Learn CPR For Babies And Children

Many of us here at PPL Motorhomes not only have kids, but many of us have grandchildren as well. For us, hitting the park swimming facilities is always fun, and you know we love to eat. However, as much fun as we have, I always have at the back of my mind the inherent dangers that always face our kids. That’s why knowing CPR for babies and children is imperative. Nothing is more terrifying that encountering either a child who has stopped breathing, or is choking. I found some great videos that can explain how to help a child who has stopped breathing, or is choking better than I could. I suggest watching these video numerous times.

choking child, helping a choking child, ppl motorhomes, consignemnt rv, rving with kids, kids safety, rv safetyThe following videos are excellent lessons on how to stop an infant or child from choking. Again, I recommend that you watch each video periodically so you can stay fresh on this knowledge.

Please, if you have any more resources we should all look at, don’t hesitate to post the link in the comments section below. The more we know, the better prepared we all will be if, God forbid, we ever need to use what we’ve learned. I hope none of us ever do.

Look For A Used RV And Get Your Kids Involved In RVing Early!

Every time I pull into a campsite or RV Park, I’m delighted to see the amount of kids running around and being…well..kids. Those are our future RVers out there! There was always something magical and adventurous when I was a kid about being out in the wild. If you have been thinking about getting a used RV in South Texas, or trading in your RV, do it while the kids, or grandkids, are still young. They really will appreciate it in the future and will possibly make some of the most amazing memories of their lives. Now, with the amount of amenities that are available at today’s parks, you should never hear the phrase  “I’m bored.”

…but just in case you do, here is a fantastic site that designed specifically for the RV Kids!

Packed with all sorts of information and education, I can virtually guarantee you that your kids or grandkids will not only remember their trips in the RV,  but they will be more inclined to stay involved with RVing in the futures and hopefully, bring their kids to the same parks they grew up with!