Stop Bumping Your Head with Hatchlift!

Have you ever felt like you were just too short to reach the latch to secure your compartment hatch open? I have and it is frustrating.  I’ve also slammed the hatch on my finger a few times. I’ve found the perfect item that solves this problem and makes compartment storage easier than ever.  Hatchlift is a hydraulic lift kit that provides safe, convenient access to your compartments. This easy to install hydraulic lift provides universal application, too. No more headaches from dropping the hatch on your head! You’ll save money on pain reliever for sure.

Check out the Hatchlift hydraulic door lift kits

This same company has taken the hassle out of under-bed storage in your RV, too.  We all know that the area under your bed is great place to store so many of your RV needs.  We always stored our tubes for river trips here along with the patio lights and outdoor chairs.  Our first fifth wheel did not have a lift on the bed and it made it a two person job to store things here.  Bed Lift has come to the rescue providing an easy to install lift kit for your bed.  No special applications or size requirements.  Simply purchase the standard if you have a standard queen RV mattress or the heavy duty if you have replaced your RV mattress with a household mattress or if you have a king size bed.  I promise this will make it so much easier for you and will maybe even save a pinched finger or bump on the

Check out the Hatchlift hydraulic bedlift kits