Put a Party Under Your Awning with LEDs


I love September so much. Mainly because it means that August is over and we’ve survived another Texas summer! But also it’s that time of year when school starts back up, football season is just beginning, the afternoons start to lose some of that habañero flavor, there’s one more long weekend coming up before things get too serious, tailgater parties at the ball fields, the good life. The whole month seems to be filled with somebody saying, “Not as hot as last week!” So now that we’re all coming out of the shade a little bit, and starting to socialize outside again, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a light show under your RV awning?

Imagine: you’re sitting in your lawn chairs, deck chairs, what-have-you… the grill is smoking, the sun is starting to edge closer to the horizon, the chips and salsa are set out, there’s a cooler with something drinkable cooling off inside it, and some good friends are there all enjoying each other’s company. What do you have left to do? That’s right, set the mood with some LEDs under the awning! They come in assorted colors, you control them with a remote, they can flash or strobe like Christmas lights, they’re waterproof, and are a whole lot of fun.

When we were camping last weekend in Matagorda at the LCRA park, there was a group of 5 RVs together enjoying their weekend getaway. They all had  LED light strips on their awnings and it was just too cool looking. Two of them even had the lights set to rotate through the colors so one minute their trailer had a green hue, then blue, then red, and on and on. It’s time to think fall camping and fun and these lights really add to the festivities. I already got a set for RV NANA 2!

Check them out by clicking this link right HERE!

Winegard Rayzor HD TV Antennas





We talk a lot about the outdoor activities you can participate in in this RV Life, places you can go and enjoy nature, different routes you can take to get there and the like. But what about when it’s raining or nasty outside? What about if you just want to curl up an veg on the settee for a little while, switch that mind to autopilot and just relax? What if you want to go in the RV, hide from your spouse and kids and watch a little TV? Well, we’ve got the perfect HD TV antenna for y’all to try out! They’re inexpensive, way cheaper than a new cable box and can be used in the camper or RV just as easily as in your home!

The Rayzor Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna has an approximate range of 70 miles, it is phenominally simple to install and believe it or not I have one in one of my guest bedrooms upstairs and it is terrific!! For a room that gets used maybe 6 times a year, the Rayzor is a much better deal than a new cable box. These antenna’s are made to be repositioned too, so if you have on in your Rv it is very simple to move the antenna for maximum reception. All you have to do after repositioning the antenna is to run a channel scan and you’ll be amazed at how many you can pick up, and how far away they are. These antennas even mount to windows! Just think of them the way you do your cel phone, chance are where you phone works best, the antenna will too. Oh, and since these antennas are flat, the “sides” of them get the least reception, so point that big flat area towards your signal.

If you’re interested is easy, portable HD TV coverage, click right here for details and happy relaxing!



Scott Wylie/Flickr Creative Commons

When we were in Matagorda Friday camping at the LCRA nature center and RV park, we saw the most beautiful stars we have seen since visiting he McDonald observatory in the Davis mountains. The sky was so clear and there was very little white light to distract from the beauty of the stars. The kids used the star gazer app to settle the battles over who named the stars correctly. Nothing better than the RV lifestyle. Beautiful stars, s’mores over an open fire and time with grandkids…priceless. So today I thought we could get a little “techy” and talk about some astronomy apps that’ll help identify what exactly it is that you’re looking at when you’re gazing up at a beautiful night’s sky!

One of the neatest apps is Starmap, available for iPhones. It displays suggestions for where to look and what’s available in YOUR night sky at that current time. It also dims the display and images are in red so as not to ruin your night vision! It is available for purchase and download here, and only costs $4.99.

Another great app  for Android and iPhone is the SkySafari 3. It has images from the Hubble Telescope as well as images from NASA and actually comes with a subscription to SkyWeek magazine. It covers the planets in our solar system as well as their moons, displays maps of the sky with constellations, and is on $3.49. You can download it on iOs here, or Android here.

If you are a true beginner to stargazing and know little about what’s up there in the night sky, then Pocket Universe might be the app for you. You can literally point your phone at a star  and it will make suggestions as to what you’re looking at based on the time, date, and GPS location of your phone. It can also quiz you on what you’ve seen to help reinforce you memory from night to night. It is available on iPhones, and you can purchase it for $2.99 and download it here.

One of the best things about the RV Life is getting out of town, a close second is being able to answer your grandkids questions like you knew the answer all along!!

Oxygenics Shower Heads

photo from pplmotorhomes.com

photo from pplmotorhomes.com

We’ve all had those tropical-style Texas summer days, and more of them are coming. Hot, humid, sweat-soaked days where all you want to do at the end of it is step into a hot relaxing shower. Of course water tanks being sized the way they are in the RV, those marathon showers aren’t too practical. So I’ve been on the hunt for ways to make the shower run more efficiently for quite a while. Then I stumbled on the Oxygenics shower head. Their advertising claims that the shower head reduces water consumption AS WELL AS increases water pressure. Oxygenics also state that the head won’t clog from mineral deposits, and the usual easy-to-install, carefully engineered use of specialized plastics bullet points you read in advertising.

Well I’m here to tell you, I got one and I’m not sure I want to RV without mine! The pressure is noticeably higher than the stock shower nozzle and a by-product of that higher pressure is the ability to knock the soap and shampoo off quicker, which of course would require less water. Nothing is worse than trying to rinse off under a trickle of soft water and feeling like you can never get the soap off your body and the shampoo out of your hair. Even if your water is soft, at the least the pressure will help blast the soap residue off of you. It also lived up to the easy to install claim, as well as the anti-clogging function, as well as being very very inexpensive. I paid around $30 for mine! Now we carry them at PPL Motorhomes.com and are happy to report that our customers are quite satisfied with theirs as well. So if you’d like to add some efficiency and luxury to your shower, click the link below and shower in comfort!

Oxygenics Shower Heads

How many AC’s are enough in TX?


brykmantra, Flikr Creative Commons

I was bragging in the last blog about how great Texas is, singing the whole “Texas Is Bigger And Better” song, and then it got so coastal this week. Hot, humid, rainy, and condensation inside the windows all over town. While I’m grateful the state is getting welcome moisture this year, as well as our spring being an actual season this time instead of just the usual footnote-sized blip of nice weather, today was the day that air conditioning became one of those major priorities.
So I decided I really wanted to do an entire blog article on keeping your cool in the summer heat.  We have a wide selection of AC units in stock on the website and it’s definitely that time of year where we’re subtly changing from Almost Summer to Full-Blown Summer, so if you haven’t had the AC serviced yet or if it’s not keeping your RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel properly comfortable it may be worthwhile to check with the manufacturer or in the manual to see if your RV is pre-wired for a second AC unit. Many of them are, and in Texas heat that second AC can make a difference between a wonderful RV vacation and one that is simply tolerable.
Of course, RV Nana happens to like the second AC unit for more than just the cool.  When we had our fifth wheel, it was so nice to turn on the AC unit up front above the bed and take a nap or let that fan on the bedroom unit lull you to sleep.  I have even been known to turn on the AC fan in the dead of winter just to have the noise! If you’re like me and you prefer that cool breeze and sleep inducing hum, please swing by the website and we’ll do our best to help make your summer more comfortable!

MaxxAir Vents

http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-vents/31-1919.htmAs I’ve mentioned previously, we have four seasons here in Texas: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and then when all that is finished we get to have August.

Right now, we’re in that portion of the year that’s best described as Almost Summer… we’re starting to get those warm afternoons here in Texas, the kind that never seem to stay long enough, and are quickly replaced with sweltering heat and humidity. With the warmer weather approaching, there are nights when the air conditioner is off and, depending on where you’re parked, the windows are open. Isn’t that nice? Yes it is, but it can get a little stuffy if there’s no breeze.

Allow me to introduce a line of air vents by MaxxAir. They are made of sturdy High Density Polyethylene with added maximum UV Protection. The standard models have a mounting system that prevents leakage of rain water into the RV, while at the same time allowing hot air, cooking smells, smoke, or musty storage odors to escape the RV. They fit onto the standard 14 inch square roof openings, and come in four common colors: Translucent White, Smoke Tint, Almond, Silver, and Champagne.

The updated MaxxAir II line of vents comes in the same popular color choices and size, but features a more streamlined, hinged housing. Not only that but the actual vent opening is doubled to allow more air to pass through while retaining that same water tight seal on the top of your RV. The hinged housing allows for quicker and easier access for cleaning, and this model can be installed over a high powered ventilator fan where the Standard model is not recommended for use with fans. Both models install easily without tools and are covered by a 6 year warranty.

So if your RV retains heat during those summer days, or smells stale and musty after winter storage, add a MaxxAir vent to the roof and breath that clean, fresh air! Visit our website to purchase yours!

Spring Cleaning: Water Filters!

Springtime is the perfect time to change your water filters on your RV.  In fact, I make it part of my spring cleaning.  If you are a weekend warrior in your RV, there is a good chance that you only need to change the filter once a year.  On the other hand, if you are living in your RV full time it may require changing two or three times a year.
Water filtering is important not only from the standpoint of having clean, clear, great tasting water, but also because so many appliances and fixtures in your RV have moving parts that come in contact with the water. To add to that, some of your fixtures have small orifices that can easily become clogged by sand, heavy minerals, or sediment in the water supply. Let’s face it, when we’re out camping or enjoying a remote RV Park or campsite, the water supply sometimes isn’t the absolute best. So to keep from having to make costly plumbing repairs, filtering the incoming water supply is so much easier and less expensive even if you’re changing filters fairly regularly.
What are some indicators that it might be past time to change those filters? One of the surest signs is reduced flow. You know better than anyone how much water flows through the tap on an average day. When it takes longer to fill that water glass or if you’re washing dishes in the sink and it takes forever to fill up, your filters are more than likely are getting clogged. One way to help prevent clogging up those filters too quickly is to not use the clear supply hoses, because they can build up algae when they’re sitting out in the sun full of water waiting for the tap to turn.
Now that spring has sprung and the driving season is upon on us, swing by PPL Motorhomes.com for all your filtration needs!

That Retro Style!

Recreational Vehicles are around 105 years old, and with that amount of time comes a variety of change in styles, purpose built vehicles, as well as changes in plain old everyday philosophy. The good news about all those changes is that these days you can more or less choose  to decorate, convert, or modify an RV to suit a particular period of RV’ing. Some folks go full retro 50’s kitsch, some folks prefer a more “glamping” style of luxurious modern appointments that have the classic antique look, while others prefer that old-school utilitarian look. The options for decorating are as limitless as you allow them to be.

Of course if you choose to pursue a decorating style from the past you will have to decide if you want to track down and purchase actual antique or vintage equipment which is generally fairly expensive, hard to find, fragile, and irreplaceable. One of the benefits of today’s interest in classic styling is that today’s manufactures are creating current production items that represent those looks of yesteryear while maintaining modern functionality. For example, we offer sets of vintage style crockery (see photo below):



Getting that look from the past is quite an individual pursuit and also one that’s also very gratifying. There’s nothing quite like having a recreational vehicle that stands out from the herd, above the rest, and does so in a classy way. Even if you’re part-timing the RV, or more especially if you live in your vehicle year-round, you want it to reflect your individual sense of taste and style. When folks come visiting and they feel transported to another time and place, it makes for a great evening.

Please feel free to come visit us at PPL MOtorhomes.com and peruse our online catalogue for those vintage-flavored item, we’re always glad to see y’all, and happier to see y’all pleased with your purchases!

“Dear Deer Camp, We’re Looking Forward To Bringing Our RV”

Whitetail Buck. photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-tailed_deer#mediaviewer/File:Wtdfishwild.jpg

Growing up in a family of hunters was truly a gift. Going to deer camp when I was little was a privilege and a great time to spend with my family out in nature. It didn’t matter as much back then whether or not we brought home the big buck, as long as we got to spend some time outdoors in the fantastic Texas Fall weather. The smell of wet pecan leaves in the morning mixed in with some crisp air always brings me back to that little deer camp outside Weimer, TX.

What I don’t miss, however, was how uncomfortable it could get at times. My father preferred to take a boat cushion and sit under a tree all morning and again in the late afternoon. My butt used to get so flat, and my legs so stiff from having to sit still for hours at a time! After a few outings, I elected to stay back at camp to wait to see if the day blessed us with a gift from brother deer. OK, really, the truth is that I wasn’t allowed to go back out to the deer blind because on one occasion, as my father took aim, I blurted out, “DON’T KILL BAMBI, DADDY!” Yup, that was the last time he let me tag along. Hey, what else would you expect from a little girl who loved Disney?

As I grew up and married an avid hunter, we’d bring the RV along with us. Of course, when I went with him he did hunting and  campfire cooking and I was always the one to go grocery shopping and get things ready to cook. I always looked for ways to make the trips a little easier without losing the adventure, so I thought I’d share some items with y’all today that might help your deer camp be just a little bit more comfortable.


As y’all know, sometimes deer season comes during a warm spell here in Texas, and what better way to enjoy your hunt than by bringing an Igloo Cooler/Backpack Combo? It comes in Realtree™ camo to blend in with your gear, but don’t set this thing down or you may not find it again!

Deezee Game Hoist. photo from: http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/recliners-chairs/deezee-game-hoist.jpg

Of course, there are never any guarantees when you are out in the field, but you have to think and prepare that you will have successful day. So when you do bring that buck back to camp, try one of our hitch mounted game hoists from Deezee. It mounts to the standard class III hitches, is rated to 300 lbs, and will extend to 90+” above the hitch center. If you need more height than that in Texas, you REALLY just need a camera and the Guinness World Records Officials to visit your camp because you bagged a MONSTER.

Now, these are just two of a myriad of other items PPL Motorhomes stocks for our hunting clientele. Our goal is to always make things a little easier for you without taking all the fun out of “roughing it.” Best of luck to you this fall! Above all stay safe and comfortable out there in the wild, and remember before you hit the road, hit up our website for all your RV and camping needs!

MaxxAir Low Profile Deluxe Vent

MaxxAir keeps The RV Nana 2 cool!

MaxxAir keeps the RV Nana 2 nice and cool!

Some folks say we have four seasons here in Texas: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and then when all that is finished we get to have August. Yay!

Right now, we’re in that portion of the year that’s sandwiched in between August and Almost Summer…we’re starting to get those cool evenings here in Texas, the kind that never seem to stay long enough. With the “cooler” weather here, there are nights when the AC is off and, depending on where we’re parked, the windows are open. Isn’t that nice? Yes it is, but it can get a little stuffy if there’s no breeze.


Before installation.

Which brings me to the MaxxAir Low Profile Deluxe Vent. This is a complete package ventilation system! It combines roof vent, fan, thermostat, intake, and exhaust, and depending on model, it’s remote operated. The remote allows control for opening and closing, temperature controls, fan speed, etc. The 12V fan runs quietly on sealed bearings, is fuse protected, has 10 separate speeds, and circulates 900 cubic feet of air per minute! The remote operated vent fits into a standard 14×14″ roof opening fitted to most RV’s. If you choose a model that is not remote operated, then there is a keypad on the fan itself for controlling all functions. There is an insect screen which is very simple to remove for cleaning with no tools needed.



So with these beautiful cool evenings we are currently experiencing, now is the perfect time to get those vent systems automated! Click link below for details:

MaxxAir Low Profile Deluxe Vent


… and closed.

What do y’all think of remote operated RV systems? What would you like to see offered with a remote controlled option? Drop a line in the comment section below and tell us about it. We’re always on the lookout for new products to offer. Don’t forget to swing by PPL Motorhomes before you hit the road for any items you may need!