Houston RVers, Do You Have A Disembarkation Checklist

All of us here at your Houston consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes has heard that old saying “an ounce of prevention” hundreds of times, but I saw something today that really hit home. I have a disembarkation checklist of things we need to do before we hit the road, whether we’re heading off to our favorite campsite or on our way home. I met an RV owner today who was wishing he had made a checklist like that and had taken the time to use it. He closed up his slides, disconnected his water and electric and hit the road. When he got here he was unpleasantly surprised by the mess in his RV. Apparently, he had not secured the refrigerator door and everything, including the milk, was all over the floor. In addition, two or three of his cabinet doors had come open and canned goods were every-where. This was a horrible way to realize he needed a checklist. The following is the list of things we do for our fifth wheel and we actually have this list laminated on the inside of a cabinet.

• Turn off Ceiling fan (before closing the slides)
• Check all cabinet doors
• Make sure coffee pot is secure
• Check refrigerator (door closed – operating on gas)
• Make sure TV is strapped in place
• Close Shower door
• Chairs strapped in place
• Turn off water pump
• Turn off water heater

Your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes wants your to keep in mind that every vehicle is a little different and your list may be longer or shorter than mine. The important thing is that you have a list and read it. TVs, coffee pots and open refrigerator doors can make a huge mess. Remember, an ounce of prevention goes a long way.

PPL Motorhomes: Do You Have All Of Your RV Travel Medications In Order

I was recently chatting with a PPL Motorhomes consignment RV customer who has been enjoying the RV lifestyle for a while as well. We started thinking about all the “stuff” we store in our RVs.  From canned goods to paper products to first aid supplies and everything in between, we have our RVs loaded for our adventures.   Later that evening it dawned on me that we leave many items in the medicine cabinet of our RV all the time, even when the unit is being stored.  This encouraged me to talk to my friend at the pharmacy who informed me that many of the basic over the counter medications should not be exposed to prolonged heat or cold and that lead me to creating this little check list.

I recommend you make a “carry out” bag that should include the following items:

  • Basic liquid medications (antacids, cough syrup, decongestants, vitamins)
  • Over the counter medications in pill form (check the expiration dates)
  • All prescription medications

Simply make this carry out bag a part of your checklist when you get ready to leave for your trip and then take it out of the vehicle when you get home.  This gives you an opportunity to check the expiration dates, keep the items fresh and update all prescriptions you may be currently taking.

It is also very important to keep a list of all your prescription medications, including the name, address and phone number of your doctor and pharmacy with you in this “carry out” bag.  Keeping it all in this one bag may help a spouse or emergency medical technician in the event of an emergency.  (A friend of mine read this and also suggested a spare pair of reading or prescription glasses, too). Before you go on your RV trip, PPL Motorhomes wants to remind you that the easiest thing to do before you leave is to really think about your lifestyle and needs and make a detailed RV checklist. It will come in very handy.

Houston, record all of your RV’s identifying numbers

Next time you have a lazy day with little to do, take the time to record all the identifying numbers in your RV. This list will help when you take your vehicles in for service, or when you hear of an appliance that has been recalled. Keep this list with your manuals and a copy with your valuable papers. It sure comes in handy when you call to order what seems to be a standard little part and then you’re asked to provide the brand name, model number or serial number in order to determine exactly what you need. The following is a simple chart to be used as a guideline.

You may have more or less information, but this is a start. This simple little chart may save you hours, or days when trying to have repairs done, or parts replaced.