RV Cooking With Just One Log

Let’s not pretend that we are fooling anyone, if you are an RVer, you probably have, at minimum, adequate cooking pits, bbqs, stoves and ovens. However, I just thought that this was such a neat idea, I just had to share. This is how you do a little RV cooking with just one log. Mind you, this has to be a substantial log. I’d say you should use one that’s at least 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Your cooking surface is actually going to be wider after you make the cuts to your wood.

Before you do anything, prep your area for a fire. Remove loose brush and debris. If you have a concrete pad available like in the picture above, use it. Basically, (you’ll need a chainsaw for this, so be careful) stand the log on it’s end and cut it like a pizza. You are going to make triangular wedges like you see above. Stand your pieces of wood back up and spread them apart about an inch. This not only widens your cooking surface as I said above, but it also creates wind tunnels for the oxygen to blow through. Slide sheets of newspaper between each space and light ‘er up! The air will supply oxygen via the spaces between your slices of wood, which in turn, fuels the fire.

There you have it…a camp fire you can cook with using just one log.

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Overused and Overneglected; Your RV’s Extension Cord

Overused and overneglected…what  is the condition of the  extension cord that you use while RVing? No doubt you have one, maybe two or more. Are they properly stowed, or has it become a rat’s nest of perpetually twisted knots that occupy a corner? How many cables are damaged, missing poles, splayed, shredded, exposing wire? A lot of you have  probably gone through your fair share of cables.  You don’t necessarily have to throw them out. You can fix them yourself. Here’s a word of caution, if you aren’t comfortable with electricity then you’re better off just replacing them, if you’re handy, you might be able to save yourself a few bucks when you accidentally damage one. Here’s a video on how you can fix your own extension cord.

Now, get those cables under control. If you learn how properly organize and roll your extension cords you will save time, effort and space. If you decide not to watch this video, then we are not responsible for any subsequent hair loss.  : )

Trust us, you will really be happy if you can figure out a way to keep your cables and extension cords organized. I’ve seen people literally kicking a coiled mess of an extension cord through a RV park in a final and desperate attempt to untangle the much needed cable. Sadly, this spectacle continued for hours until they were able to get the exact amount of length they needed. Talk about time you’ll never be able to get back. PPL Motorhomes’ advice is to keep those cables neat and in good working order and save yourself a future headache.