Texas Is A RVer’s Wonderland; Rockport & Fulton TX

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…and I’ll say it a thousand more times to boot: I LOVE TEXAS! As an RVer, I truly believe there is no greater state in the Union that has more to see, more to do and more to explore. Texas is overflowing with mountains, hill country, plains, farmlands, amazing forests, lakes, rivers, tributaries and coastal regions. If a RVer ever says they’ve seen everything they can see in Texas, I’d challenge them to reevaluate their previous destinations and dig a little deeper. Texas is ripe with must-visit small towns like Shiner, Gruene and New Braunfels all of which have an amazing amount of sites to see, things to do and stuff to buy. In fact, PPL Motorhomes has a location in New Braunfels, so you can even shop for RVs and RV Parts and Accessories while you visit.

Today, I’d like to clue you in on a great RV adventure area in the Gulfport cities of Rockport and Fulton, TX. If you’ve ever had the joy of traveling down the Texas Coastal bend, you will be able to visit some of the most scenic, friendly and adventurous towns and places in Texas. Rockport and Fulton aren’t necessarily considered twin cities, but their communities overlap, which makes for one amazing RV destination. There are multiple RV parks in the area, so you won’t have a problem finding a hook up.

Here’s a great little historical video I found done by a Texas A&M student who lived in Rockport since the age of 6. Check it out, it has some really great information.

If you aren’t inspired to visit the Coastal Bend, specifically Rockport and Fulton after seeing that, well, maybe you should watch it again. There are so many things to do, they are too numerous to list here, but here’s a few “Don’t Miss” stops: Blue Wave Beach, The Fulton Museum, The Texas Maritime Museum, The Salt Flats, The Fulton Fishing Pier and more! Check out this site for additional sights as well as RV Parks and Campgrounds: Betterrving.com.

Sun, sand, water and fun. As soon as summer rolls around, we are going back down for another visit. It might even become a yearly destination for RV Nana and family. Of course the best part of visiting the Gulf Coast is that, if you are coming from North Texas, or the Hill country, you can stop by PPL Motorhomes in Houston and PPL Motorhomes in New Braunfels for any supplies, parts or accessories you might need. We can even suggest other places to visit on your way to the Texas Gulf Coast!