PPL Motorhomes: Leveling and balancing your new RV with scissor jacks

I don’t know about you, but when we first started RVing we didn’t really know too much. We had to learn on the road for the most part. One of those things was learn how to level and stabilize our RV. I swear there have been a couple of times that it felt like I was walking at a tilt. Why? Because, we weren’t as level as we thought and we’re sort of guessing about how our jacks worked on our pre-owned 5th wheel.

It really wasn’t that hard to figure out, and once we really found out the right way to use our scissor jacks, we never had a problem again. What are scissor jacks you ask? Scissor Jacks for RVs are an economical way of leveling and stabilizing your Travel trailer, or other RV. The model in the video below is of heavy-duty all steel construction with a universal design that fits most RV’s regardless of the ground clearance. The jack can be extended from 4″ to 24″ and the tooth gear designed scissor arms engage to ensure straight-line vertical extension and retraction. Easy operating crank handle turns a double lead acme threaded drive screw for quick raising. Plus on this particular jack there is black rust inhibitor coating on the jack and shiny zinc-plated handle that will ensure long life. Scissor jacks may be mounted in front or rear. Best of all, all mounting hardware is included. You can even welded the unit to trailer frame making it even easier to use.

Check out the video below with Boyd from PPL Motorhomes, demonstrating the Scissor Jack:

PPL Motorhomes Asks: What’s The Condition Of Your RV Sewer Hoses?

And now for a topic from PPL Motorhomes that everyone needs to know about, but very few talk about: Sewer hoses. For all intents and purposes, your sewer hoses are extremely important in regards to their care and condition. Improperly sealed or deteriorated hoses are an environmental hazard. The good news is that PPL Motorhomes has all in one replacement hoses for your consignment or new RV. Have a look at Boyd and Tommy Doyle explain the RhinoFlex Sewer system.

RhinoFLEX Sewer Hoses are made of HTS (a high tensile strength formula) that is tough, flexible, and stays in place when you set it up. When compressed, the 10′ hose is only a 32″ long rigid pipe – easy to handle and store. When pulling it apart, it may be shaped to fit your situation, and it stays that way.

There are three wraps of vinyl over steel-wire core minimizes pinholes and other leaks caused by rough scrapes and abrasions. Comes in 10′ and 15′ lengths, plus a 5′ extension with coupler. These hoses fit all standard 3″ fittings.

A RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Kit  is available at PPL Motorhomes which includes a 15′ RhinoFLEX hose with pre-attached fittings. Check it out if you are looking for a new sewer kit.