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37' 2009 Aspen w/3 Slides

Explorer Travel Trailers that are now for sale or have been recently sold at PPL are shown below. We are currently in need of more vehicles like yours. If you have one to sell, use this link to learn how to sell your Explorer Travel Trailer Quickly and for a good price. If you would like to buy an RV, please go to the complete list of the Consigned RVs for Sale.

RV and Motorhome Trade

9 Step Request Button If you are thinking about selling your Explorer Travel Trailer, click on the button to the left and request the free booklet "Nine Steps to Selling Your RV" ... Avoid Common Mistakes. These tips and "no-nos" could save you thousands and help you avoid the headaches when selling your RV. 
Stock # Description RV Type $
F135NB 37' 2009 Aspen w/3 Slides 5th Wheel 22,495
T115NB 30' 2006 Explorer - Bunk House Trailer 8,295
T247 27' 2006 Aspen w/Slide Trailer 12,995
Sell My Explorer Travel Trailer Now Click to sell your Explorer Travel Trailer quickly and for a fair price. To Trade Your RV, Visit our RV and Motorhome Trade Page or Call 1-800-755-4775 for details. Trade Your RV
SOLD 33' 2007 Aspen w/Slide - Bunk House 5th Wheel SOLD 16,000
SOLD 33' 2005 Frontier Aspen 3100 5th Wheel SOLD 13,500
SOLD 33' 2005 Aspen - Bunk House 5th Wheel SOLD 15,000
Free Email Updates Valuable free information services if you are buying, selling or own a Explorer Travel Trailer
SOLD 26' 2004 Explorer - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 8,500
SOLD 30' 2007 Explorer - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 9,995
SOLD 28' 2007 Frontier By K-Z w/2 Slides - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 13,995
SOLD 26' 2004 Explorer w/Slide Trailer SOLD 8,500
SOLD 26' 2006 Explorer - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 6,995
SOLD 34' 2008 Aspen w/2 Slides Trailer SOLD 20,900
SOLD 29' 2008 Explorer w/Slide - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 13,000
SOLD 31' 2007 Frontier By Sportsmen w/Slide Trailer SOLD 10,800
SOLD 29' 2008 Hyperlite w/Slide Trailer SOLD 11,495
SOLD 25' 2007 Frontier By K-Z - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 6,395
SOLD 30' 2004 Explorer w/Slide Trailer SOLD 9,495
SOLD 28' 2006 Frontier By K-Z w/2 Slides - Bunk House Trailer SOLD 7,450
SOLD 26' 2008 Explorer Trailer SOLD 8,000
People are amazed when we tell them how many and how fast PPL sells RVs. In fact, PPL has sold 2,147 consigned RVs since January 1, 2014. PPL needs additional Explorer Travel Trailers to satisfy the strong demand of its buyers. PPL is the hassle free way to buy, sell or trade your RV. Visit the links above or Call 1-800-755-4775 for details.
No representations or warranties, either expressed or implied are made as to the accuracy of the information herein.
PPL is an independent RV Consignment Dealer selling all brands of RVs. However, we are in no way affiliated with Frontier. The trade names Frontier, Aspen Bunk House, Explorer, Hyperlite, Frontier Aspen 3100 are the property of Frontier and are protected by US trademark laws.

Pictures, Floor Plans, Prices and Details

View pictures, floor plans, prices and details on all of the 508 RVs now for sale at PPL Motor Homes...The Largest RV Consignment Dealer in the USA. Click here to view a Complete List of Used RVs for Sale. Check out the large selection of great values on these used recreational vehicles.

An example of just one of our floor plans is shown below:
37' 2009 Aspen w/3 Slides Floor Plan

Sell Your RV Quickly and for a Fair Price

RV Owners all over the USA are discovering PPL Motor Home's No Hassle Consignments. PPL has sold over 28,200 RVs for individual owners since 1972. Click and find out how you too can sell your RV.  Experience the No-Hassle way to sell your Diesel Pusher, Motorhome, 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer. Selling your RV is not a side line at PPL...it's what we've been doing since 1972.  We do not sell any new RVs as this could distract from our focus on selling your consigned unit.

The right asking price is critical for you to get the top dollar for your vehicle. Our Free appraisals are based on the experience that comes with selling over 28,200 consigned RVs since 1972.

The information at the above link will help explain why PPL Motor Homes has grown to be the largest RV Consignment dealership in the USA.

Examples of Higher Priced Travel Trailers Recently Sold
Description RV Type Date Sold Price  $
26' 2012 Airstream Eddie Bauer Trailer 08/2014 58,500
26' 2012 Airstream Eddie Bauer Trailer 08/2014 57,995
27' 2010 Airstream Classic Trailer 05/2014 55,995
30' 2010 Airstream Flying Cloud Trailer 06/2014 51,000
40' 2014 Cottage w/3 Slides Trailer 07/2014 46,995
28' 2009 Flying Cloud Trailer 07/2014 44,900
23' 2011 Airstream Flying Cloud Trailer 03/2014 40,000
28' 2009 Airstream Flying Cloud Trailer 07/2014 39,995
23' 2010 Flying Cloud Trailer 06/2014 37,495
27' 2007 Airstream Classic Limited Trailer 03/2014 35,495
38' 2012 Journeyer w/3 Slides Trailer 10/2014 33,495
36' 2014 Open Range Journeyer w/3 Slides Trailer 09/2014 33,000

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