Toilet Upgrade?

Now this may be one subject y’all may not have expected to be reading about this morning, but I have had some questions lately from customers about what they can do to upgrade their RV’s either for their own comfort, from the standpoint of increasing resale value, or doing some inexpensive upgrades to help decrease the amount of time their RV is on consignment. A lot of folks skip the lav area…other than making sure it’s clean.

Thetford Aqua Magic STYLE PLUS Toilets

Thetford Aqua Magic STYLE PLUS Toilets

If you own an RV that’s 10 years old or older, chances are that installing a new toilet is just what the doctor ordered. Not only does it allow you an opportunity to change the seat height if needed, and if you’re getting older that is a surprisingly helpful option. Let’s talk about seat height for a minute. Have you ever had that stiff back first thing in the morning? Maybe you didn’t stretch before playing 18 holes the day before, or maybe you spent a fair bit of time walking on concrete, or maybe that mattress just isn’t as supportive as it used to be. Well, having a higher seat will prevent you from wincing as much when you have to sit down in the lav. On the other hand if you’re traveling with young children and having a higher seat isn’s as important to your age group, installing a lower seat will help prevent…um, accidents with your kiddos.

If some of you have the older style blade-and-seal style toilets, you know how sometimes toilet paper can get caught in that groove that the blade goes into. Well, if you upgrade to these more modern styles that particular problem will go away. The ball and seal on these newer models do wear, but you won’t have to get after them with a screwdriver at the most inopportune times to clear a jam! If you’re interested in checking these new toilets out, more information can be found HERE.

Take a Step Up!

step-stool-yellow kwikee-quadra-step

There are those days, and sometimes those parking situations, where a little help making that first step up into the camper or RV is greatly appreciated! Y’all have probably been there too: managed to park perfectly over that pothole so now the last step down onto the ground is almost twice the length it used to be. Pretty dangerous when you think about it, especially in the dark! So one of the ways to mitigate that problem is either carrying a small folding stool with you, or mounting those retractable step that you can extend when needed. It just depends on what kind of gear you’re camping in as to what you need, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The folding stool needs no introduction, everyone has seen one in there Mama’s kitchen or out in Dad’s workshop. Their advantage is their portability, lightweight, and overall handiness. I mean you can sit on one next to the campfire, use one to step down from the RV, step up to reach something in the top cabinets, as well as use them to help out during maintenance. The disadvantage is that they need a fairly large area of fairly flat surface otherwise they tip over, and take you with them.

As for the retractable step, they are amazing! They’re very sturdy, rigidly mounted to the entrance door area of your camper or RV, they come in various sizes to fit various uses, and most of all they are always there when you need them. The disadvantage, of course, is they’re only able to be used in one spot…and if you’re independent like me…the other disadvantage is asking your son-in-law to help you get them mounted to the RV, I prefer doing things myself!

Both styles are beneficial, and help solve some fairly unique problems, so my suggestion is to have both available for all those “what-ifs” that seem to pop up. And why not? The retractable steps fold up and out of the way under the chassis, and the folding stool obviously folds up and you can stow them out of the way next to the fridge or where ever it fits in your own situation. Both styles can be researched, priced, and admired right HERE. Adding a step to your RV beats adding a limp to your life! Love y’all, Nana.

New Year, New You, New Resolutions

donireewalker/Flickr Creative Commons

OK, everyone makes resolutions of some kind.  Some are simple and easily attainable while others are over the top.  I’m one of those who makes simple attainable resolutions.  This year, mine was to spend more time doing special things for others.  It could be as simple as waving “good morning” to one more driver on my morning commute, to making dinner for my neighbor, to volunteering at a woman’s shelter…the opportunities are virtually endless. The way I look at it is, that if have ANY chance to bring a smile to someone’s face, I’m going to take it. Not only might it make their day better, but it certainly makes mine better.

Now, although I only made one resolution, I did commit to traveling more in 2016.  Actually, I jumped right into the new year and started making plans for some great getaways in my RV.  In fact, I have already been on MANY of the reservation websites to start making my reservations.  As many of you already know, RV parks are not like hotels,  you cannot find one on every corner in an area, so you have to make your research and make reservations early.  Most of mine are short weekend getaways, but at least I have them on the calendar.  Even though I may have to forfeit one, or two during the year, at least I have them planned  now and am looking forward to every trip!

Here’s the thing with how I approach planning an RV trip. If I just cannot decide what to do, or where to go, I simply check out the newest addition of the Texas Association of Campground Owners park guide. It is a must have for making plans.  Check them out online, or contact them and they’ll send you out a free issue of their park guide.

Now get out your calendar and make time to have some family fun!!  See you on the road!

New Mattress for the RV!

You know I always hear people saying how wonderful it is to get home and sleep in their own bed.  I always chuckle when I hear this because the best night’s sleep I ever got was in the queen size bed in our Montana 5th wheel.  I never understood what made that mattress so wonderful.  Was it the mattress?  It was a replacement mattress we had purchased shortly after buying the RV.  Was it the AC humming above our heads?  Was it the temperature in the RV?  Or was it just the fact that when I was sleeping in the RV bed and I was out somewhere enjoying this wonderful lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of my everyday life at PPL was somewhat forgotten?

All of these things contributed to that great night’s sleep, but the mattress really did make a huge contribution to my enjoying my trips away.  A mattress is a personal purchase.  Everyone has their own likes or dislikes.  Soft or Firm?  Pillow Top, or standard?  One thing I do know is that when you find that perfect mattress, you will do everything in your power to replicate that sleep experience.  In fact, we even went so far as to order the exact same name brand mattress for our home, but it never felt the same.  I guess, in my case, it really is that wonderful RV lifestyle experience that gave me a great night’s sleep.


Denver Mattress Euro Top-Short Queen

As much as I want too, I’m not gonna jump up and down with a fist full of cash hollering about what great savings you’re getting, but this is, hands down a great deal on a truly great mattress that really will give you a wonderful night’s rest. Heck, sometimes when I’m at home I sometimes think about just going out and spending the night in my RV.

So, if that standard RV mattress just isn’t cutting it and you want to actually get some comfortable sleep while RVing, swing by the website right here and take a gander at the pure comfort yourself! As always, before you hit the road, hit us up on the website – we’d be glad to help wherever we can!

Remodel Your RV For Consignment

Before putting your RV on consignment with PPL Motorhomes, maybe you should consider a re-model first? A little facelift will help your RV sell much quicker. Take for example the video below. It’s a 1978 Winnebago, I believe, and it went from Brady Bunch to Posh pad with what appears to be some significant changes which required very little effort. You’d be surprised what a fresh splash of paint would can do to completely change the mood of your RV’s interior space. Check out the video for a really nice before and after tour.

Installing a new toilet, cabinets,  a new stove, new flooring, all of which will raise the value of an RV that you maybe considering putting on consignment. Approach your RV remodel as you would if you were doing a remodel to a home you were prepping for sale. Change out obviously worn interior appointments that aren’t visually appealing. Obviously, you don’t want to sink too much money into it, but it has to look nice and be up to date with modern appliances. As luck would have it, PPL Motorhomes has a huge selection of products to enhance the interior and exterior of your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel. Plus, we have the knowledgeable staff to help you through your remolding venture. They will be quick to answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve done a bathroom remodel, or an entire RV interior overhaul, share you experiences with us. Our readers can always use always use the real-life experiences from their RVer community, especially when it involves a major undertaking like a remodel.

“Roughing It” At Deer Camp Courtesy of PPL

Zach Dishner/Flickr Creative Commons

Well folks we’re about halfway through the 2015-2016 Texas White-tail Season, and I reckon some folks have used their tags and some are still waiting for that right buck to come along. In some families, the Dads wander off to deer camp with a couple buddies and they do a weekend here or there. Some families go to deer camp all together and enjoy their time outdoors as a unit. There are upsides and downsides to every scenario, as y’all know, but there is one thing that’ll keep folks coming back to deer camp every year….keep ’em comfortable!

Let’s say you and your buddies are sitting around the campfire tonight. It’s a little chilly, but you have your iron skillet sitting on the fire and you’re grilling up some fresh venison steaks. A couple Lone Stars or Shiners are in coozies scattered about the campsite, and you’re all about to dive into these awesome steaks. Wouldn’t it be nice to just kind of ease your butt up off that cold hard dirt a little bit? We have some great khaki colored camp chairs that come with their own side tables and cup holders! Check them out here!

Another awesome way to keep your seat out of the dirt AND keep the meat cold are these Yukon Coolers with built-in seat cushions. They are available in Realtree or Gameguard if you want to keep the camouflage theme of deer camp going, they’re 50 quart sized, and you can accessorize them with these comfy, no-slip seat cushions that snap on and off. Every decent deer camp worth it’s salt needs a high quality, high capacity cooler and since space is always at a premium, add that seat cushion and make the fridge another camp seat!

We here at PPL Motorhomes enjoy our time outdoors, and it is our hope that we can help you folks enjoy your times as well. Please feel free to give us a shout over at PPL and we’d be glad to help you with any camping or rv’ing accessories you may require!

Decorating Your RV for the Holidays

Now that you’ve had your fill of all of the Thanksgiving leftovers (I don’t even want to hear the word “Turkey”), it’s time to break out those Christmas decorations and decorate that RV for the holidays!

There are a large number of RVers on the roads and occupying their favorite parks during the holidays, including yours truly. I’m starting to notice a wonderful trend among holiday RVers and that’s people decorating their campsites with more and more holiday spirit. It seems that with every passing year, a little more of your grizzled road warriors are softening up and embracing the holiday season with lights, wreaths and even fully decorated tress. It really makes me happy to see and it’s like I was driving into a tiny Christmas village every time I return to my site.

I clearly love Christmas and I love the video below. You can see just how festive you can make your RV regardless of your amount of decorative space.

As you can see in the video, you don’t have to have a giant Class A motorhome, or a titanic Fifth-Wheel with massive amounts of cabin space, you can really liven up any RV with holiday decorations. I actually have a Roadtrek myself, like the folks in the video and I really dress her up with decorations. The craft stores love it when I visit because they know I’m going to buy enough decorations that I’m sure even Mrs. Claus would be proud of! Yes, I have that much fun with it.

So, what is stopping you this year from decorating your RV for the holidays? Heck, if you want to add a little novelty to your  RV Holiday decorations, we have just the thing.  At PPL Motorhomes, we actually sell a few sets of novelty lights that would ad a theme to your holiday decorations. How about a Beach Christmas? Check out the Flamingos and Palm tree light sets! Mix them with your traditional lights outside your RV and have a Hawaiian themed Christmas! And with that, “Mele Kalikimaka”, everyone!

How To Minimize Trailer Sway

Bill and Vicki T/Flickr Creative Commons

How many times have you driven down the highway and watched somebody dragging a trailer along behind them and that poor thing is just swerving left and right like crazy? How many of y’all thought, “Bless their lil’ hearts, they’re going to crash!” Well today I though we could talk a little bit about a few simple steps that will help to prevent that scary fishtailing motion from happening to you!

The main thing you can do is to ensure that your trailer is loaded in a balanced manner. This could be as small a trailer as a little utility trailer with your lawn equipment loaded on board, to a full fifth wheel luxury travel trailer. They all react more or less the same way to an out of balance load…they get unruly. What your looking for ideally is weight on the trailer tongue at the hitch. No so much that the front wheels of the tractor get light, but enough to ensure positive downward pressure on the hitch. In order to do that you need to add the load onto the trailer in such a way you have the center of gravity slightly forward of the trailer axle (or axles). You may have noticed that most of the heavy kitchen equipment is located on or slightly forward of the axle for example.

Another way to help reduce sway is to install a trailer sway control kit to your trailer. This is usually a series of dampers that help reduce a trailer’s oscillations which could also be caused by wind, bow wave of air pushed by eighteen wheelers, or even something as simple as unequally inflated tires. Sway kits are very common, and fairly easy to install. If you don’t feel up to installing one yourself, any competent mechanic can do it for you at a reasonable cost. Oddly enough we feature several sway kits on our website, come check ’em out!

Boost Your Brain Power and RV, Part 1

“Road Meditation” by
Nickolai Kashirin/Flickr Creative Commons

If there’s one thing that we are all universally bound by, it’s time.  With time comes aging, with aging comes some dulling of the senses and, of course, memory. Seeing as even I, RV Nana, can always benefit from a few good tips on ways of keeping my brain at its sharpest and healthiest, I did a little research and collected a few tips on how to boost your brain power. All of these you can do while RVing, and so of course they’re fun!

  • Learn A New Language: Hey, you’re spending hours on the road, why not take some of that time to try learning French, Spanish, or Japanese! Learning a second language can help you process information better and sharpen focus. Apps and DVDs are readily available and in great abundance.
  • Write In Red Ink: A study I remember reading out of a German University stated that the color red “binds” into our memory more than other colors. Whether that’s true or not, it can’ hurt to try, can it? Try doing it with your next “To-Do” list.
  • Play Ping-Pong: I’m serious! The hand-eye coordination that it takes to play a leisurely game of ping-pong is significant enough to activate neurons in the brain that are associated with attention and concentration.
  • Close Your Eyes: Just can’t remember that ___?  Try closing your eyes. That’s right, close your eyes when trying to remember something. When you remove visual distractions, you can focus with more efficiency. Next time you are struggling to remember something, try closing those peepers.
  • Use Your Left Hand: Or, your right if you are left handed. The idea is, that by using your non-dominant hand to do simple tasks through out the day, you challenge your brain to think in a new way and command muscles differently. Try brushing your teeth tonight with your off hand.
  • Lower You Blood Sugar: That’s just a good idea altogether to avoid diabetes. One of the many problems with diabetes is that it puts sufferers at greater risk of dementia. You don’t need the sweet tea ALL of the time.
  • Meditate a little: Taking a moment for yourself everyday is of paramount for greater mental health. Sitting, or laying quietly and relaxing can help your brain release cortisol which can, over time, help with stress. Of course, if you’re RVing, what do your really have to stress about?

This is just one of a multi-part article I’m going to do on boosting brain health and power. I think I’ll cover a few more brain exercises that we can do while we’re out on the road, or resting at a camp site. There’s never a bad time to sharpen that old noggin’. Check back Wednesday for the next installment.

-RV Nana

Keeping Fit on the Road

Trailnet/Flickr Creative Commons

We all know how easy it is to get fairly sedentary these days. There’s that show we want to watch, or we’re chatting with friends on Facebook, or somebody emailed a funny cat video which leads to other funny cat videos or videos of people falling down on Youtube. Next thing you know, half the morning is gone. Well, in this RV Lifestyle it’s even more easy to succumb to the sedentary, especially when you’re traveling, so today i thought we could talk about a few ways to get around the lure of the chair.


Walking is BY FAR the easiest way to get some exercise! Just putting one foot in front of the other on the way to the store, or to the park, is great exercise. If you’re into challenges, get a step counter and strive to beat yesterday’s record. These days, there are gyms everywhere and believe it or not a lot of them have wifi So if you REALLY need to watch those cat videos, do it on the treadmill! By the time you’ve clicked your way through them all, you will have walked a few miles.. Now that fall is hopefully sticking around, hit the hiking trails near you, go see the leaves changing color, get out of the RV and just breathe!


Everyone knows this is kind of a no-no, but in reality choosing the correct snacks is quite healthy. Instead of potato chips, or snacks loaded with processed sugars, try to graze on some fruit for energy, or even something fresh from the veggie drawer in your refrigerator. Make is easier on yourself by pre-slicing up some carrots, or bell peppers, or celery, it’s not hard!

You’ll hear two words together all the time: diet and exercise. Even though it’s almost a cliche these days, you can’t keep fit without BOTH of them!