Cuddles For Kids Teddy Bear Drive

It’s that time of year again at your consignment RV and RV parts store, PPL Motorhomes is collecting Teddy Bears for the Cuddles For Kids Teddy Bear Drive for the Missouri City and Houston Police Department Clergy Teams. For years, police officers have collected and distributed teddy bears to children to comfort them at a crime or accident scene and these bears often become the child’s best friend. We will be accepting teddy bear donations for their worthy cause.

Last year PPL Motorhomes donated over 800 bears and strives to increase their donation this year to 1,000 bears with your help. To kick off this year’s drive, PPL will again donate one teddy bear for every RV sold in November and December. So, if you are looking for the perfect consignment RV, now is the best time to get it!

Plus, come to PPL Motorhomes on December 15th from 1pm-3pm for pictures with Santa. Don’t forget to bring teddy bears to stuff the RV for the Cuddles For Kids Teddy Bear Drive.

PPL Motorhomes and Cuddles for Kids

If there is one thing that you need to know about RV Nana it’s that I love giving back to the community, and I have a hard time thinking of a cause as worthy or unique as Cuddles for Kids. Every year PPL Motorhomes, the Houston Police Department and P.A.C.T (Police and Clergy Team) team up to collect as many teddy bears as we can.

These bears will be carried by police officers in their cruisers to be given to children who are caught in the crossfire of a domestic dispute or other crime. The bears have proven to be an amazing tool for helping children cope with undoubtedly traumatizing experiences.

Last year, PPL Motorhomes collected 430 bears to be donated to the Houston Police Department. This year, PPL has set out to collect and help donate 1,000 bears by the end of December. To this date, we’ve only partially reached our goal and still need your help.

How can you help? Purchase a bear for a child from PPL Motorhomes!

Take it from me, there is comfort in knowing that some where a child is clinging on tightly to the softest and safest thing he knows. It just so happens to be the bear you donated. Donating a bear to the Cuddles for Kids foundation and P.A.C.T. goes beyond the stuffing, thread and fur it took to make it. You have given that child a focal point where he or she can escape for just a few moments in the comfort of an object that might be the only object of normalcy in their lives. That bear in the hands of that child is hope. It comforts that child and  lets them know that they aren’t alone; that someone will protect them; that someone will watch out for them, and that someone really cares. Even when their world has been turned upside down, your donation can help make it right.

If you’d like to donate a bear to P.A.C.T, visit our Facebook page, or just drop one off at PPL Motorhomes. We appreciate it, P.A.C.T. appreciates it, the Houston Police Department appreciates it, but no one of us appreciate it more than the kids.