a fan blowing on you? So check one of these recliners out and have that comfort you deserve. Not only that but you can do the Archie Bunker thing when your grandkids try to sit in your chair! “Get outta my chair kid!” you can mock growl, winking at them as the get up. The benefits of age people. Click right HERE for more information.

Quiet Little Yamaha Generator

Well y’all we’re headed into that part of summer where we here on the Gulf Coast start paying closer attention to the weather. Hurricane Season is here with it’s powerful storms and side effects as well. Anyone who has lived in the Gulf Coast region of America for any length of time can regale you with tales of Hurricanes past. Hurricanes like Ike, Rita, Katrina, Alicia, Andrew, Mitch, or even those classic baddies from the 60’s like Carla, Camille, or Beulah. All of them wreaked havoc due to their incredible wind speeds, torrential downpours, or the storm surges they created. So with that said, if you’re down here enjoying the coast this summer or if your RV is in a semi-permanent berth within shouting distance of the beach…are you prepared?


We’re offering a new quiet running Yamaha generator for a couple hundred dollars less than their list price that would be a perfect back up electrical supply this hurricane season. Plus it is truly lightweight and portable, only weighing in at twenty seven or so pounds. It supplies electricity at 12V and is perfect for use with your RV’s AC/DC converter. It holds a smidge over a gallon of fuel and that gallon will provide a 12 hour run time between refueling. Yamaha has innovated up some Noise Block technology that will allow this generator to run for those 12 hours and not drive you out of your mind or make you feel like you’re listening to a lawn mower all darn day! Another great feature of this little guy is the fact that the folks at Yamaha have thought in the long term and installed a shut off valve between the fuel tank and the carburetor so when the generator is being stored for extended periods, the carburetor won’t have old fuel sitting in it clogging everything up. If you’re interested in learning more, just click HERE!

Safe or Sorry

Some of us in this RV lifestyle do not travel in Recreational Vehicles…we are truly mobile homes. As such the RV is our permanent address, our bed every night, and our table for most meals. With that idea in mind, those folks tend to have a slimmed down list of possessions with all the essentials plus a few luxuries, keepsakes, and heirlooms. Even those of us who are part-timers in the RV have had to park, at one point or another, in an area we would politely call “Sketchy”. Now imagine doing that with your home which is filled with all your treasures…whether they be your insurance and tax papers, wills, firearms, jewelry, laptops, etc etc etc. How secure would you feel about those items while you were parked in a less than ideal spot for the night?

John Fisher ARPS

To help ease that feeling of…well…unease, I’d like to suggest you install a small safe to store those valuable in. We offer an electronic safe by Dometic called the MD 390 RH. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive, yet large enough to store a 17″ laptop. They’re fairly light as well, weighing in at thirty one pounds. With as light a weight as that, they can be floor mounted or  even wall mounted. The cool thing about them is that they are fully programmable and you can use from 4-6 numbers in your access code. Needless to say, you can change this code as often as you like. If I remember correctly the interior size is just over a cubic foot which is perfect for all your important documents, spare cash, jewelry, even a handgun if you don’t have a gun safe in your RV. It’s powder coated to prevent corrosion, and felt lined to prevent damage do your valuables. We have them up at the website and if you’re interested in learning more, click HERE.

Hang a Chandelier in the RV!

How cool would it be to have a real chandelier in your RV? Granted they tend to take up a fair bit of room and you’d probably bump your head on it, or knock it down and cuss it from one end of the RV to the other….but…wouldn’t it be cool to have one just for the added ambiance during a nice sit-down dinner with the hubby?


Well the folks at Heng’s have come up with a light ring called the “RV Chandelier” that mounts around the base of your air vents. You have your choice of either cool white light or warm white light and the option of using a clear bezel or a diffuser. Just imagine you’re sitting down to a romantic dinner…the kids and grandkids are hundreds and hundreds of miles away, you two are at your favorite campsite, you’ve cooked up a special dinner…now wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those vent ring chandeliers with the warm white light and the diffuser to help set the mood?

Another awesome thing about this light rig is that it uses LEDs, so you’re getting good bright light (when you want it) and the fixtures aren’t adding heat to the inside of the RV. The rings are easy to install also, and they operate off of 12V. If it were me I’d buy one for each vent and hook them up to their own independent dimmer switches, that way I’d have full control over how much “ambiance” my RV is soaked in. Wouldn’t be good to have everything so dang ambient that I stubbed my toe or tripped over something you know!

Anyhow, swing by the website and check out these fixtures, they’re super cool. Oh, and we’ve got them on sale until July. You can learn all about them right here. And don’t forget to come by the websote before you hit the road, we’re happy to get you all fixed up!

Make the RV Cool(er)

NH53/Flickr Creative Commons

Sorry if this blog is old news for you long-time RV’rs but there are so many new owners of RV’s out there I thought maybe they would find these tips useful. It’s Full Summer out there people, so today we’re going to discuss different common sense ways to help keep the RV cool during this hot weather.

I once saw an old man holding hands with what I assumed was his granddaughter in a Randall’s parking lot here in Houston, Texas. the little girl was asking him why he parked so far from the store when there were empty spots closer, and the grandfather said, “Because our spot is in the shade.” If you folks are new to Texas, or new to summer RV’ing, you should do your absolute best to park that sucker in the shade every time. Just that slight reduction in direct sunlight can make a huge difference, ESPECIALLY if your RV is painted in darker colors.

This may seem too simple to be true, but if you’re in an exposed parking spot try to park the RV with the awning on the west side. Then run it out and it will block a large chunk of afternoon sun from shining in the windows. While you’re at it, keep the rest of the window shades drawn to keep the sun from being as effective at warming the ambient air inside the RV.

Remember your grandmother’s house before they put in the window unit air conditioners? Or maybe your great-grandmother’s house? Or if you’re too young, perhaps you’ve been to the state capitol up in Austin? You might have noticed lot of the doors in those pre-AC days were built with transoms above them to help the house have good airflow through it. You can do the same in your RV using the vents to prevent a lot of heat from building up inside the RV while you’re out running errands or having that summer fun.

Swing by our website and have a look through our climate control, AC gear, vents, and awnings and we’d be glad to help you get that RV cooler!