PPL Motorhomes: Clearance Height…Know It

Here’s something that you don’t see every day. RV vs. Bridge, who do you think will win? The bridge will, of course. If there is one thing that all of us here at PPL Motorhomes know, it’s the height of our RVs in relation to the bridges and low hanging tree limbs and powerlines along our routes. You should always know the clearance height of your RV before attempting to navigate under anything. A good idea is to write it on an index card and tape it directly to your dashboard.

Low bridges like in the picture above are rare, but can be found across the state – usually off of the beaten path. I’m really not sure how such an extreme miscalculation could have happened other than to speculate that the driver either forgot he was towing his rig (which seems unlikely), or he wasn’t paying attention to signage that usually precedes a low overpass. When venturing into rural areas, there is a possibility that you will encounter a low bridge, so watch for warning signs.

Keep in mind too though, that’s it’s not just bridges that you have to think about while in tow.

The bottom line is that you always need to be extra aware while towing your rig. It’s very easy to get lazy and start assuming that you will fit under every bridge, overhang or protruding tree. When you stop paying attention is when these things creep up on you and chances are you are going to do irreparable damage to your beloved Texas RV.

We all know someone who has either had an accident of this nature, or has come really close to having one. It can easily be our rig that is the next victim of us not paying attention to our surroundings and knowing our RV’s height. They put measurements on over passes for a reason folks, don’t ignore them. PPL motorhomes wants you to enjoy that RV for many more years to come, so go and put the height of your RV somewhere obvious on your dashboard for future reference.


PPL Motorhomes: Brazos Bend State Park and Observatory

All of us at PPL Motorhomes are always looking for new adventures and places to visit and last year RV Nana and her bunch visited an amazing place: The Brazos Bend State Park and Observatory. For those of you who haven’t been to this amazing place you’ll be please to know that this destination isn’t short on things to do and see. You’ll find really great bike trails, beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife.  In fact, we had a bag of marshmallows out for S’mores one evening and a raccoon scurried down a nearby tree, grabbed the entire open bag and ran back up to enjoy his snack.  Within minutes it looked like it was raining giant marshmallows as he tore into the bag.

On that same trip, we were riding our bikes along the lake and came right up on an alligator (10’ long – no exaggeration).  He was peacefully sunning himself.  At that point, I was on the lead bike and I motioned for everyone to just keep peddling and move to the left quietly.  He acted as if he had never even seen us, but it sure spooked all of us from my 9 year old grandson to myself.

Check out the sights in the video below:

Check out the Texas Parks And Wildlife webpage for more information like what you’ll read below.

Brazos Bend State Park, approximately 28 miles southwest of Houston, covers roughly 5000 acres, with an eastern boundary of 3.2 miles fronting on the Brazos River on the southeast border of Fort Bend County. This was the area of Texas’ first Anglo colonization. It was purchased by the state in 1976-77 and was opened to the public in 1984.

Archeological materials show that prehistoric people visited this area, possibly as early as 300 BC; in early historical times, the Capoque band of the Karankawa Indians roamed between the mouth of the Brazos River and Galveston Bay and may have traveled inland as far as Brazos Bend. In the early 19th century, this area of Texas was the site of Stephen F. Austin’s first colonial land grant from Mexico, and present park land was included in a grant to Abner Harris and a partner named William Barrett in 1827. Most of riverfront was sold shortly after the Texas Revolution, and records show that in 1845, part of the park and 2400 feet of river frontage were in the hands of cotton brokers who lived in Brazoria. At the time, the Brazos River was one of the principal routes of commerce, and it may be that the brokerage firm used the area for one of its riverboat landings. In recent times, the land on which the park is located was used for cattle grazing, pecan harvesting, and as a private hunting preserve.

Texas is filled with amazing parks to visit and Brazos Bend State Park is only one of them. In fact, that is one of the greatest things about Texas, we have all types of terrain from mountains, to hills and valleys to seas, we have it all. So much so, that sometimes it can be difficult to decide where we want to go next and the best part is, these places are virtually in our backyard.

What are your favorite places to visit in Texas? Where should we go for our next family outing? RV Nana and PPL Motorhomes welcomes all suggestions, just drop us a line.

PPL Motorhomes: RVing Is More Popular Than Ever

If there is one thing that RVing affords the RVer, it’s freedom. The freedom to do anything and go anywhere you want, any time you want. At PPL Motorhomes, we’ve had the pleasure and joy of talking to hundreds of RVers about the lifestyle daily. The one notion that rings true with every one of them is the very real sense of not being tethered, or tied down.

The fact that we can hook up our fifth-wheel, hit the road and go as many miles as we want is why we RV. One morning I can watch the sunrise in Big Bend, and then watch it set the next night in the Gulf of Mexico. That is a testament to the the freedom that RVing gives us. It’s not so much that we HAVE to go somewhere as much as it is knowing that we CAN go somewhere, and do so without ever leaving the comfort of our own home.

There are some things where it would be appropriate to say: “Now (insert activity here) might not be for everyone…”, however RVing isn’t one of them. It truly is for everyone. From the very young to, those of of us who have seen millions of miles of highway, RVing is more than an adventure, it’s a way of life. Just ask anyone of us at PPL Motorhomes and you’ll hear the same thing: “I LOVE RVing”!

PPL Motorhomes: The JACK Digital HDTV Antenna System

Now if you know anything about RVNana, you know I’m a big proponent of getting outdoors, but sometimes you just want to stay in and catch a little R&R from your R&R. What do you do? Read a book? Play on the computer? Watch TV? If you said the latter, then you might want to consider an upgrade on your consignment RV to the latest RV Digital TV Antenna technology with King Controls’ new JACK Digital HDTV antenna system. This is an amplified, ultra high gain antenna that provides the best digital TV reception available for your RV. A much broader reception angle may bring in more stations in one setting and provide superior reception for both VHF and UHF signals.

Here’s Boyd McMakin with PPL Motorhomes explaining the advantages of having a JACK antenna system on your rig.

If you think that the JACK Digital HDTV Antenna System is something that you’d be interested for your RV, don’t hesitate to give our Texas Consignment RV Dealership a call. We can see if this is the right antenna system for you.

PPLMotorhomes: Baby Proofing Your RV

PPL Motorhomes loves kids!!! I know that most of you out there, like myself, have grandchildren. I also know that you probably like to take them camping so they can experience the great outdoors at a relatively young age. You might even be a new parent who can’t wait go go on your weekend jaunts to the National Parks, or your favorite RV Parks. However, just like in your home, you need to “Baby Proof your RV”.

There are lot’s of hazards both inside and outside of your RV. The question is can you identify them and how can you protect your child or grandchild from them? I’m not going to lie this can be a seemingly impossible task, however there are a few things that you can do to protect that little bundle of joy, or tiny terror…which ever one you may have.

Your RV has many of the same temptations and trouble spots found in your house. Be sure to start with the basics. Outlet covers are a dime a dozen and should be used liberally throughout the interior. Latch all cabinets, even those compartments with nothing to hide, if for no other reason than to dissuade kids from hiding their toys, food or the cat. Be on the lookout for sharp edges and corners found on some dinettes, entryway steps, and counter tops. Hey, this might be a good opportunity to use those swimming noodles I wrote about a week ago, they can possibly save your kiddo from a nasty gash.

The bottom line is to approach your RV like you would your home. Kids put things in their mouths, so remove all tiny objects that are in their reach. Kids like to stick things in wall sockets…cover them. It really is just basic common sense. Of course, junior isn’t going to be doing any of this at 2 months old, but as soon as he, or she learns to crawl, you could be in for a big surprise when you find out how much trouble your child can get into.

Watch the video below for a few hints you can use in your RV.

If you have any other ideas on how to baby proof your RV, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or come into one of our Texas RV Dealerships and share your ideas with our staff. There is no doubt that other families can benefit from your experience.

PPL Motorhomes: PullRight Fifth-Wheel Hitches Are Incredible

If you own a fifth-wheel, then you know how difficult it can be to maneuver your rig around a campsite, or RV park. That’s not even mentioning that there are right and wrong ways to hook up your Fifth-Wheel and load capacity issues that you may not be aware of. The good news is that there is a hitch on the market that PPL Motorhomes carries that will alleviate most of the stresses and potential mishaps of  towing a fifth-wheel. Check out the PullRight video below.

Now take a look at the PullRight with PPL Motorhomes’, Boyd McMakin.

The bottom line is that the PullRight Superglide  hitch is the best solution for towing with short bed trucks. The automatic sliding action of the hitch eliminates the need to get out and slide the manual hitch back EVERY time you need to make a sharp turn. It only takes 1 time to forget while turning for an accident to occur!

If you have any questions about this PullRight hitch, don’t hesitate to give Boyd a call at PPL Motorhomes.