Spring Cleaning: Water Filters!

Springtime is the perfect time to change your water filters on your RV.  In fact, I make it part of my spring cleaning.  If you are a weekend warrior in your RV, there is a good chance that you only need to change the filter once a year.  On the other hand, if you are living in your RV full time it may require changing two or three times a year.
Water filtering is important not only from the standpoint of having clean, clear, great tasting water, but also because so many appliances and fixtures in your RV have moving parts that come in contact with the water. To add to that, some of your fixtures have small orifices that can easily become clogged by sand, heavy minerals, or sediment in the water supply. Let’s face it, when we’re out camping or enjoying a remote RV Park or campsite, the water supply sometimes isn’t the absolute best. So to keep from having to make costly plumbing repairs, filtering the incoming water supply is so much easier and less expensive even if you’re changing filters fairly regularly.
What are some indicators that it might be past time to change those filters? One of the surest signs is reduced flow. You know better than anyone how much water flows through the tap on an average day. When it takes longer to fill that water glass or if you’re washing dishes in the sink and it takes forever to fill up, your filters are more than likely are getting clogged. One way to help prevent clogging up those filters too quickly is to not use the clear supply hoses, because they can build up algae when they’re sitting out in the sun full of water waiting for the tap to turn.
Now that spring has sprung and the driving season is upon on us, swing by PPL Motorhomes.com for all your filtration needs!

That Retro Style!

Recreational Vehicles are around 105 years old, and with that amount of time comes a variety of change in styles, purpose built vehicles, as well as changes in plain old everyday philosophy. The good news about all those changes is that these days you can more or less choose  to decorate, convert, or modify an RV to suit a particular period of RV’ing. Some folks go full retro 50’s kitsch, some folks prefer a more “glamping” style of luxurious modern appointments that have the classic antique look, while others prefer that old-school utilitarian look. The options for decorating are as limitless as you allow them to be.

Of course if you choose to pursue a decorating style from the past you will have to decide if you want to track down and purchase actual antique or vintage equipment which is generally fairly expensive, hard to find, fragile, and irreplaceable. One of the benefits of today’s interest in classic styling is that today’s manufactures are creating current production items that represent those looks of yesteryear while maintaining modern functionality. For example, we offer sets of vintage style crockery (see photo below):



Getting that look from the past is quite an individual pursuit and also one that’s also very gratifying. There’s nothing quite like having a recreational vehicle that stands out from the herd, above the rest, and does so in a classy way. Even if you’re part-timing the RV, or more especially if you live in your vehicle year-round, you want it to reflect your individual sense of taste and style. When folks come visiting and they feel transported to another time and place, it makes for a great evening.

Please feel free to come visit us at PPL MOtorhomes.com and peruse our online catalogue for those vintage-flavored item, we’re always glad to see y’all, and happier to see y’all pleased with your purchases!

“Dear Deer Camp, We’re Looking Forward To Bringing Our RV”

Whitetail Buck. photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-tailed_deer#mediaviewer/File:Wtdfishwild.jpg

Growing up in a family of hunters was truly a gift. Going to deer camp when I was little was a privilege and a great time to spend with my family out in nature. It didn’t matter as much back then whether or not we brought home the big buck, as long as we got to spend some time outdoors in the fantastic Texas Fall weather. The smell of wet pecan leaves in the morning mixed in with some crisp air always brings me back to that little deer camp outside Weimer, TX.

What I don’t miss, however, was how uncomfortable it could get at times. My father preferred to take a boat cushion and sit under a tree all morning and again in the late afternoon. My butt used to get so flat, and my legs so stiff from having to sit still for hours at a time! After a few outings, I elected to stay back at camp to wait to see if the day blessed us with a gift from brother deer. OK, really, the truth is that I wasn’t allowed to go back out to the deer blind because on one occasion, as my father took aim, I blurted out, “DON’T KILL BAMBI, DADDY!” Yup, that was the last time he let me tag along. Hey, what else would you expect from a little girl who loved Disney?

As I grew up and married an avid hunter, we’d bring the RV along with us. Of course, when I went with him he did hunting and  campfire cooking and I was always the one to go grocery shopping and get things ready to cook. I always looked for ways to make the trips a little easier without losing the adventure, so I thought I’d share some items with y’all today that might help your deer camp be just a little bit more comfortable.


As y’all know, sometimes deer season comes during a warm spell here in Texas, and what better way to enjoy your hunt than by bringing an Igloo Cooler/Backpack Combo? It comes in Realtree™ camo to blend in with your gear, but don’t set this thing down or you may not find it again!

Deezee Game Hoist. photo from: http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/recliners-chairs/deezee-game-hoist.jpg

Of course, there are never any guarantees when you are out in the field, but you have to think and prepare that you will have successful day. So when you do bring that buck back to camp, try one of our hitch mounted game hoists from Deezee. It mounts to the standard class III hitches, is rated to 300 lbs, and will extend to 90+” above the hitch center. If you need more height than that in Texas, you REALLY just need a camera and the Guinness World Records Officials to visit your camp because you bagged a MONSTER.

Now, these are just two of a myriad of other items PPL Motorhomes stocks for our hunting clientele. Our goal is to always make things a little easier for you without taking all the fun out of “roughing it.” Best of luck to you this fall! Above all stay safe and comfortable out there in the wild, and remember before you hit the road, hit up our website for all your RV and camping needs!

MaxxAir Low Profile Deluxe Vent

MaxxAir keeps The RV Nana 2 cool!

MaxxAir keeps the RV Nana 2 nice and cool!

Some folks say we have four seasons here in Texas: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and then when all that is finished we get to have August. Yay!

Right now, we’re in that portion of the year that’s sandwiched in between August and Almost Summer…we’re starting to get those cool evenings here in Texas, the kind that never seem to stay long enough. With the “cooler” weather here, there are nights when the AC is off and, depending on where we’re parked, the windows are open. Isn’t that nice? Yes it is, but it can get a little stuffy if there’s no breeze.


Before installation.

Which brings me to the MaxxAir Low Profile Deluxe Vent. This is a complete package ventilation system! It combines roof vent, fan, thermostat, intake, and exhaust, and depending on model, it’s remote operated. The remote allows control for opening and closing, temperature controls, fan speed, etc. The 12V fan runs quietly on sealed bearings, is fuse protected, has 10 separate speeds, and circulates 900 cubic feet of air per minute! The remote operated vent fits into a standard 14×14″ roof opening fitted to most RV’s. If you choose a model that is not remote operated, then there is a keypad on the fan itself for controlling all functions. There is an insect screen which is very simple to remove for cleaning with no tools needed.



So with these beautiful cool evenings we are currently experiencing, now is the perfect time to get those vent systems automated! Click link below for details:

MaxxAir Low Profile Deluxe Vent


… and closed.

What do y’all think of remote operated RV systems? What would you like to see offered with a remote controlled option? Drop a line in the comment section below and tell us about it. We’re always on the lookout for new products to offer. Don’t forget to swing by PPL Motorhomes before you hit the road for any items you may need!

HDTV Antennas for your RV Tailgate Party

Saturday is almost here folks, and this time of year Saturday brings with it a huge dose of college football! All across America people are firing up their grills, rolling out the awning, getting out the face paint, and getting ready for a tailgate party. And to top of an awesome tailgate party you’ll need TV, and guests these days expect that TV to be in HD!

Dish TV Tailgater photo from: http://news.discovery.com/tech/satellite-tv-carrier-dishes-out-portable-antenna-110916.htm

Dish TV Tailgater photo from: http://news.discovery.com/tech/satellite-tv-carrier-dishes-out-portable-antenna-110916.htm

In order to tune into your favorite teams and not miss a minute of the action, you are going to need a reliable satellite system. One of the best tailgating satellite dishes currently on the market is the Tailgater Portable Satellite HDTV System. It’s easy to carry in the RV, bringing live satellite TV to all of your favorite outdoor pastimes and, weighing in at only 10 pounds, you won’t be weighing your RV down with excessive poundage. The DISH TV Tailgater was designed in conjunction with DISH Network. It’s automatic, it’s portable and it will provide quick and easy access to a a more than generous selection of  your favorite premium HD channels.

What do you get with the DISH TV Tailgater? Two easy to set up pieces:  the Tailgater Satellite Antenna, a HD Solo Receiver and a 110v AC power supply. You can add it to your home DISH Network service or, if you prefer,  try the ‘pay-as-you-go’ service option with no start-stop fees, which is an added bonus for part time RVers.

How easy is it to set up? Let’s put it this way: you probably could have done it in the time it took to read this paragraph. Just connect the single coaxial cable between the antenna and the receiver and just like that you’re done. That’s pretty much it for setting up the system.

Additional power or control cables are not needed. Given that most RVs already have a portable satellite antenna input, connecting the Tailgater to the receiver inside an RV is pretty much a “no-brainer.” Just follow the instructions in the manual.

Once you have connected your devices, follow the instructions that will be displayed on screen. Seeing as I can be electronically challenged at times, I find that one of the nicest things about the Tailgater is that it will automatically find satellite locations for your DISH Network programming. Then once you’re finished watching and want to start really celebrating you team’s victory, simply power down the Tailgater and receiver, disconnect the cables, and pack it up. It’s that simple.

Click the link below to order:

Tailgater HDTV Antenna system

If you have used one of these systems, please leave a comment below and let us know how your party went! If you need one, you know where to get it… PPL Motorhomes!


It’s that time of year y’all! Summer’s just about over, the first little cool spells are getting closer and closer (fingers crossed!), and that means football season is here! I was thinking about this coming weekend – the Longhorns are playing UCLA up in Dallas, the Aggies are taking on Rice over in Bryan, and we’re supposed to get a little front that’ll knock the edge off this heat – so what better way to enjoy yourself than throwing a tailgater?

We have a couple items that will for sure help set the party tone, so imagine this:

You have the awning out on the RV, you have the grill going, you have your beverages iced down in the cooler, the portable HDTV satellite antennae is out, the flatscreen TV is fired up, and the sun is going down. What are you going to do when it gets dark? Turn on the floodlights? That puts glare on the TV! How about some LED strips for your awning?


We have Carefree Universal Awning Light Kits perfect your your RV! They’re wireless, dimmable, come with a remote, and you can trim them to custom length! You can choose white, or any of 15 other colors, and for that true party atmosphere these things strobe, flash, or fade so you can feel like a superstar as you’re doing your victory dance when your team scores!


Of course if you’re gonna be out enjoying yourself under the awning this fall, we have covers from Awning Pro-Tec that will keep your awning looking good, and in great condition. They are simple to install as well as being UV, wind, and water resistant…plus they will greatly increase the life of your awning fabric.

What’s your Game Day tailgating tradition? Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us about it. As always, please visit PPL Motorhomes for all your Rv related Game Day needs!

Protect Your Electronics!

No one likes getting caught in storms, especially when you’re in your RV. Storms can make you feel like your being tossed around like a rag doll. But there’s more danger during a storm than just the wind, you’ve got to be careful and protect yourself from lightning surges, too. A surge in electricity can short out everything in your RV, your TV, computer, lights, and appliances. No one wants to replace a refrigerator unless absolutely needed. The bill for a new refrigerator can run you up in the thousands!

But that’s not all you have to worry about, you’ve got to protect yourself from poorly wired electrical connections at your RV campsites. Some that are poorly maintained can surge without warning and have you RVing in the dark in no time. Luckily enough, we carry a line of surge protectors that save you from losing your electronics. Surge Guard protectors are made for 30 amp and 50 amp connectors, so you can carry one with you wherever you go!

Beware of the pedestal! Inconsistent power at RV campsites can cause significant damage to your expensive electronic components. Check out the quality of shoreline power with the Surge Guard Surge Protectors, minimizing potential conditions that can damage equipment.

  • Identifies faulty park power plus offers the indicated Joules of surge protection.
  • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power.
  • Indicators illuminate to show power status.
  • Tests for and indicates:
    • Open ground
    • Open neutral
    • Correct polarity

Model 44750 is a 30 amp portable surge protector with Ground Fault interrupt.

  • Automatically shuts off the power when ground faults are present
  • Requires manual reset after a ground fault.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Convenient plug disconnect handles.
  • Most economically priced protection.
  • 510 Joules of power surge protection

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.20.59 PM

Enjoy Labor Day In Style

Labor Day is just around the corner and you don’t want to be caught without the best accessories that makes your life a heck of a lot easier. There’s nothing like spending a 3-day weekend out on the lake, with some friends, with a cooler of your favorite drinks. We’ve got a nifty new product from Dometic that would be perfect for your Labor Day weekend, or any other weekend, for that matter! They manufacturer a portable electric cooler/warmer that keeps food and drinks at the temperature you set. Can you think of a time when you’ve needed to keep your food warm? I can! We cook hamburgers and hot dogs often and instead of letting them sit out and get cold, forcing us reheat them by turning the grill back on, we keep them in one of these cooler/heaters so the kids can come and go as they please and enjoy a hot lunch whenever they can pull themselves away from the lake. It uses no ice and operates on a 12 or 24 volt DC. If you want to use it in the house or on the go, it also comes with a 120-volt AC adapter. It keeps cold food between 32ºF to 60ºF and hot foods 118ºF to 150ºF. These coolers/heaters are ideal for RVing, camping, tailgating, picnics, potlucks, office, dorm rooms or commercial trucks.  Check out some of these great features!

  • Seven-stage temperature regulation for cooling and heating.
  • Memory function saves most recent setting.
  • Power-Save circuitry switches on when desired temperature is reached for energy efficiency.
  • Easy to read LED temperature display.
  • Membrane keypad protects electronics from dust and moisture.
  • Easy-access detachable lid with magnetic lock and sturdy fold-away handle.
  • Polyurethane foam insulation and durable, lightweight injection molded body.
  • 33 liter capacity.(1.17 cuft)
  • Dimensions: 18 1/2″H x 21 5/8″W x 14 7/8″D
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs.

Check out the Dometic Portable Electric Cooler/Heater!

Save $25 On A New RV Toilet!

Don’t avoid it, you know you need a new one, you just don’t want to admit it. Your RV toilet needs to be replaced. The one you’ve got is leaky and cracked, causing spills and messes that you don’t want to clean up. Luckily enough, we’ve got a rebate coupon that’s good for our Thetford RV Toilets. So you can finally get your RV a new one! Take your pic of one of the 7 models we have and fill out a form and you’ll save $25!

Aqua Magic Residence

Aqua Magic Residence is Thetford’s premium lightweight toilet – and the type of innovation that you’ve come to expect from the RV industry’s only maker of lightweight RV toilets for nearly 50 years! These toilets are made of lightweight composite materials and the high quality constuction uses polymer welding technology that increases strength and durability.

Aria Classic

All the luxury of Aria DeLuxe II in a pedal-flush model that needs no electrical hookup. Elongated full residential-size seat and china bowl.

Aria DeLuxe II

The permanent RV toilet, Aria Deluxe II, is a new classic in sculptured China! The aria deluxe II is a permanent RV toilet that has a One-touch Walk-Away electric flush! Fingertip convenience — just press to flush and walk away! Pulsating flush provides superior wash down and quiet performance. Uses about half as much water per flush as other brands.

Aqua Magic V

The Thetford Aqua Magic V is the most popular RV toilet product in North America. The Aqua Magic V is an economical choice and a solid, day-after-day performer. This RV toilet is available with dual-hand or convenient dual-foot pedal operations. This model is also available in high (17-2/5″) or low (12-9/10″) profiles to fit your specific space requirements.


The Bravura RV Toilet by Thetford is a stylish unit that can be used to replace most motor home, travel trailer, or 5th wheel toilets. The Bravura Toilet has a new sleek design that will give your RV added style that many RVers will appreciate.

Aqua Magic Style Plus

A truly beautiful china-bowl home-style replacement for almost any RV toilet on the road. Powerful full bowl flush coverage. Anti-microbial seat inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold. Taller seat height for greater convenience. Optional water saver. High-profile seat height is 17-1/8″, low is 13-1/4″.

Aqua Magic Style II

Combines luxury and economy with a homelike china bowl for a stylish upgrade. Thetford’s lightest china-bowl toilet ever! Features a single-pedal flush. High profile seat height is 17-1/8″. Low profile seat height is 13-1/4″. Available in White or Bone.


A Few Items To Make Your Life Easier

I’m always looking for way to make my life easier when I’m out on the road. If it’s something that will save me a little bit of time or an inch of space, I’m all about it. You should see my kitchen, I’ve got all of the space-saving Tupperware containers and more collapsible containers than any family would ever need. My theory is that when you’re out on the road, you have a limited amount of space and if you can find a way to maximize that space with special gadgets, then go for it. It’ll be worth it in the end because you can carry more stuff with you and enjoy your time out on a campsite with your family. Here are a few great ideas for your RV to save a little space and time.


You know those plastic bags you get at the grocery store? The ones that you’ve kept and stuffed in a cabinet somewhere? Well, now you can take them with you next time you head out for a vacation. Your RV has a limited amount of room and the BagSavr+ is designed with space in mind. They are designed to use those grocery bags as normal garbage bags. Since you don’t have the room to put a full sized trash can in your RV, you can mount these on the wall and save floor space in the process. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons of plastic grocery bags that I’ve been saving up for something, but now I can actually use them!





Collapsible Broom

Your storage space is limited and you should always carry a broom with you. If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know you’ll end up with sand all over the place inside your RV. Or, if you travel with kids, you know that the floors will always end up dirty with cereal, mud and whatever else they track in from outside. Keep this handy collapsible broom close by and you’ll keep your RV’s floors clean and dirt free.


What do you use to save space in your RV?