Extra Power When You Need It!

I’ve been RVing for many years now and since I’m in the industry, I hear a lot of stories about being out on a camp site and losing power. Either the sites are primitive and lack electrical hookups or you depend on a battery for power. Of course, there’s always a chance that you get caught in a storm and your power goes out. What do you do then? You can rely on your battery for a little while, but once you start using your microwave or any other power-hogging appliances, that battery will start to lose juice and give up the ghost within a number of hours. That’s when you keep a generator handy. A well-maintained generator will outlast the life of the RV and provide power for all of your gadgets and appliances. We stock a couple of Yamaha generators that we always get compliments on. The EF1000is is a compact and lightweight (27 pounds) generator that can easily handle small appliances, tools and lights. The best thing about it, though? It’s super quiet.

If you need more that what the EF1000is can handle, then we’ve got a powerhouse that can even be used to for your house in case of a power outage! The EF2800i is a workhorse and can even power the air conditioners that come on most fifth wheels, travel trailers and motor homes. At 64 pounds, it’s one of the lightest in its class! If you want to deliver power to the entire campsite, this is the one you need.

Keeping a generator with you when you go camping and rely on electricity is a smart idea. You never know when you might get caught in a storm and need to rely on it to keep you and your family comfortable and continue with your vacation without missing a beat. We’ve used ours on a number of occasions and we will always carry ours with us. We’ve even used it on the house a couple of times.

Check out the EF1000is and EF2800i on our site and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about them!

View PDF specifications for EF1000is

View PDF specifications for EF2800i

PPL Motorhomes asks: What do you know about your Generator, RVers?

There is a lot to know and learn when it comes to choosing the right RV generator. Aside from the brands, you should also take the time to do a little research on types of generators,  features of a good generator, sizes and even the safe operation of a generator unit. As I was doing my own research…Yes, even the RV Nana has to brush up every now and then on the great products that are out there…I ran across a ton of articles and resources. Here is a quick snapshot of the most commonly asked questions:

When RVing you will always enjoy the comfort of a good, efficient generator. There are many different types to choose from, so do your research and choose the best on for your RV and RV lifestyle. If you have any questions, and you should, don’t hesitate to comment below, or PPL Motorhomes a call. We can answer all of your generator questions and help you in your selection.