It’s American Hero Week

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Did you know that this week is American Hero week.  This is the time to thank our police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, soldiers and more for all they do to protect all of us.  Especially in light of some recent event’s such as tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma, as  well as the fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX that actually claimed the lives of many first responders.

This subject is especially close to my heart because my son-in-law is a police officer. I can’t help but say a little silent prayer for him every time he leaves for work.  My last words to him are always..Be Safe!  It isn’t just him that he needs to be safe for, but also for all of us. His family. I don’t know what we’d do if anything ever happened to him. It’s too tough to even thing about. Knowing the danger, he still risks life and limb on a daily basis to keep others safe and protected.

One thing that really gets my dander up is how often the news media sensationalizes the “bad” things done by American heroes and fails to thank them for the day to day dedication they display.  What are those “bad” things anyway? You’d be hard pressed to find the proverbial rotten apple that spoils the bunch. None of these heroes started their careers planning to make a million.  They chose their professions because they wanted to help others, because they wanted to make a difference each day.

All I ask is that when you are traveling in your RV around Texas, or any other part of the country, and you see either a soldier, fireman or policeman just tell them, “Thank You”. Most people have no clue about the sacrifices these men and women make on a daily basis. That’s not even talking about the sacrifices their family members also make. A simple, “Thank You” is enough to make any professional service man or woman feel good. I know I thank every one of them I run into. You’ll be amazed at how it makes you feel too!