RV Technical And Roadside Assistance Is A Must


For all of the prep work we do before we actually hit the road to go RVing, nothing is more frustrating than to have all of it virtually come undone because of a technical problem, or an unforeseen need for roadside assistance. If you own your RV long enough and consistently travel,  your chances increase for the need of reliable RV technical and roadside assistance.

That’s why RV Nana uses Coach-Net. They are the leading source for 24-7 RV roadside assistance and technical support. They’ve been around since 1987 providing the highest degree of service, assistance, and mechanics to tackle virtually any problem you may encounter on the road.

There are many obvious reasons you should choose Coach-Net for your RV support service, but there are also some reasons that you may not think about. First of all, your RV is a complicated machine; after all, it is basically a house on wheels. So let’s say you have a plumbing issue at your house—more often than not, you are going to call a plumber—but what do you do when it’s your RV’s plumbing system that needs some help, or it’s electrical, or it’s your LP system? Are you going to tackle these issues by yourself? Maybe if you were a Certified RV Mechanic, but let’s be honest, you are probably going to scamper to find an RV mechanic somewhere. Of course, there’s no way of telling if you are going to find one, and, if you do, is he worth his salt? Why take the chance. By having a service like Coach-Net in your back pocket, you can easily contact them with your problem and have a solution in a matter of minutes. Maybe it’s something you can take care of yourself, but, if it isn’t, Coach-Net will have you covered for all sorts of technical and mechanical problems.

At PPL Motorhomes, we offer Coach-Net services and feel that is more than worth the minimal cost associated in getting total roadside coverage. I like to just factor it into the cost of owning an RV, as we are all well aware of , there are a few costs that you cannot do without, such as refilling your LP tank, and adding chemicals to your black water system… it’s just the way of the road. So, when you are out on the road, you’re probably already taking many measures to make sure you have a great time: go one step further and look into adding the coverage of Coach-Net today!


Coach-net Roadside Assistance

Let me be the first say, if you are a RVer without roadside assistance… well, congratulations on being an expert RV mechanic too. You must have gone though years of training to be so confident in your roadside mechanic skills.

In all seriousness, if you don’t have some type of roadside assistance on call for your RV, then you are potentially gambling with your trip. I use Coach-net Roadside assistance, and no, I never leave home without it, much like I should my American Express card on some trips.

Anyway, PPL Motorhomes offers this great product designed with the RVer in mind.  Complete with everything you need from roadside assistance to concierge service,  24 hour tech support, all-inclusive for entire family coverage, coverage in any vehicle you are in, in-campground service, pays to tow to nearest qualified repair facility, Assist America coverage included,  PPL offers coverage for towable and motorized for just $119.50: that’s a bargain people. Buying through PPL Motorhomes will save you as much as $39.50 off retail.

The bottom line is that this is an outstanding service, one which we highly recommend! I’d never travel without the protection of road-side assistance. That’s not to mention all of the other amenities. Just having the comfort knowing that I have an emergency resource able to provide assistance 24/7 is worth the cost alone.

Listen to RVNana and get Coach-Net Roadside assistance before you actually need it.

…and don’t run with scissors!