PPL Motorhomes: The BrakeBuddy…The Buddy you REALLY Need

If there is one thing about towing anything with your new or used motorhome, like another vehicle, or a trailer, you’ll quickly realize that the added weight to your rig is going to make braking a little more difficult and possible a little more stressful. You see, the brakes in your new, used or consignment motorhomes aren’t really designed for so much added weight behind your motorhome. The same can be said for the vehicles you use to tow your new or use travel trailer and fifth-wheels, although there is significantly less weight involved when coming to a stop while pulling your trailer.

One of the really neat products we carry that will really aid in your braking power is the BrakeBuddy. The BrakeBuddy is dedicated to towing safety by providing you the best and easiest-to-use supplementary braking system on the market. This system is extremely simple to install, easy to use, and meets the legally required supplementary braking requirements mandated by many state laws. Adding a BrakeBuddy to your motorhome will increase your breaking efficiency and safety. Why subject yourself to a potentially large liability claim simply because you did not comply with legal braking requirements?

I need to mention that no connections to your motorhome are required. The BrakeBuddy Requires no alterations to your hydraulic lines. Plus, it easily be transferred between vehicles.

Check out Boyd from PPL Motorhomes as he explains the benefits of the BrakeBuddy:

If you have any questions about the BrakeBuddy, or any of the 1,000’s of other products PPL Motorhomes carries, don’t hesitate to call RV Nana, or Boyd, we’ll have all of the answers.

PPL Motorhomes: Where Has the Passion Gone?

Where has the passion for the outdoors gone? The lust for adventure and experience, when did we turn our back on nature and everything she has to offer? I’m not speaking about “us” of course. The mere fact that you are reading this means that you undoubtedly know, understand and respect the road and everything you see on her. It doesn’t matter, if you are a weekend warrior or full timer; when I mention the hills, the valleys, the people, the wildlife…I can keep going…the colors, the twists and turns. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The mile markers, you just pictured one in your head, didn’t you?

We have an amazing system of National Parks, Forests and Preserves, why aren’t we visiting them more? Soon there may be nothing left to visit. What’s keeping us from pulling away from the city every now and then, and jumping into our new motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel to commune with nature?

Is it the misconception that camping, RVing, or “roughing it” is tough? You know as well as I do that the smallest amount of effort is worth the thousands of memories it produces.

That is something that I feel has been lost. Of course, even RV Nana is susceptible to the traps of modernity as I write this in my kitchen, on my computer. All the while there is an ancient and beautiful night sky to behold just outside my window filled with stars who’s light we see on Earth is already billions of years old. Unfortunately, I can’t be on the road all of the time, regardless of how much I try.

Don’t you think it’s time for the general public to open their eyes again, as they did during the National Park initiatives in the 50’s and The Highway Beautification Act of October 22nd, 1965. That it’s time to really recognize our shrinking National and State Forests? See it now, before it’s gone. Spend the night and listen to the sounds. Get away from grind. You know that and I know that, but millions don’t, and that’s a shame.

If you landed here by accident and made it this far into reading this: when was the last time you heard a cricket? A woodpecker? Nothing? If you had to think, it’s been too long. Get a pop-up tent trailer and take your first family camping trip. Trust me, kids who grow up outside a little more, understand life a little more.

Now, don’t go knocking the X-BOXY-DO-DAD out of your kids hand, but instead, start talking to them about camping and the outdoors. Check out GORVing.com. It’s a perfect starting point.

So, now to all of the rest of you: The RVers. I just hope I re-inspired you a little to prep that rig and take a trip soon. And for those of you who who already on the road and have that campfire in your belly, well, thanks for reading and understanding the importance of keeping our outdoor culture alive. Maybe, just maybe, 1 person will read this, get a new or used RV and take his family on that very first trip whereby introducing a future generation to the RVing and the outdoors.