Can You Afford To Go RVing

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The short answer is, “YES”! It’s talked about all of the time around here with our own PPL Motorhomes customers. RVing can actually save you big bucks on your next family vacation. If you are working with a reasonable budget, not an extreme budget mind you, you can vacation for longer, see more sights, spend more family time, have a bigger adventure, and cut some extreme costs.

Planning correctly and early means you won’t have to spend money on a hotel, or additional costs for extra food (we all know eating in is much more economical). Plus, rest stops are much more comfortable and you’ll have plenty of room for all of the kid’s stuff. Now, I know what you are thinking though, “…but fuel prices are high.” That may be true, but when compared to airline tickets, you’ll pay much less per person.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see how a large family can take a longer trip and spend less money by going RVing.

If you need more proof, or need some extra help planning your first RV trip, or better yet, if you are looking to purchase a RV of your own so you take trips more readily, then come and see us.

What Was The First RV

What was the first RV? Well, the earliest RVs were converted from Ford Model T’s. As families moved west, they customized their vehicles to make the journey more comfortable.  But what was the one that really started a love of the RV lifestyle? It was the Redwood Tree Mobile Home, also known as Kellogg’s Travel Log.  Charles Kellogg was a naturist that created this Redwood RV to drive around the country in hopes of creating awareness for the depletion of California’s forests.

Pat Foster of Hemmings Classic Car magazine wrote “the vehicle itself was incredible, a monument to man and nature. It consisted of a huge chunk of giant redwood-said to be the single largest piece of hewn timber in the world-hollowed out and mounted on what was then the toughest, most rugged chassis on earth: the Nash Quad.

It’s a far cry of the RVs we see on the at the parks and campgrounds across the United States. Take a look for yourself.

There were storage drawers, a table, and room for living quarters. I seriously doubt it had a stove of any kind. I can tell you that we don’t have Kellogg’s Travel Log as a consignment RV here at PPL Motorhomes, but how interesting would it be if we did? I could only imagine. We’d be as much a museum as we are Houston’s consignment RV center.