PPL Motorhomes: Thetford RV Toilets

I guess there would come a time where your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes would have a a big sale on on parts and accessories that I never thought I’d ever really write about. In this case, I’m going to give you a little introduction to your RV’s toilet facilities. The more that I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that this might be the most piece of equipment in your RV and would make for some light bathroom reading material. Pun intended.

This may sound funny, but at PPL Motorhomes, we are big fans of Thetford’s Toilets. They look great, are well constructed and, well, they’re comfortable. Our customers who have purchase them for their RVs have told us the same. Take a look at the video from Thetford below.

If you want to really get down to brass tacks and be a little serious here, the Thetford Aqua Magic V (in the link above) is the most popular RV toilet product in North America. RVers like it because the Aqua Magic V is an economical choice and a solid, day-after-day performer. This RV toilet is available with dual-hand or convenient dual-foot pedal operations. It is also available in high (17-2/5″) or low (12-9/10″) profiles to fit your specific space requirements.

Thetford RV toilets offers a taller, more comfortable seat and single-control fill and flush for full-bowl wash-down every time you activate the hand lever or foot pedal. Its contemporary design is lightweight, easy to install and service. Textured lid sheds water and resists scuffs. So, if you are thinking about putting your rv on consignment, or just looking to replace your toilet, consider Thetford RV Toilets. You can check out the entire Thetford line up at PPL Motorhomes.

When Nature Calls Get A Porta Potti

There’s no reason to tip toe around this subject. Nature is just that, she calls when she wants and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it, but heed that call. While camping can be fun, at times, it proves to be difficult if you don’t have the right facilities (not every one has their own personal bathrooms). You need an original Porta Potti by Thetford North America.

The porta potti is sanitary, leak proof and odorless. In fact, Porta Potti is the World’s leading brand of portable toilet and is perfect for on the road, out on your boat or even at home. There are a few different styles and all are comfortable when comfort counts the most.

Here’s a nice little video to show you how the Thetford Porta Potti works.

PPL stocks for immediate delivery a wide selection of Thetford Aqua Magic, Aria, Bravura, Style Lite and Style Plus RV replacement toilets and parts. We also stock all of Thetford’s popular porta potti portable toilets. This includes the Porta Potty Electric 585 toilet. PPL’s also provides replace water values and flush valves for Thetford toilets.

When Nature calls, call PPL Motorhomes. we have a great selection of the thing you need the most. In this case, the Thetford Porta Potti is something as a camper and RVer that we don’t think you can live without.