Staying The Night In Wal-Mart Parking Lots

One of the nice things about RVing is the ability to take a break from driving for the evening and spend the night in many of the nation’s Wal-Mart store parking lots. In fact, there are many Wal-Mart lots across the United States that are actually destinations for many RVers. The good news is that most Wal-Marts openly welcome RVers for an evening’s stay. That’s good news for the weary traveler. However it’s a very good idea to check with the store management before you just assume that it’s OK to camp.

Generally there are specified area’s specifically for RVers who are staying the evening. Keep in mind that you don’t want to stay more than one night. You have to remember, that the Wal-Mart stores that allow you to stay are doing so as a courtesy and not as a substitute for staying at a legitimate RV park, or campsite.

There are even publications available that can tell you whether or not a Wal-Mart Parking lot is RV friendly.

Another good reason to check with store management before you just assume it is OK to part your RV in a parking lot for a night is that there may actually be city ordinances against camping in parking lots. It doesn’t take much to call ahead and check first. It could certainly save you an embarrassing conversation with either the store management or even the police department.

That being said, Wal-Mart parking lots, among others, can be a great lay over station as you progress to your intended destination. Just make sure you check before you assume that it is permissible to stay the night.

Keep the Rodents Out Of Your RV

Let’s face it, no one wants rodents invading their living spaces, that includes your RVs, Houston. “Mice and Rats can get into my RV”? Yes. Mice and Rats can get into just about anywhere they want to, especially if there is food. This time of year is particularly bad. As the temperatures begin to cool, animals are going to be looking for warm shelter with a food supply. Wouldn’t you, after all?

Here’s the problem. Rodents can cause severe damage to just about everything. They’ll chew through wires, gnaw on wood, and leave their feces and urine everywhere (which can cause respiratory issues, by the way).

So , how do you keep unwanted RV guest out of your RV? Here are a few hints. Remember though, nothing is going to help more than looking over your entire RV for possible points of entry. If they can put their head in it, the can probably squeeze their whole body in.

If you do have a problem, you may need to get a local critter catcher to give them an eviction notice if you can’t clear it up with food source  deprivation and traps. If you have any suggestions for PPL Motorhomes that can keep our customer’s consignment RVs rodent free, leave us a comment.

Get Rid Those Stinky Holding Tank Smells

Traveling by RV is a way of life for a lot of us. We enjoy getting out in nature, exploring new parts of the country and spending time with our families. When we’re out for an extended period of time, we can tend to encounter some ‘smells’ that we’d rather not deal with, namely the ‘rotten egg’ smell of our holding tanks. Lucky for RVers, there’s a great product that removes that odor and let’s you continue enjoying your vacation.

Odorlos is a safe, non-toxic holding tank additive that neutralizes the odor coming from it. How does it work, you ask? It introduces a nitrogen-based additive into the tank which then attacks the odor causing agents and processes them. That means no holding tank odor! Odorlos also breaks down all waste and tissue as well as lubricating the inlet and outlet valves for your tank. All of this while being 100% biodegradable and accepted by all campgrounds across the nation.

11 Great reasons to choose naturally effective Odorlos

  • Safe and effective in all RV and marine holding tank and septic tank systems
  • Approved by all campgrounds
  • Accelerates breakdown of paper and solid matters, helping to prevent clogs that can lead to costly repairs
  • Lubricates valves with every treatment
  • Scent-free – eliminates odors without harmful masking perfumes
  • Non-staining
  • Formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Stores easily regardless of conditions
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Effective even in a high heat environment

What you won’t find in Odorlos

  • Formaldehyde, a poisonous chemical that kills bacteria – including the good kind – and stops the break-down process
  • Deodorants and fragrances, chemicals that just mask smell instead of eliminating it
  • Enzymes, an ingredient that takes too long to work and may actually increase the production of odors
  • Bacteria, which have limited shelf lives (especially in high heat). (Plus, you already have plenty of bacteria in waste, why pay for more?)

Visit the Odorlos page on PPL Motorhomes for ordering information.




RV Technical And Roadside Assistance Is A Must


For all of the prep work we do before we actually hit the road to go RVing, nothing is more frustrating than to have all of it virtually come undone because of a technical problem, or an unforeseen need for roadside assistance. If you own your RV long enough and consistently travel,  your chances increase for the need of reliable RV technical and roadside assistance.

That’s why RV Nana uses Coach-Net. They are the leading source for 24-7 RV roadside assistance and technical support. They’ve been around since 1987 providing the highest degree of service, assistance, and mechanics to tackle virtually any problem you may encounter on the road.

There are many obvious reasons you should choose Coach-Net for your RV support service, but there are also some reasons that you may not think about. First of all, your RV is a complicated machine; after all, it is basically a house on wheels. So let’s say you have a plumbing issue at your house—more often than not, you are going to call a plumber—but what do you do when it’s your RV’s plumbing system that needs some help, or it’s electrical, or it’s your LP system? Are you going to tackle these issues by yourself? Maybe if you were a Certified RV Mechanic, but let’s be honest, you are probably going to scamper to find an RV mechanic somewhere. Of course, there’s no way of telling if you are going to find one, and, if you do, is he worth his salt? Why take the chance. By having a service like Coach-Net in your back pocket, you can easily contact them with your problem and have a solution in a matter of minutes. Maybe it’s something you can take care of yourself, but, if it isn’t, Coach-Net will have you covered for all sorts of technical and mechanical problems.

At PPL Motorhomes, we offer Coach-Net services and feel that is more than worth the minimal cost associated in getting total roadside coverage. I like to just factor it into the cost of owning an RV, as we are all well aware of , there are a few costs that you cannot do without, such as refilling your LP tank, and adding chemicals to your black water system… it’s just the way of the road. So, when you are out on the road, you’re probably already taking many measures to make sure you have a great time: go one step further and look into adding the coverage of Coach-Net today!


Go RVing and Give Your Kids a Camera

In today’s world getting kids away from video games, iPads, smartphones and a whole host of other things designed to essentially keep them sedentary is a very difficult thing to do. When we were kids if you wanted entertainment, you had to make it up yourself. You had to go outside and explore. You had to create your own adventure and that was usually done outdoors. We went outside when it was sunny, when it was cold and even when it was raining. Today there simply is no “app” that will substitute for actually going outdoors.

When I try to light a fire under my grandchildren and get them off of the computer or away from the TV, it’s usually met with disgruntled moans and groans. “Aw, Nana, can’t we just finish this game?” My answer is usually “No”. I want them to get outside and explore the things that a virtual world could never replicate. So that got me thinking. If we are in a battle with our kids to leave the technology behind, we might lose that battle. Why not bring a little technology outside with them in the form of a digital camera and win the war!

A camera is, essentially a gateway between technology and environment. I’ve heard the term “hybrid learning”, which is where technology and nature work together to create a new way of thinking. By using the digital camera, or even the camera of their phones it allows your kids to both engage with nature and “play” with the electronics and technology at the same time.

Next time you go RVing with the kids, or grandkids try getting them to explore the outdoors more by challenging them to a photo scavenger hunt. For example, make a list of things that are commonly found in a campsite, or RV park, like flowers, insects, rocks, colors, shapes, people, animals, etc…and have them take a photo of each of the “hunted” items. The the photo possibilities are endless.

Now the camera doesn’t have to be a $2,000 SLR, or anything professional. That’s obvious. A simple point and shoot with automatic focus is good enough. They can still get great pictures without having to be concerned about anything else other than taking the picture. Children will spend a good amount of time composing their pictures in order to get “just the right shot”. The time the spend looking through the viewfinder and the concentration it requires are the special moments that allow kids to experience the minute details of nature in an up-close and personal way.

After they take their pictures, you can sit down with them and help them make a scrapbook of their photos that they can then share with friends and family. Before you they know it, they will have all of their trips and adventures documented and can always revisit those memories by looking at their pictures. Don’t forget to have them put captions of “when, where and what” on them so they can always remember.

Digital photography is a great tool to get our increasingly technologically oriented kids outside to not only discover nature, but also preserve and share those discoveries with their family and friends. If your kids have taken any pictures your like to share, just head over to PPL Motorhomes Facebook page and post them! I know all of our fans would love to see the outdoors through a child’s eyes.

Are You Ready To Sell That RV?

Spring is almost here and there’s not a better time to unload that RV you’ve been trying to sell and put the proceeds towards a new one! Stop looking out the window at your RV, wondering when someone will drive by and notice the “For Sale” sign in the window. Let us sell it for you! Between March 19th – 24th, we’re having our Spring RV sale. We won’t charge you anything until your RV is sold, and we’ll even give you a FREE Ultimate RV Cleanup (worth $450).

RV Consignment has been the specialty of PPL Motor Homes since 1972 with the experience of selling over 28,200 consigned RVs. We are the largest consignment dealer in the USA! Take a look at this video that goes into details about out consignment process:

We know that selling your RV is a pain in the neck, and that’s why you should let us do it for you! We have over 15,000 buyers actively receiving information via mail on our inventory of pre-owned RVs, plus over 30,000 buyers receive updates via email. That doesn’t include the over 750,000 visitors per month on our website. If your RV is in front of that many potential buyers, your chance of selling goes up tremendously.

  • Every week, hundreds of prospective buyers will receive detailed information on your vehicle by mail.
  • This information will include the price, a detailed description, floor plan, and condition rating or your vehicle.
  • Buyers have learned to trust PPL’s information and ratings. In fact, many will look only at vehicles listed with PPL.
  • Buyers rely on PPL to save them time and the frustration of “unqualified shopping” which increases the probability of selling your RV at a fair price!


Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.20.16 PM

Great Deals on Back-Up Sensor & Camera Systems

Hitching your RV up is a pain, especially if it’s just you doing the hitching, having to get out of the car multiple times just to gauge how much further you need to back up. With two people, you have confusing hand signals and lots of screaming and yelling, “TURN THE WHEEL LEFT, NO!!! I MEAN YOUR OTHER LEFT!”

This is where technology makes our lives easier. There are a couple of back-up sensor and camera systems that I recommend, and right now, until March 10th, they’re on sale! The Smart Hitch & the Swift Hitch are both great solutions to help you hitch up your RV and get outta town. Be sure and sign up for our email updates and be informed of all of our sales and deals.

The Smart Hitch Camera & Sensor System

  • Easily align hitch ball to the trailer coupler every time – Made for Towing
  • Makes it easy for one person to hitch up to the trailer by themselves – Plug-In Simple!®
  • Camera mounts behind the license plate
  • No Splicing! Plugs in behind the tow package connector, retaining electrical functions at the rear of the vehicle
  • Crystal Clear Monitor
  • Large, 3.5″ color monitor with static free image – Great for Everyday Use
  • Camera comes with SmartZone™ Sensors
  • 3 detection zones alert the driver to distance and direction of objects with audible alerts
  • Switch between Hitch Mode and Everyday Mode at the push of a button

The Swift Hitch Back-Up Camera

With this Trailer Hitch Camera you can easily hitch up your trailer, camper or snow blower during the day or night! Simply mount the magnetic camera on the tailgate, view the hitch while backing up to align and hitch it up. The fully automatic night vision camera has a magnetic base and transmits up to 300 ft. The easy to use full color 2.5″ LCD display (960×240) allows single-hand operation, normal or reverse imaging and has a 4 hour rechargeable li-battery. Complete system includes camera and display, 12V charger cable, display battery (22-1399 (SH02) also includes storage case and suction cup mount).


More that just a Trailer Hitch Camera!! Check out other uses:

  • Look into tight spaces on remodeling or construction jobs.
  • Inspect a chimney. The night vision is the key.
  • Inspect plumbing and find leaks in tight spaces.
  • Locate dropped parts in tight places (boat bilges, for example)
  • RV Owners Use Swift Hitch while adjusting the satellite dish for best reception. Simply point the camera at the TV and hold the display to fine tune the dish position.
  • On a stop-over or while camping to monitor sleeping child while you’re sitting just outside the vehicle.
  • Perform inspection tasks where space is limited. Attach camera to a pole.
  • Monitoring horses or other cargo inside trailers.
  • Temporary security camera – see who’s at the front door.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.47.00 PM

Newsletter January 2014

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Thanksgiving in an RV

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m sure the question has popped into your head: “How am I gonna cook Thanksgiving dinner in my RV?”. Knowing that your RV has smaller appliances and counter space than your kitchen probably scares you a little bit, too. But not to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to make your turkey day go off without a hitch.

I’ve heard of many RVers who have cooked a turkey in their crock-pot! This will free up your stove and allow you to cook side dishes while your turkey is being cooked. One that I recommend is the Roasted Yams and Apples recipe. Since you’re not using your stove-top just yet, there are a couple of great recipes out there for green beans and a curried butternut squash and apple soup that would be a cinch to make in your RV. Minimal ingredients and a small amount of space taken up.

Some people like to deep fry their turkeys, which is great, because you can do that outside! That just leaves more space inside for you to cook side dishes and desserts. Be sure to bring enough fryer oil to cook with!

If baked turkey is your thing, then I recommend buying turkey breasts at the supermarket. They are more compact than a whole turkey and you can buy a few packages worth and stick them in your freezer.

If you carry a grill with you when you go traveling, you can always grill a turkey on it! You may have to take the top warmer shelf out to get the whole turkey in there, but a 4-burner grill should accommodate a smaller turkey.

Always think ahead when preparing a big meal in your RV, take all the ingredients you can, then stop by the grocery store for the additional items.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy RVing!

How to Make A Family Fun Night a Success While RVing

When you take a family camping, it can be hard to get everyone together for a few hours and spend time with them. Kids will bring their iPads or play on their phones, if there’s a TV in the RV, sometimes we’ll lose a few hours flipping channels. We encourage putting down the electronic devices and spending some quality time with everyone, that’s what RVing is all about. Here’s a few things that crossed my mind on how to make a Family Fun Night a success!

1. Bring board games!

Starting a rousing game of Monopoly or dominoes is a sure fire way to spend some quality time with your family. Be sure to bring a few different games, you want as many people as possible taking part in it. Playing cards are great to keep in the RV, simply because of their versatility. You can play “Go Fish” if your group is younger, or “Spades” if you’re with an older crowd. The possibilities are endless. Here are just some that you can order from PPL Motorhomes!

Travel Board Games                  $14.95
Road Trip Game                        $19.95
Texas Trivia                               $19.95
Rally Ho RV Travel Game           $19.95
Mexican Train Domino Game     $25.95
Dominos to Go                         $9.95

2. Pick a family friendly movie for Movie Night!

You might even consider projecting your movie onto the side of your RV and getting everyone outside to enjoy nature! You can even go as far as implementing a “No Cell Phone” rule during the movie to keep everyone from multitasking (checking Facebook or texting with friends) and into the movie.

3. Explore walking trails!

Most campground and RV sites have walking trails and nature walks within the site. Make it a point to get everyone out for a walk and explore the grounds around you. Give the kids a list of 5 different flowers to find, or see who can spot the most different insects while out for a walk.

What do you guys and gals do for family time on your trips? Find us on Facebook and let us know!