PPL Motorhomes Rides the Old Pony Express Trail

Have you ever wanted to take a trip where you really had to think about it? If so, you should consider taking an RV education trip.  You see, one of the many great things about RVing is the ease of which you can  visit areas of our nation that have great historical significance, like  Boston, the mighty Mississippi, even the Pony Express trail- which was a revolutionary, but  short-lived form of communication. The 1,800-mile mail delivery system that ran from St. Joseph, Missouri to Old Sacramento,  California – a route now dotted with original and replica structures, as well as museums documenting the historic trail.

Hundreds of men and horses traversed the route, which included some 150 stations every 10-15 miles where riders would switch to a fresh horse. The journey took about 10 days and was key to linking the eastern U.S. to the west. The Pony Express ran only 18 months, from April 1860 to October 1861, when a telegraph system took its place.

The National Park Service has established the Pony Express National Historic Trail, which includes both original and replica buildings.   Stretching through eight states, these include the following official  historic trail stops:

  • Pony  Express Stable – St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Patee  House – St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Marysville  Pony Express Barn – Marysville, Kansas
  • Hollenberg  Station – Hanover, Kansas
  • Rock  Creek Station – Fairbury, Nebraska
  • Fort  Caspar – Casper, Wyoming
  • Camp  Floyd/Stagecoach Inn – Fairfield, Utah
  • Simpson  Springs – Tooele County, Utah
  • Fort  Churchill – Silver Springs, Nevada
  • B.F.  Hastings Building – Old Sacramento, California

Now, THAT sounds like a fun trip! Of course,if you are new to RVing, or are looking to get your first RV, RVNana and PPL Motorhomes are here to help with questions and give any advice you may need. Just give us a shout…but not by Pony Express.