National Fire Prevention Week

We are nearing the end of National Fire Prevention Week, but that certainly doesn’t mean in any way, shape or form that the dangers of wildfire is gone. If fact, there is no time to be more vigilant about stopping the cause and spread of wildfires. Nothing makes me more upset to see people being careless with either an open flame, cigarette butts tossed out of moving cars or campfires that aren’t properly extinguished.

As the weather changes and becomes more arid, the already dry leaves and grasses are perfectly primed for fires. It doesn’t take much to start a fire and have it burn uncontrollably in mere minutes. Remember Bastrop? Of course you do! That fire was a careless mistake and jumped a 100 yard wide river and continued it’s devastating burn on the other side. It burned millions of dollars worth of property, hundreds of livestock were consumed and it quickly became the source unbearable anguish for many people it left in its fiery wake.

There’s not much more I can really say in regards to preventing wildfires that I haven’t already said in the past. It is clearly your responsibility to make sure that you are careful with any flame you are using at your campsite. One stray spark can literally destroy thousands of lives, acres and wildlife. Fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility. That means making sure that you have fire extinguishers on your RV and you obey all open flame laws. If there is a burn ban in effect, use your head, don’t fire up the grill. I for one, never want to see anything like the destruction in Bastrop, TX again. The really sad part is that I know I will.

Wildfire Prevention Is Everyone’s Responsibility

We’re entering into that time of the season where we will be getting some rain showers, but don’t count on that to saturate the ground enough to stop a wild fire. In addition to a little rain here and there, we’ll also have tons of fuel in dead leaves, branches and grass which will provide more than enough fuel to a wildfire.

Just one errant ember from a fire can destroy thousands of of acres of land. Just one lit cigarette carelessly tossed out of the window can start a grass fire and consume residential areas indiscriminately. The monetary loss is one thing, but the lives that fire does leaves scorching scars that last forever.

Do I really have to show you a Smokey The Bear PSA from the 70’s to jog your memories?

Remember what Smokey said, “Only you can prevent forest fires”. Truer words have never been spoken. When you go camping this Fall in your RV remember that fire season is here, so be careful. Just another friendly reminder from your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes.