Galveston Oak Sculptures: Beauty in the wake of destruction.

During a recent trip to Galveston, some unexpected rain showers forced us off the beach and into the heart of the island.  We had heard about all of the damage from Hurricane Ike and we were amazed to see how well the people are recovering.  One thing we read about was the loss of so many of the century old oak trees and how creative the residence were in preserving their beauty. We had no idea how these dead tree stumps could become art and had no idea how beautiful the tree sculptures really were.  Many of the neighbors in the older historic district of town hired chain saw sculptors to transform their dead tree stumps into magnificent works of art … A tribute to the trees they lost and the survival of this beautiful community.

We saw everything from carved labradors to pelicans, frogs and even the tin man from The Wizard of Oz. For my grandsons (ages 9 and 10)this was like going on a scavenger hunt as we followed the map from street to street, taking pictures of the art.  We even had one resident invite us to come into her backyard to see three more designs not visible from the street.


Next time you are in Galveston make sure to add this tour to your adventures!  You can even get a map of the home sites by visiting the Galveston Island Vistor Center.

Have Fun!!!