The Importance Of Cleaning And Treating Your RV’s Roof

When was the last time you climbed up on the roof of your RV with the expressed purpose of cleaning it? If you answered “never”, well hold out your hand because RV Nana needs to give it a good smack. Now, I know what you are thinking; “Cleaning the roof is so difficult. It’s back breaking work”. Well, it doesn’t have to be. PPL Motorhomes has quite a few products for cleaning and treating you RV’s rubber roof. As an RV owner, you have to take care of every part of your rig, and that includes your roof.  We recommend that you clean, condition and protect your rubber roof at least twice a year. Cleaning your roof every 6 months will help prevent mold, mildew and fungus growth, as well as, giving your roof a continuous new look and adding years to your roof’s life. Do not use a silicone product on your roof as it will actually attract mildew and fungus growth. A good cleaner will remove black streaks and surface oxidation which will extend the life of your rubber roof. Further, as an added bonus, a good cleaner will also condition, moisturize and preserve your rubber roof.

This is a nice little video that will both show you how to clean the rubber roof of your RV, as well as show you the dramatic difference between a clean roof and the one that is probably on your RV now.

So, as you can see removing the buildup of dirt, roof chalk and airborne pollutants can now be done “standing up” with a sponge mop and a bucket of water. A soft bristle brush can be used in tight areas or when necessary to remove stubborn grime.  A product like Champion’s Choice Protect All RUBBER ROOF CLEANER eliminates rinsing and runoff keeping the RV clean and dry. Also, keep in mind, if you have any down time, roof cleaning can be performed at campgrounds, storage lots or your driveway.

If you have any questions about cleaning and treating the rubber roof on your RV, don’t hesitate to give us a call. PPL Motorhomes can certainly recommend some great products and techniques.

Remodel Your RV For Consignment

Before putting your RV on consignment with PPL Motorhomes, maybe you should consider a re-model first? A little facelift will help your RV sell much quicker. Take for example the video below. It’s a 1978 Winnebago, I believe, and it went from Brady Bunch to Posh pad with what appears to be some significant changes which required very little effort. You’d be surprised what a fresh splash of paint would can do to completely change the mood of your RV’s interior space. Check out the video for a really nice before and after tour.

Installing a new toilet, cabinets,  a new stove, new flooring, all of which will raise the value of an RV that you maybe considering putting on consignment. Approach your RV remodel as you would if you were doing a remodel to a home you were prepping for sale. Change out obviously worn interior appointments that aren’t visually appealing. Obviously, you don’t want to sink too much money into it, but it has to look nice and be up to date with modern appliances. As luck would have it, PPL Motorhomes has a huge selection of products to enhance the interior and exterior of your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel. Plus, we have the knowledgeable staff to help you through your remolding venture. They will be quick to answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve done a bathroom remodel, or an entire RV interior overhaul, share you experiences with us. Our readers can always use always use the real-life experiences from their RVer community, especially when it involves a major undertaking like a remodel.

Trick Or Treating At the RV Park Is Fun For the Whole Family

Trick-or-treating isn’t just for neighborhoods and the suburbs. RV parks all across the US routinely host some really great trick-or-treating opportunities. RVers are passionate about their RVs and decorate them with as much detail as they would decorate their own homes. Remember though, the same trick-or-treating rules apply.

  • Make sure your kids are wearing costumes that are visible at night. Add reflectors or glowsticks if need be. RV parks can be busy this time of year.
  • Be sure to inspect all of the candy you collect before eating any. Check for tampering, such as holes in the packaging or candy resealed with tape. Even the expiration date is important; you never know when someone will pass out candy that was originally purchased a couple of decades ago.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Look other ways before you cross the road. There will probably be lots of vehicles on the road within the park.
  • Make sure an adult accompanies all children.

Ever seen what trick-or-treating looks like at an RV park in Texas? This video was shot at the RV Ranch in Burleson, Texas.

This year do something different. Take your kids and grandkids RVing and let them trick-or-treat. There are lots of great RV parks in and around the Houston area. I’m going to go as far to say that it’s even better than doing it at home. Everyone is very friendly and really enjoying the Halloween season. If you have any questions, or are looking for some decorations for your RV, just give PPL Motorhomes a call.

PPL Motorhomes Cures “Couch Potato Syndrome”

It’s kids favorite time of year, Summer.  But, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t keep learning, nor should it mean that “couch potato syndrome” should set in. Those of us here at PPL Motorhomes who have children, or grandchildren will be taking them on road trips almost immediately after school ends. Of course, they’ll get ample time at home to play and decompress from the school year, but we won’t be letting them turn into a couch potato this summer either.  That’s why RVing is so great! It’s more affordable than your think, just take a look at all of the consignment RVs we have to offer. Plus, owning an RV is not just a home away from home for our kids and grand-kids is also a great teaching tool. It gets them outdoors so they can take a discovery hike, paddle a canoe, swim in a lake or go to the beach.  In fact, owing an RV, in my opinion, is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. The ability to make memories with family and grow in the RV lifestyle is, in my experience, invaluable.

Now while the family in video below doesn’t have an RV, it certainly shows how much fun kids can have in the great outdoors.

The earlier kids start appreciating the outdoors, the better stewards of our State Parks they will grow to be. A child that grows up outside, rather than in front of  a TV, or a gaming console is going to be more well rounded in their appreciation of the things that are around them. Science, Math, History and Poetry can be found right outside the city limits. They’ll be amazed what they find outside.

If you are interested in starting your own RV lifestyle and getting those kids off of the couch, see PPL Motorhomes. We carry a bunch of different motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth-wheels to choose and consignment RV might be the perfect first RV for you and your family to get out and see what you’ve been missing.

RV Parks Are Great For Family Reunions

Every year, all across America families plan reunions in hopes of staying in touch with those who can sometimes be on the other side of the US. Summer is prime season for reunions too. The weather is generally nice, kids are out of school and people have been saving up their vacation time. I know all of us here at PPL Motorhomes look forward to reuniting with our family members ever summer.

What better place to hold a family reunion that at an RV Park? Generally the amenities that are provided will more than suffice for even larger reunions. Many parks across the United States have pools, activities, eating halls, picnic areas, covered pavilions and more. Not only do you have all of this at your disposal, but many RV Parks also offer packages to help you organize your family reunion. Even if you have family members who don’t own an RV, some RV Parks also have permanent lodging facilities for rent.

However, PPL Motorhomes recommends looking into renting an RV and experiencing how comfortable the lifestyle can be first hand. Who knows, maybe one of your family member will love it so much they will want to get an RV for themselves! Not to do any shameless self-promotion here, but I know a great little consignment RV center in Houston that you can recommend.

Go On A Texas Wine Tour In Your RV

What can I say about Texas wine? Except that it’s…AMAZING!  If there’s one thing that many people don’t know about Texas, it’s that the climate is “ripe” for growing the grapes suitable for making wine. (Yes, I used that pun.) In fact, Texas is a huge producer of wines and has been doing so for centuries! Texas has 24 wineries that can be found all the way from Lampasas to New Braunfels. You may not know this either, but Texas is the second most popular wine destination in the country, second only to Napa Valley and Sonoma in California.

Every winery is unique here in Texas. We have some very large wineries, and some very small ones that only produce a few thousand cases per year. Regardless of it’s size, one of the great things about taking a winery tour is that, in many cases, you will be touring family owned facilities. In fact, the owner of the winery may even be giving the tour. Of course, there’s the tastings that make taking a tour pretty nice as well.

Want to plan a Texas Wine Trail RV trip of your own? Check out GoTexan’s YouTube channel below for just a few of the amazing wine destinations.

Also, don’t just plan on making this a one day trip either. Take two, or three days in your RV to fully explore the wonderful wines and wineries Texas has to offer. From the Dallas Wine Trail, to the Bluebonnet Trail and everything in between, you are certain to find some fabulous wines and make a lot of friends in the process.

However, wine connoisseurs, or not, exploring Texas is like exploring a whole other country. Why not jump in you RV and check it out for yourself? You can start your adventure right now in a consignment RV from PPL Motorhomes in Houston, or PPL Motorhomes in New Braunfels.

Wineguard Mobile App For Carryout Anser Antenna

Of the myriad of great and wonderful things that RVing brings to my life, pointing and setting the reception of our Wineguard Carryout Anser antenna isn’t necessarily one of them. It isn’t that it’s terribly difficult to use, on  the contrary, the Carryout Anser is an amazing antenna. The fact remains that finding the right elevation for any dish, or antenna can be a moderate pain. For many RVers, myself included, trying to use elevation maps, or searching for the right elevation by trial and error can be frustrating at times.

Well, the days of what I lovingly refer to as “point and pray” are over thanks to the new Wineguard Mobile App for the Carryout Anser antenna. Finding your satellite zenith is now easier than ever. This free app takes ALL of the guesswork out of finding the right elevation to set your Carryout Anser to. It uses the GPS in your smart phone to calculate the exact elevation, which means you can start enjoying a clean and clear satellite reception in a matter of minutes.

The app allows you to choose the satellite service you use and start watching your favorite programs in just 3 easy steps.

1. Choose the Elevation Guide.

2. Choose your provider. You can choose from DIRECTV, dish or Bell.

3. Choose the satellite you are trying to receive.

You’re done! It really is that easy. There’s nothing to it! This great new app will tell you the correct elevation to set on your Carryout Anser and then all you have to do is rotate it to the correct elevation and lock it. There you go, enjoy your shows!

There is no doubt that this app is big time-saver and will keep you from pulling your hair out when trying to search for your satellite signal. It’s super-easy to use, but if you have questions there is a help number you can call which will put you in direct contact with Wineguard. It also has a Wineguard dealer finder if ever needed while you are out on the road.

If you already have, or are considering getting a Wineguard Carryout Asner antenna, I highly recommend adding this app to your smart phone. For further questions concerning the satellite itself, or for any other RV parts or accessories, feel free to call us here at PPL Motorhomes, or visit our PPL Motorhomes locations in Houston and New Braunfels.

Spring Is The Best Time To Sell And To Buy An RV

Why does PPL Motorhomes, your consignment RV center recommend that you sell or put your RV on consignment during Spring? Well, the answer really is quite simple. It all boils down to Spring Fever!  As soon as the weather breaks and we see our first signs of spring, people are already tired of being cooped up for the Winter. (Especially up North where they had some very serious weather and snowfall this Winter season.)  When Spring finally does roll around, RVers want nothing more than to be outdoors.

Likewise, people who don’t own an RV yet may see their RVing friends leaving and going off for weekend and spring break adventures and they want to be part of the fun.  Of course, calling the RV lifestyle “fun” is an understatement! We’ve had customers who have been waiting almost their whole lives to get their first RV, and in Spring buyers come out of the woodwork.

Everyone imagines that every day in an RV will be like that wonderful Spring adventure day.  The weather is comfortable, the camps are open and you will make friendships that can last a lifetime. Who doesn’t want to sit around a campfire on a comfortable Spring evening talking about the past and what’s in store for the future? I’ll tell you, every conversation is better over roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and S’Mores. Who doesn’t want to be part of that picture?  If you are ready for you first, or fifth RV, check out our consignment RV inventory at PPL Motorhomes in Houston and PPL Motorhomes in New Braunfels.

Mardi Gras Is The Perfect Event For RVers

It’s true, Mardi Gras is the perfect event for RVers. Today is Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras and that means it’s the one time of year you can get out there, enjoy the festivities, and dance like no one is watching! It’s events like Mardi Gras that people who own RV can really enjoy without having to scramble for accommodations. We all know that the event is one of the World’s largest celebrations, but do you know the reason behind the celebration itself?

The Mardi Gras Carnival dates back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility rites.  Roman festivals of this time had merrymakers binging on all the meat, eggs, milk and cheese that remained in their homes, until the season of Lent began, a time of eating only fish and fasting. In France, the day before Ash Wednesday came to be known as Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday.” The word “carnival,” another common name, may also derive from this vegetarian-unfriendly custom: in Medieval Latin, carnelevarium means to take away or remove meat.  Lots of cities have Mardi Gras celebrations highlighting music, dance, costumes, King cake, and yes, of course, the coveted beads! [Source: Leisure Resort Newsletter]

Mardi Gras is fun for all ages, as you can see in the amazingly cute video below. Carter isn’t 3 just yet and this was her first Mardi Gras…Sometimes it take the innocence of a child to help us remember all of the really fun and amazing things life has to offer. In this case, it’s her first Mardi Gras celebration.

If you’ve already been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, then you understand the joy that little Carter in the video above was experiencing and how her happiness can be experienced by everyone attending any Mardi Gras festivities. If you haven’t been to a Mardi Gras celebration, make plans to attend one next year in your RV. There are some really fantastic parks in the area. Just do a little research, or even give us a call and we may be able to suggest a good R park to stay in during the festivities. Don’t own an RV yet or want to upgrade? We;; we can do that too. We have hundreds of RV on consignment for you to tour. Just swing by PPL Motorhomes any time and take a look, we’d love to show you around.

Texas Is A RVer’s Wonderland; Rockport & Fulton TX

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…and I’ll say it a thousand more times to boot: I LOVE TEXAS! As an RVer, I truly believe there is no greater state in the Union that has more to see, more to do and more to explore. Texas is overflowing with mountains, hill country, plains, farmlands, amazing forests, lakes, rivers, tributaries and coastal regions. If a RVer ever says they’ve seen everything they can see in Texas, I’d challenge them to reevaluate their previous destinations and dig a little deeper. Texas is ripe with must-visit small towns like Shiner, Gruene and New Braunfels all of which have an amazing amount of sites to see, things to do and stuff to buy. In fact, PPL Motorhomes has a location in New Braunfels, so you can even shop for RVs and RV Parts and Accessories while you visit.

Today, I’d like to clue you in on a great RV adventure area in the Gulfport cities of Rockport and Fulton, TX. If you’ve ever had the joy of traveling down the Texas Coastal bend, you will be able to visit some of the most scenic, friendly and adventurous towns and places in Texas. Rockport and Fulton aren’t necessarily considered twin cities, but their communities overlap, which makes for one amazing RV destination. There are multiple RV parks in the area, so you won’t have a problem finding a hook up.

Here’s a great little historical video I found done by a Texas A&M student who lived in Rockport since the age of 6. Check it out, it has some really great information.

If you aren’t inspired to visit the Coastal Bend, specifically Rockport and Fulton after seeing that, well, maybe you should watch it again. There are so many things to do, they are too numerous to list here, but here’s a few “Don’t Miss” stops: Blue Wave Beach, The Fulton Museum, The Texas Maritime Museum, The Salt Flats, The Fulton Fishing Pier and more! Check out this site for additional sights as well as RV Parks and Campgrounds:

Sun, sand, water and fun. As soon as summer rolls around, we are going back down for another visit. It might even become a yearly destination for RV Nana and family. Of course the best part of visiting the Gulf Coast is that, if you are coming from North Texas, or the Hill country, you can stop by PPL Motorhomes in Houston and PPL Motorhomes in New Braunfels for any supplies, parts or accessories you might need. We can even suggest other places to visit on your way to the Texas Gulf Coast!