Make Hitching a Cinch With A Backup Sensor

We dread it every time we have to go out on a trip. Getting hooked up to your trailer or RV by backing up, hoping you get close enough to be able to just lower it onto your hitch ball. How many times have you dinged your bumper? Or your tailgate? PPL Motorhomes is all about making your life on the road simpler and more efficient.

The Smart Hitch Camera and Sensor System makes hitching your trailer a cinch! Never again do you have to put unsightly dents and dings in your bumper, or depend on someone to navigate you closer and closer to the coupler.

The camera mounts behind the license plate so you’ll get a firsthand look at exactly where you are in relation to where to need to go. There’s even a guide on the screen and audible alerts giving you an estimation of the distance between you and your trailer’s coupler.

The Smart Hitch camera comes with SmartZone™ sensors that allow you to use the camera even when you aren’t towing. Just switch to everyday mode and be sure you never hit a light pole, shopping cart or parked car again!

The crystal clear monitor provides 3.5″ of static-free rear-facing visibility. Just imagine the relief you would feel having seen a small child in your camera and stopping the vehicle and preventing a minor (or major) injury! Hopkins’ Plug-In Simple attachments make hooking up your Smart Hitch Camera and Sensor a no-hassle job. Just plug in the connector behind the existing tow package wiring, no splicing necessary! If you have trouble hitching up or are a lone traveler, this is a great way to make your towing life easier.

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