Look for an Used RV and Get Your Kids Involved in RVing Early!

Every time I pull into a campsite or RV Park, I’m delighted to see the amount of kids running around and being…well..kids. Those are our future RVers out there! There was always something magical and adventurous when I was a kid about being out in the wild. If you have been thinking about getting a used RV in South Texas, or trading in your RV, do it while the kids, or grandkids, are still young. They really will appreciate it in the future and will possibly make some of the most amazing memories of their lives. Now, with the amount of amenities that are available at today’s parks, you should never hear the phrase  “I’m bored.”

…but just in case you do, here is a fantastic site that designed specifically for the RV Kids!

Packed with all sorts of information and education, I can virtually guarantee you that your kids or grandkids will not only remember their trips in the RV,  but they will be more inclined to stay involved with RVing in the futures and hopefully, bring their kids to the same parks they grew up with!

PPL Motorhomes On Owning An RV: RV Storage

So, you’ve finally done it! You’ve bought your first RV! You’ve put vasts amounts of effort into researching, choosing and buying that first RV and now the realities of RV ownership are starting to sink in like: “Where am I gonna keep this thing”?

Parking the vehicle at your residence can be an issue for some. If you do not have extensive garden and driveway space around your home, you may be looking at on-street parking. Something I don’t recommend. Try to avoid parking your RV on side and neighborhood streets as it’s either illegal, dangerous, annoying to neighbors or all of the above.

Consider storage facilities  – these can be both indoor and outdoor. Some RV owners may house their vehicle indoors to avoid any winter damage typically caused by ice, rain and sun. Some RV owners are just fine with an outdoor RV port.  Good storage facilities also usually provide a better level of security such as lock up, video surveillance etc. Some facilities, not only offer storage, but also concierge services, RV Service, wash bays, disposal and much more for very reasonable rates.  The way I look at it is, if I’m going to put as much time as I do into the upkeep of my motorhome, I’m also going to store it during my off season at a place I know will take as good care of it as I would.

HOT TIP: If you are going to buy a RV, then understand that you must also likely service that RV. The habitation area requires certain procedures to be undertaken at regular intervals. Some of this servicing requires expertise that the average owner likely does not have. Likewise, if you bought a motorhome, the engine and mechanical parts require regular servicing from a qualified mechanic.

Look, owning and maintaining an RV isn’t “rocket science”, but it’s also not for the feint of heart. You will have to have answers to questions like, “Where am I gonna’ keep this thing?” answered before you sign on the dotted line. But trust me, when you do buy your first RV, you will always remember that moment as the beginning of an endless adventure.

RV smart…

RV Nana

PPL Motorhomes!

Cold Weather Water Hose



Right now as I type this, North Texas is bracing themselves for one heck of a cold snap. It got me thinking about gear that gets me through my Winter RVing. I was introduced to a product a couple of years ago and have been promoting it, knowing it was a good product if you need it.  This product is the Camco Cold Weather Water Hose.  I live in Houston, Texas and it just doesn’t get that cold here.   In the past 30 years, there has only been one winter where we had to worry about wrapping pipes and pipes freezing.  We sell so many of these hoses for RVers and for agricultural use, but I never really thought about it until last week.

A dear friend of mine just moved from the warmth of the Rio Grande Valley to Blue Eye, Missouri.  She purchased a great Montana 5th wheel with a Canadian artic package so she thought she was prepared for all weather.  As a Christmas/House warming gift, I gave her a 12’ heated water hose and jokingly told her this might come in handy.  She arrived last week in Missouri and her trailer was delivered the next day.  Within 24 hours of her arrival, the big arctic blast hit that area of the country and hit it hard.  She emailed me to say she was the only person in the RV park with running water.  Everyone else had to disconnect their hoses and prepare for the hard freeze.  She told me it was the greatest gift she could have ever received.

After hearing her story, I decided to share it with all of you.  We have had an unusually cold December and winter is just beginning.  Check out this awesome product.  It may be the “hottest” RV item you have!!  Stay warm and make memories in your RV!





Getting To Know Your Sewer Hoses & Septic Tank Safely

Oh, if I could avoid writing about this subject I would, however, being an RVer, maintaining your sewer hoses and septic system is of paramount importance. Luckily at PPL Motorhomes  we offer some of the best hoses in the business, like the ones manufactured by RhinoFLEX.

RhinoFLEX Sewer Hoses are made of HTS (a high tensile strength formula) that is tough, flexible, and stays in place when you set it up. The 10′ hose compresses to just a 32″ long rigid pipe that iseasy to handle and store. Pull it apart, and it can be shaped to fit your situation. Best of all, it stays that way! No need to worry about stabilizing it with sticks or rocks. Comprised of  three wraps of vinyl over steel-wire core pinholes and other leaks caused by rough scrapes and abrasions are minimized. RhinoFLEX hoses come in 10′ and 15′ lengths, plus a 5′ extension with adapter. These hoses fit all standard 3″ fittings.

Now, here comes the dirty talk. Maintaining your septic system and hoses is a dirty, disgusting and dangerous job…so let Dad do it! Kidding!!! Really if you take the proper precautions, you should be fine. Still, I am amazed at the health risks that people will take when handling their sewer hose and black water connections. Remember to use disposable latex gloves for this job. These are the kind of gloves that are used by paramedics, doctors and nurses. You see them used on TV all the time by crime scene investigators. These gloves are inexpensive and disposable. I keep a box of them in our RV at all times.

If you have any questions or comments about septic systems, or the parts contained there-in, don’t hesitate to call PPL Motorhomes.We’re not shy, or embarrassed to have this conversation with you and answer any question you may have. Remember, having a properly functioning system is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your health!

Cuddles for Kids is Back



le vent le cri/Flickr Creative Commons

Cuddles for Kids is back! That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again! The time when PPL Motorhomes collects teddy bears for our annual Cuddles for Kids Teddy Bear Drive. For years, police officers have collected and distributed teddy bears to children to comfort them at a crime, or accident. If you folks only knew the power of these little stuffed miracles. More often than not, these bears often become that child’s best friend. It could likely be one of the few positives in that child’s life if they grow up in, or around an abusive environment. It could be the only thing they have left after a devastating fire, or natural catastrophe.  It could be the only recognizable thing they have to hold on to after an accident. It’s giving me a lump in my throat and tears are welling up just thinking about it.

Right now we are in the process of collecting as many bears as we can thru December 31st. Last year, PPL donated over 500 bears and has a goal set at 1,000 this year. Just think, what better way to celebrate the holidays than helping to comfort a child in a time of crisis? Other than holding that child tight myself, this is the next best way to share your compassion and love with someone who truly needs it.

That being said, we will be donating one teddy bear for every RV we sell, but we can’t reach our 1,000 bear goal if we don’t have your help. Have a teddy bear that is looking to give some extra love and comfort? Any bear big, or small will do just fine. Bring him by, or mail him to our store:

PPL’s RV Parts Superstore – Houston
10777 Southwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77074

“Thank you”, from our family and all of the families you will touch by your teddy bear donation. Help comfort a child in need, donate today!


-RV Nana


RV Vent Cover Replacement

http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-vents/vent-replacement-cover.htmHere is you PPL Motorhomes maintenance tip of the day: remember to check and replace your vent lids!

Have you checked your vent lids lately?  Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the story of the oft-forgotten vent lid on your RV.  Just think about it.  It sits up there over the vent being baked in the sun, pounded by rain and hail, and you never even know it’s there until water appears inside your RV (with my luck, the water would be right in the middle of the bed).  We already make it a habit to go up on the roof and check for cracked caulking and any other problems, and now you need to add one more thing to your check list; just “thump” each vent lid with your finger periodically.  If it shatters or spiderwebs, it’s because the plastic is brittle and it certainly needs to  be replaced.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s much better to notice its deterioration and replace it before it cracks and lets rain flood your comfortable RV vacation plans.  The thing is that you’d be amazed at how simple vent lids are to replace and it’s just as easy to identify which one you need.


Make sure you take your smart phone, or camera up on the roof with you so you can take a picture of the vent. This way you can make sure it matches the one you’ll need from PPL Motorhome‘s website.  All you have to do is match it up, make a quick online order, and save yourself hundreds of dollars, not to mention preventing a potentially huge headache when that thing starts to leak.  You know what they say. “An ounce of prevention…”



Preparing For Snow In Your RV

How many of you out there have had to prepare for snow in your RV? I found the great video below from RVgeeks and highly suggest that you subscribe to their YouTube Channel, as they have a lot of great videos and tips for both the part time and full-time RVer. In the videos below, RVgeeks show you the virtues of being prepared for winter weather while RVing. For some great Snowbirding tips check out the video below:

They further go on to explain why it’s a good thing to prep for severe weather and why it’s not a good thing to have 2 feet of snow on top of your RV. The video below is more of a “See, I told you so” rather than more tips, but it’s great to see how a little prep work can go a long way when RVing during the winter.

Doesn’t that look like fun? OF COURSE IT DOES!!! There’s nothing like RVing, even in the cold of winter. The best thing about owning a consignment RV is that you can experience ALL of the joys of RVing all year long if you really wanted to. In order to prepare for all of your RV excursions, you are going to want to check out all of the great RV parts and accessories at PPL Motorhomes.

Choosing The Right Hoses For Your RV

OK, let’s say that you went ahead and did it; you finally took the plunge and bought the family a consignment RV (hopefully it was from PPL Motorhomes). Let me tell you, you are going to love it! But, before you hit the road, there may be a few things that might need a little attention first, hoses being one of them. Specifically your drinking water hose.

Think about it. If you just bought a used RV, would you really want to keep the water hose that came with the RV?  Who knows what that may have been used for? You are much better off just replacing it.  So, what would you use? Would you use the green garden hose from your house?  No way, the garden hoses are not manufactured to be used for drinking water.  The white hoses from brands like Apex are made of a safe material to be used for drinking.

While you’re at it, take a look at how to sanitize your fresh water tank too. These are just a few of the things that you’ll need to do to make your RV adventures more memorable…in a good way.

So, what’s one of the very first things you should do when you purchase a used RV? Right! Simply change the drinking water hose and replace it with a quality Apex hose from PPL Motorhomes. Hoses are available at both out Houston RV Parts Supercenter and New Braunfels…and, of course, on the website!!

The 2016 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Diana Leblanc personal photo

For those of you who may not know, I was fortunate this year to be a regional winner in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards for the Gulf Coast of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  What an honor to be nominated and an even greater honor to be a winner and have the opportunity to go to the national competition in Palm Springs last week.  This was a wonderful opportunity and an amazing trip.  Five of my team members and I spent five wonderful days listening to stories from some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world and being amazed by their successes, trials and tribulations.

As I sat listening to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice tell of their career highs and lows, I found that I was asking myself what I had done to deserve to be in the presence of this group.  Everywhere I turned,  there were CEOs telling their stories, but I found there was something really different about this group, this forum….these people were all amazingly open and friendly.  They all put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.  Competition and ego was left behind and I have never experienced a more friendly and genuinely supportive group.

Here I was, the President of a successful RV consignment dealership, but I was in the finals with people like JW “Bill” Marriott,  and other wonderfully successful entrepreneurs.  We all have one thing in common.  We all had a dream, worked hard to share and grow that dream and we all have teams who made it happen.  I stared in 1980 at a small RV rental company.  Now, 36+ years later I am blessed to be surrounded by a team of over 130 individuals who truly care about the RV life style and have realized and shared in our dream.

Without this team, I would be nothing. I have been blessed to have met so many creative and brilliant individuals during my career, many of which have become lifelong friends.  They have all helped shape and mold me and have helped me lead the greatest them in the RV industry.  Although, I was not a winner on the national level, I am a winner to have been nominated and to have been able to share this moment.  In the words of my late husband who was 100% Cajun, this experience was the “lagniappe” in my career.  For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to have Cajun friends or family, “lagniappe” is the “something extra”… the “icing on the cake”.

Thanks to my family, friends, customers RVS, business associates and, of course, my PPL family, I have been fortunate to experience the “lagniappe”of my  career.  Thanks to each and very one of you.

This is for you.




It’s Not Too Late To Winterize Your RV

This is may favorite time of the year. The time when the leaves have totally changed color as Fall steps aside to make room for Winter. Winter is on our doorstep and, guess what, you still haven’t winterized your RV.

If you haven’t made any travel plans for the end of fall, now is the perfect time to winterize your RV. It’s perfect because the weather is cooler, and you can pick and choose the day that works best for you. Don’t wait until the last possible moment, like the week of a predicted freeze, or something… I’m looking at you, North Texas!

What are the processes for winterizing and protecting your RV? In regards to the water in your tanks, you have just two steps: drain all of the water from your RV holding tanks, water heater, hoses and then use 2 to 3 gallons of RV anti-freeze and you’re done! The video below has some really good information on the right way to winterize your RV.

So, what if you’d like to use your RV for a spontaneous winter trip? Can you still use it? The answer is yes. It doesn’t mean you can can’t camp. “Can you use the facilities,” you ask? You can, but you are going to have to bring along bottles of anti-freeze with you to rinse down the bowl. Remember, you aren’t going to have anything in your holding tanks, and RV anti-freeze is the only thing you can use that won’t freeze.

So what are you waiting for? Your RV isn’t going to take care of itself! Really, in all seriousness, if you neglect to winterize your RV, you are asking for trouble. I know, in Houston we don’t get below freezing too often, but, when we do, everyone panics. Avoid the panic and take care of your RV this weekend. Swing by PPL Motorhomes and pick up your RV anti-freeze before the first freeze hits.