Dryer Sheets Do More Than Just Smell Good

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There’s something I found out today, and that thing is that dryer sheets can do almost anything! Like placing sheets around your foundation or around an RV that is being stored will keep out mice. Are your picnics plagued by ants? Dryer sheets will repel them away from your smorgasbord. They even clean soap scum off of shower doors! Really, there are a LOT of amazing things that they can help with around the house and the RV!

Check out the video below, it has some really unlikely uses for dryer sheets:

But what is one of the best thing I have found dryer sheets to do? Keep away mosquitoes, the RVer’s nemesis! Like we all know by now, dryer sheets work great to keep bugs away. Try placing sheets in every drawer of your RV to keep bugs out. But did you know that mosquitoes also HATE dryer sheets? All you need to do is  take one sheet and rub it on your skin and the mosquitoes stay away.  For added protection, tie a sheet to a belt loop and really enjoy the evening. I did this recently at a backyard BBQ and the mosquitoes ate my neighbor and not me.  Give it a try, all of us here at PPL Motorhomes do!