My First RV Trip

This was sent to me by a reader and fan of this blog. Apparently he’s been around the RV lifestyle for a while with friends, some family and even as an element of his job; however, he never had the opportunity to actually take a trip for himself. Here is his open letter to me.

Dear RV Nana,

Let me first say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You might find my story interesting, or at the very least moderately entertaining. I’m 40 years old and have worked on the marketing side of the RV Industry for 14 years. That’s not the interesting part, up until now I have never taken a single trip in an RV of any kind. It’s hard to believe, and I know what some of your readers may be thinking; “How could you sell an RV if you’ve never spent time in one? Well, the only thing I can say to that is, through my clients direction, manufacturer education and RVer’s stories, I consider myself as knowledgeable as the next RVer, at least in theory, but not in practicum.

However, I’m excited to report that I have now joined the ranks of the RVing public. My family and myself decided to take the opportunity, on a recent trip to Colorado, to rent a consignment RV and have our hand at RVing. I can say with utmost certainty that I THOUGHT I knew what RVing was like, but it wasn’t until we spent just a little time in our rented unit did we realize how an RVing was such an incredible way of traveling. I’ve written about the basics of RVing for years, such as actual savings when compared to other forms of travel and lodging. The comfort level was extraordinary and it truly felt like a “home away from home”.

One of the main reasons we decided to rent a RV as opposed to a large SUV or van really was because of your blogs. You make RVing sound like such a great adventure and suitable for everyone! So far, you’ve been right. That just reinforced everything I already knew, but never thought to put into practice. There is no doubt that we will be looking into getting our own RV very, very soon.

Thanks for all of your effort and championing the RV lifestyle! If you see fit, feel free to share my story with others so they know that there are different options out there when it comes to travel. RV rental really is one of them.



Well, there you have it, a long time reader, but first time RVer…or something like that. You are certainly welcome, Dave! I’m glad to have played a minor role in your decision to try out RV travel. I’m even more happy that you are now considering an RV of your own!

If you are like, Dave and think it’s time for an RV, don’t hesitate to call PPL Motorhomes. I’m sure we have the right RV for you and your budget.

Remembering President’s Day

It’s President’s Day, and all of you that read my blog know that I’m going to get patriotic. If you are here specifically for that, thank you. If you are here because you are looking for the perfect consignment RV for a President’s Day barbecue, well, you are getting warmer try here.

With today being President’s Day, I think I want to write about an experience I had while watching a movie recently: That movie was Lincoln. This isn’t a movie review, or a political rant. It is how I feel about the position of The President Of The United States Of America. I realized that it takes a person of tremendous will power and resolve. It takes someone who is willing to sacrifice their family to serve a people. It takes vision and an unwavering allegiance to the people you lead. It take courage to lead. It takes humility. It takes both empathy and sympathy. It takes sternness and it takes compassion. These are qualities inherent in anyone brave enough to take on the responsibility of leading and entire people. It is something that every American President has had and will have.

When I celebrate President’s Day, I celebrate the strength and power of an entire nation. It is the people that shape the history of our country. It is the responsibility of our elected officials to speak for the majority of the people they represent. If they don’t do their job, the people vote them out. Be it to the benefit of our nation, or to the detriment of it, this is the system and it’s the best one in the world. It takes a different person to run a country and not rule one.

Happy President’s Day…a day who’s festivities shouldn’t detract for the honor of office.


The Best SewerSolution For Your RV

One of the dirtier jobs of owning an RV is taking care of your black and grey water tanks. Don’t you just love that dump station odor? Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to visit a dump station again? Well, this is the product you need.

Here’s a video demo if how the SewerSolution works:

SewerSolution is a water-powered jet pump system designed for dumping the waste from RVs and flushing the system clean.

  • Easy to install
  • Sanitary to operate-no more dirty hands!
  • No moving parts
  • Completely self-cleaning
  • Environmentally safe

The SewerSolution System includes SewerSolution pump unit, a 10′ length of Dump Hose and the Full Hookup Adapter Kit. Everything you need to get started! Additional 10′ Hose Kits are available to extend the range of your SewerSolution. The Sewer Solution can pump waste up to 60 feet, even uphill!!

Give us PPL Motorhomes in Houston, or PPL Motorhomes In New Braunfels a call and we can really explain in depth how the SweerSolution works and how you and your RV can benefit from owning this great product.



50 Reasons Why Texas Is a Bonafide Utopia

I normally don’t really re-direct my readers to other pages away from mine. I’ll admit it, I want people to read my posts, but I ran across a gem of an article that fits in perfectly with the RV lifestyle. It helped that it gives 50 reasons as to why Texas is a honest to goodness Utopia.I’ll reprint some of the article here because I think that it really brings to light how lucky we are to live in Texas.

I’ve never made it a secret about how much I love our Great State. It’s simply because there are so many things to see and do while RVing, it’s literally an RVer’s paradise! I’ve written  and discussed it before, but I’ll say it again. In an RV you can literally visit the oceans, plains, desert hills, lakes and mountains without ever leaving the state! I’m still incredibly amazed by how lucky we are as Texans.

Follow this link and take a look at some of the 50 reason Texas is a Bonafide Utopia.

If you have any suggestions that you think PPL Motorhomes customers should visit, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. As you see in the video above about Waco Tanks, there are simply thousands of things to do and see, and thousands of places to bring your family. What are you waiting for? Get that RV ready and go and see your share of this great State.

Yamaha Inverter/Generator Emissions Compliance Rating Information

Let’s face it, nobody likes a stinky, loud inefficient generator. We all like our campgrounds free from pollutants and noise. Lot’s of times, our generators can be more of a liability than anything else. If it’s time for you to replace that old generator with one that you can trust, we recommend Yamaha generators. In fact, there are a myriad of reasons why Yamaha makes a superior generator in comparison to the rest on the market. It’s their reliability, durability and value. You simply can’t find a generator that does more, for less money.

Check out the EPA’s guide that show Yamaha generators being a much better value than other generators on the market. In fact, a Yamaha generator will last twice as long as Honda for about the same price, their nearest competitor.

If you’ve ever had a question about which generator to get, the choice is clear. If it’s time to get a new generator, PPL Motorhomes, recommends that you take a look at Yamaha generators. They have a long illustrious history of durability and value and we have received so many positive comments about the Yamaha line.

Swing by PPL Motorhomes anytime, or check them out online.

Wildfire Prevention Is Everyone’s Responsibility

We’re entering into that time of the season where we will be getting some rain showers, but don’t count on that to saturate the ground enough to stop a wild fire. In addition to a little rain here and there, we’ll also have tons of fuel in dead leaves, branches and grass which will provide more than enough fuel to a wildfire.

Just one errant ember from a fire can destroy thousands of of acres of land. Just one lit cigarette carelessly tossed out of the window can start a grass fire and consume residential areas indiscriminately. The monetary loss is one thing, but the lives that fire does leaves scorching scars that last forever.

Do I really have to show you a Smokey The Bear PSA from the 70’s to jog your memories?

Remember what Smokey said, “Only you can prevent forest fires”. Truer words have never been spoken. When you go camping this Fall in your RV remember that fire season is here, so be careful. Just another friendly reminder from your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes.