PPL Motorhomes: Bringing Your Pets Camping

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You know, PPL Motorhomes knows there’s nothing more enjoyable than going camping with the whole family, and by whole family, I mean Fido and Fifi, those lovable little guys that are there at a moments notice to make your long days at work a little more relaxing. There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a pet. Why not bring them with you on your next RVing adventure. You’ll find that almost every RV park not only allows pets, but has pet friendly areas for your happy little fellas to romp, play, run, jump and explore.

Now while most parks are pet friendly, there are rules that go along with bringing them along with you, so make sure you check with the rules of the park before you decide to bring them along. Like I said, most, if not all RV parks are animal friendly. You’ll just have to abide by the rules like , picking up after them and keeping them leashed unless otherwise noted.

All of us here at your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes, bring our extended family member on our trips whenever we can. There’s something about having all of the comforts of home that makes RVing so enjoyable, and that means saving a little room to bring the pets on occasion.

We love camping stories, and REALLY love camping stories that involve our furry friends. Share a few of your camping stories with RV Nana.