The Importance of Sleep On The Road

I guess, being RVNana and all, I feel obligated to give you youngins’ a good talking to from time to time. This is one of those times. The lesson for today is: How To Prevent Driving Your RV Sleep Deprived.

People, I’ll tell you right now. If you are tired, stop and rest. You are creating a hazardous situation for you and those you share the road with. You may not even know you are tired until you start feeling the effects of road-hypnosis. That’s when you know you’ve driven for a while, but can’t remember the last landmark you passed. That’s tired, people. You need sleep.

You can really avoid sleep-related problems while RVing by setting a comfortable schedule of driving and resting. Take the time and pace yourselves. Set aside enough time to make the trip there and back easily, otherwise save that trip for another occasion. As much as the seasoned RVers understand this, there are times when our experience can become dangerous by instilling a false sense of control. At the end of the day there aren’t any magic tricks that will keep you awake while driving. Sure, go ahead and open a window, drink a cup of coffee, or try blasting the music, but the experts will tell you that  the only thing that will help a sleepy driver is sleep. Go figure.

I’ll make this simple. Plan your trip with the goal of covering 250 miles per day at the most. 100 to 150 miles per day is better. If you must drive farther to reach your destination, plan on having at least two qualified drivers taking turns. If both drivers are exhausted, it’s time to stop and sleep. You are bringing your bed with you! What kind of fool falls asleep at the wheel with a bed in the same vehicle?

So, there you go. You’ve been scolded by RVNana. If you need to pull over, just pull over. RVing is a lot more fun when you are actually traveling and not towing your rig out of a ditch, or worse, because you fell asleep at the wheel.

PPL Motorhomes: A New RV Means Time For A New Hobby

Lets say you just picked up your very first RV from PPL Motorhomes. Now you, might think that by virtue of getting a RV, that is now your new hobby; RVing, that is. This is somewhat true. Yes, learning about RVing, RV travel and RV maintenance is certainly a new hobby, but it’s also a lifestyle. Remember you are still going to have time afforded to you when you’re hooked up at a campsite. So why not take the time to pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to do? You have more than enough time and the continued education will keep you sharp.

For instance, learn to play the guitar, or how to do needle point work, start painting or take photographs. Remember you are surrounded by an entire outdoor world that will surely be a drawing point of inspiration. The sights and sounds of the great outdoors alone should inspire you to be creative and adventurous.

The point of this post isn’t to really tell you better ways of using your time while out on the road. In fact, relaxing and doing nothing is a great hobby in and of itself. No one likes kicking her feet up more than RV Nana. However, there may be things you’ve always wanted to, like learning to play the guitar for example. There are so many videos on YouTube and really affordable instruments at places like Guitar Center.

Needle point is another great example. It keeps you mind sharp and your hands in shape. Again, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube that can put you on the right path to creating that perfect quilt, pillow or decorative wall hanging.

Celebrate your freedom, by picking up a new hobby on the road. There are literally hundreds to choose from. Now, if there is one thing all of us at PPL Motorhomes understand, it’s that the space in our rigs in extremely valuable, so be cognizant of the hobby you pick, what type of supplies you need, and where you are going to stow them.

Other than that, you’ll enjoy the RV lifestyle even more when you pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Now that you have the freedom RVing brings there’s no doubt you’ll have the time. This is your new lifestyle, get the most out of it you can.

PPL Motorhomes: RVers, How Do You Save At The Pump?

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve really discussed in previous blogs and yet it is a glaringly obvious topic: How do you conserve fuel in your new motorhome? I know we all have our own ideas. If there is anyone (non-commercial) that fuel prices affect, it’s RVers. Our rigs are heavy and your gas card reflects one of the responsibilities of RV ownership. You have to keep her fed.

I thought to myself, “What are some things that I do to conserve fuel while towing my fifth-wheel?”.

Slow Down On The Highway

I’ve heard that for every five miles per hour in excess of 60 m.p.h., you lose 7 to 23 percent of fuel efficiency. Hmmmm, that’s a good hint for all of you commuters!  You might save a gallon of gas a week this way. Hey, that’s some extra grocery money!

Keep Calm

Driving or towing your RV is stressful. We can sometimes have the tendency to already be on edge which not only makes your driving worse, but you can consume more fuel by driving more aggressively and accelerating rapidly. You are RVing, you should be relaxing. Slow down and enjoy the sights. Stop and rest, take breaks from your stress if you are experiencing it. I know there is nothing we can do about the driving of others, but remaining calm really will help with your fuel consumption.

Keep Tires At Proper Pressure

Really? Do I really need to tell all of you RVers, to keep your tires inflated properly? The right pressure will mean less drag, longer lasting tires and saving more dollars at the pump. Plain and simple.

Keep Up With Your Maintainence Schedule

Take care of your RV! Keep it maintained. If it’s about time for that 200,000 mile tune up, get it! A simple tune up can really increase economy. New belts and hoses, air filters, oil changes…all are a part of being an RV owner. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that our RVs are not just our homes, they are machines that need attention and care, both when actively being used and when they are in storage.

Now, I know these are “no-brainers”, I just wanted to get everyone really thinking about ways to save on fuel, not that we weren’t thinking about it already. I was hoping to jog a few brain cells out there to come up with new ways to save. Oh, like using your smart phone and apps like GasBuddy to help you find cheaper fuel… see, it’s already got me thinking.

Let RV Nana and PPL Motorhomes know your tricks and tips on saving at the pump. How do you keep your RVing fuel costs down?