Consignment RV Houston, How To Properly Put Out A Campfire

Keeping with the fire prevention theme this week, I wanted to talk about how to properly put out a campfire. Let me first start by saying that most (if not nearly all RV Parks) have regulations against open flames, however, National and State Parks may not, and building a campfire is almost mandatory. S’mores, campfire stories, roasted marshmallows, the crackling of the embers and the soft orange glow of a campfire…there’s nothing quite like it.

However, if you build a campfire in an area that allows it, you are also responsible for properly extinguishing that fire. It takes more that just pouring water on it. Even applying a liberal amount of water may not be enough to put out all of the embers.

Watch the video below for a quick lesson for campfire management.

If you are planning on constructing a campfire during your camp out, just be really careful and be 100% sure that it is out before you pack up and leave the site. One live ember can spare a fire that can destroys thousands of acres of plant and animal life. Your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes wants you to just remember that you are responsible for the footprints you leave in nature.

PPL Motorhomes, West Nile Virus Still A Problem In Texas

Across Texas, the West Nile Virus has been a major issue and one of the worst outbreaks on record. The disease is carried by mosquitoes who have bitten certain animals which is then transmitted to humans.

Although the West Nile Virus is primarily found in parts of Africa, the Middle East and parts of Western Asia, if you’ve watched the news at all lately, we are all well aware that this virus has reached the U.S. and has hit Texas particularly hard this year. The fact of the matter is that our climate conditions here are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes who can carry the virus.

There have been hundreds of cases of West Nile reported across Texas resulting in at least 36 deaths across the state. Now, while there is a very real reason to take extra precautions, the reality is that only 1% of the people who contract the disease die from it. Most show no symptoms, but many show mild to moderate symptoms including stiffness, headache, disorientation, confusion, dizziness and other symptoms that are highlighted in the video below. Take a few moments to watch it and educate yourself on what to look for.

Even though chances of contracting the virus is slim, it is certainly more likely now than ever before with at least 55 cases being documented in the Houston area. You should take every precaution you can when outside, that includes wearing repellent with DEET, long sleeves and pants. Also, remove the breeding grounds that mosquitoes like to occupy, like any standing water around your home, or RVs in Houston such as in birdbaths, planters and gutters.

We’re not out of the woods yet and this year has already been the worst on record, so make sure you take every precaution you can to reduce your exposure. To read more on the origins, symptoms and other related material in regards to the West Nile Virus click here.

Consignment RV Center, PPL Motorhomes Says, Take Advantage Of The Texas Coast

Now, right at this moment, Hurricane Issac is battering the eastern side of the Gulf Coast, not as severe at Katrina, but certainly severely enough that when all is said an done there will be millions of dollars worth of damage. All of us at your used RV center, PPL Motorhomes are hoping the damage is kept to a minimum and the those affected can get back on their feet again. I hope the read my “Hurricane Preparedness” blogs recently.

Now that being said, hurricanes aside, the Texas’ Gulf Coast region alone is an amazing place for an RV adventure. Texas offers over 600 miles of coastline on the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with many beautiful beaches and beach camping parks to choose from. Some of the most popular beaches include Corpus Christi Beach, McGee Beach, Padre Balli County Park, J.P. Luby Surf Park, East Beach Park, Seawall Beaches, Stewart Beach, Galveston Island State Park, Padre Island National Seashore, Beaches of Mustang Island (Port Aransas) and the South Padre Island Beaches. So much to choose from!

As summer is winding down and the cooler weather is coming in off of the Gulf, it might be a good time to take a little weekend trip to your favorite Texas beach and do a little relaxing, fishing or whatever might float your boat…pun intended. Now this is hurricane season, so be sure to keep an eye on any storms that may be developing further out in the Gulf. The last thing you’d want is to be caught on the beach in a RV!

If you have any questions about what beaches are good places to visit, don’t hesitate to call your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes. We’ve all spent some good times camping on the coastline. Plus the crowds should be clearing out now that school is back in session. It really will make for a fun weekend trip.

PPL Motohomes: Winegard Rayzar Antenna

We are now carrying a neat new item our consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes, that is great for every RVer who simply does not want the expense or hassle of a satellite. It’s a new antenna from Winegard that is perfect for those who just want a few local channels when they are camping (instead of 350 channels).  It’s great for checking on the news, or catching a show or two and still have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and your own RV lifestyle! Our friends at Winegard have introduced a cool new product – The Rayzar.   Weighing only .34 lbs, this lightweight digital indoor HD Antenna is REALLY BIG in performance!   This antenna is used to receive all the best local broadcast programming in crisp, clear HD, with no monthly programming fees.  Simply take it out of the box, hang it to a window (suction cups are provided), or lay it on a table and you are watching HD TV in minutes.  The translucent design allows light to pass through when placed in a window.  A 15′ mini coax cable is provided to give customers the best mounting position.  Great for RV’s, camping or tailgating.


The Rayzar is a great fit for the mobile lifestyle, the quick release suction cup clips make it easy to reposition the antenna at each location for maximum reception,” said Aaron Engberg, director of mobile products for Winegard Company. “Consumers will be amazed at the almost Blu-ray quality picture and quantity of channels it pulls in for free wherever they are parked.

Come and check out the complete line of Winegard antennas at your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes.

PPL Motorhomes: Happy National Relaxation Day

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RV Nana and your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes want to wish you a “Happy National Relaxation Day“! That’s right , there is actually a National Relaxation Day! What better way to relax than in a a consignment RV from PPL Motorhomes?

With all of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives from work, to kids, to even hobbies, sometimes we can get caught up in so many different activities we actually forget to RELAX. You know that knot between your shoulder blades? Yeah, the one that has been there for the past 6 months because you’ve been working day and night with little to no down time. Or, how about that lethargic feeling you get every day because you’ve run yourself so ragged, you barely have enough mental stamina to keep you awake? Yeah…those are all signs that the stress levels in your life are disproportionately larger than your proverbial moments of “ZEN”, which I assume for most Americans is almost non-existent.national relaxation day, ppl motorhomes, rv nana, consignment rv center, consignment rv store, new or used rv

Today do yourself a favor…RELAX! Make plans to get a massage, sit by the pool when you get home, go out for dinner and have some wine. Here’s a novel idea, make a plans to visit a National Park this weekend. you don’t have to spend the whole weekend, but take the day to have a picnic out in the vast expanses of what Mother Nature has to offer. She’s already done all of the work for you, so enjoy what she has to offer. If you own an new or used  RV, then you are already off to a good start. Gas that thing up, throw some food and clothes in it and hit the road. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, even if that means camping out in your driveway for the weekend. Really!

I have no doubt in my mind that it’s probably about time for you to turn the afterburners off and slow the pace of your life down a bit. Today, August 15, 2012 is National Relaxation Day and your reminder to kick back, or do things that you always think about, but never actually commit to. Remember, we’re talking about improving your quality of life here. Really. Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t take a step back from time to time to appreciate it, you could miss it.

Just another friendly life message from RV Nana and your friends at your consignment RV store, PPL Motorhomes.

PPL Motorhomes: Add Lighting To Your Camping Decor

There’s nothing more I like to see than a nicely made up patio space outside the RVs at the park. The lights look warm and inviting. A good set of lights no only provides much needed illumination, it can set a wonderful mood. Form solar patio lanterns to party lights, you should dress up the picnic patio space out side your RV, and by far the most dramatic, with the least amount of work is adding RV lights.

Patio lights come in all shapes sizes and colors. Your consignment RV center, PPL motorhomes, has a large selection of RV lights and other necessities. If you don’t find what you are needing on our website, please feel free to call with questions. We have parts experts standing by to assist you with any of your RV accessory needs. We have been in business for over 35 years – PPL Motor Homes is a name you can trust.

PPL Motorhomes: Prevent Tire Failure On Your Consignment RV

There is no doubt that the health of your RV’s tires is often over looked. In fact, your consignment RV canter, PPL Motorhomes suggests that you should inspect your tires at least monthly and before each trip for proper inflation pressure and treadwear and you shouldn’t forget to rotate, balance and align them.

Really, the first aspect of having a healthy set of RV tires is to keep them properly inflated at all times. This is really a no-brainer. An RV sitting on under-inflated tires is putting an enormous amount of pressure on the sidewalls of the tire. This can cause a structural weakness that can lead to sidewall pinches, tread separation, or a catastrophic failure. Maintaining proper tire pressure all year long will really prolong the life of your tires. Be careful not to over-inflate them. Follow the suggestions in your owner’s manual for the right PSI you should be holding.

Also, don’t over burden your tires by stressing them with too much weight. Having a large RV, it’s easy to start cramming tons of stuff in the open spaces. Weigh adds up, even from relatively small pieces you can quickly add hundreds of pounds to your overall weight with thinking about it. Putting too much of a weight burden on your tires will lead to failure. Make sure you check your owner’s manual for the proper towing/driving weight of your consignment motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel.

When you aren’t using your RV, you should invest in a set of RV tire covers. Nothing eats away at a tire’s life more than the elements. UV will break down the rubber over time, so your best way to avoid this is to simple cover your tires with one of the many types of RV tire covers that are on the market right now. Every little bit of effort will be rewarded in the extended lifespan of your RV tires.

Remember, you have a lot riding on those tires, they are the only things separating you from the road and should always be on the top of your mind whether you are using your RV, or not. If you have any questions, comments or other tips, or hints on keeping your RV Tires in good condition, don’t hesitate to let PPL Motorhomes and the readers of RV Nana know.

Think About Financing A Consignment RV

What’s the one thing that might be keeping you from jumping into a consignment RV from PPL Motorhomes? Well it might be that you don’t think you can afford a RV right now in leaner economic times. However, did you know that 1 in 12 vehicle owning households own an RV. In fact, RVing is more popular than ever, so obviously families see the value and find ways to follow their RVing dreams. Check out the video below and you’ll see what thousands of new RVers now know about the affordability of RVing.

If you live in Texas and are looking for RV financing, make sure you call Terry Woodard at Associated Credit Unions of Texas (ACUTX).  They offer great rates and terms for PPL Motorhomes customers and Terry makes the entire RV finance process enjoyable.  The finance rates and terms vary depending on the customer, but these are the “old school” bankers who look at the customer as a relationship, not a credit score.  Contact Terry today –

Terry Woodard | ACU of Texas | Loan Consultant/Certified Trainer | 409.942.1534 |

PPL Motorhomes: This Summer’s Fire Dangers

This Summer is already turning out a hot one. Your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes, wants to remind all of you campers and RVers out there to be extremely careful with any open flame you may be working with. In fact, you probably want to check with your RV park administrator, or Park Ranger if you are even allowed to have an open flame. Many parts of Texas may have burn bans enacted prohibiting any open flame.

Of course today is the 4th of July and that means fireworks. Use your head if you plan on shooting off fireworks either today, or any left overs you may have. Fireworks, although fun, are not only dangerous when handled improperly, but they can also spark a fire very quickly if you aren’t careful. Considering 4 out of 5 wildfires are started by human error, using fireworks during the driest part of the year is probably ill advised.

On more thing to be careful of is your vehicle, or Motorhome causing a fire. That’s right, if you pull over off of the road, the heat from your engine can catch tall grasses on fire fairly quickly. If you can, try to stay on the shoulder if you need to pull over. It doesn’t take much to start a fire that can spread rapidly. The last thing you would want is to create another fire like the one that consumed much of Bastrop, TX last year. That fire even jumped a river…twice if I remember correctly.

The bottom line in regards to pretty much anything you do while RVing is to use your head. Also, have a plan just in case there is a fire. Staying in a National Park? Know how to get out and listen to everything any Rangers may tell you. If you are staying in an RV Park, stay in contact with the Park Office for any evacuation procedures. Fire can be unpredictable, so keeping up to date with any wildfires that may be in your area is probably a pretty good idea.

If you have any questions, or comments for PPL Motorhomes, or RV Nana, leave them below.

PPL Motorhomes: Remembering The Meaning Behind Independence Day

If you’ve ever been to your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes, or if you’ve read any of my blogs concerning Memorial Day, or July 4th, you already know that I’m fiercely patriotic. Being an American and proud of that fact isn’t just something I say or do, it’s who I am. It’s who we all should be.

The Celebration of our Independence from British rule should be marked with reverence and respect. Of course most of us will do so by hanging our flags, inviting friends and family over, and firing up the grill. Just remember “why” you are allowed to do that. Remember all of the soldiers who gave their lives so you wouldn’t have to. It goes all the way back to 1776 when our original 13 colonies had enough of British rule and sought to break away from the Crown.

This July 4th, do something different, check out this link and reeducate yourself on why we have a July 4th celebration to begin with. Happy Independence Day from RV Nana and all of us here at your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes.