PPL Motorhomes reminds RVers to Renew their tags

This is wonderful information for the Texas RV owner and auto owner.  I don’t know how many times we have gone into a state of panic the day before we are taking our trailer out when we happen to see that the license has expired.  I think it goes back to the old out of sight, out of mind thought.  Receiving an email notification will definitely get my attention and it’s better for me to notice the tag needs to be renewed by a friendly email reminder than have a police officer pull me over to tell me they have expired. However, if you misplaced or deleted your renewal notice you can still renew the registration if you provide your county tax office with:


  • Your license receipt from the previous year
  • Your license plate number, or
  • Your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN)


It’s just that easy. Also your county tax office can also send out another renewal notice to you as long as there’s enough time left before your registration is set to expire.

Now if you don’t think that renewing your tags isn’t all that important, then keep in mind that allowing your registration to expire keeps you from renewing online or by mail. Furthermore, you could receive a ticket (up to $200) if you drive the vehicle on expired tags beyond the five-day grace period.

YIKES! That’s a lot of tacos…

For most of us, forgetting to renew the tags on your RV or car isn’t an issue, just remember that it can cost you some big bucks if you let it go.

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