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RV Trader Online, Internet Advertising, For Sale Sign, Consignments and Classified Ads Can be Used to Market your RV.

RV Trader Online and Other Ways to market your vehicle all have their pros and cons. Click on the topics below for information and suggestions about selling your recreational vehicle.

Trader magazine Local Newspaper Advertising Internet Advertising
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Customer Comments
If you are even remotely thinking about selling your vehicle,  click on the button to the left and request the free booklet "Nine Steps to Selling Your RV...Avoid Common Mistakes in Selling Your RV". These tips and "no-nos" could save you thousands and help you avoid headaches when selling your vehicle.

Trader Magazine

The RV trader can be effective in attracting buyers but is expensive and results are not guaranteed. If you do use the Trader to advertise your vehicle, you will still need to:

  • Determine the optimum asking price.
  • Negotiate the sale.
  • Arrange financing.
  • Test drive the vehicle.
  • Handle buyer objections and non working items.
  • Protect yourself from liabilities.

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PPL's Consignment Program

PPL has concentrates on consignments and does not sell any new units as this could distract us from selling your recreational vehicle. PPL has sold over 35,100 RVs since 1972 making us the the Largest Consignment Dealer in the USA. Click here to learn more about PPL's unique Consignment Program. 

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Local Dealer Consignment 

Local Recreational Vehicle dealers may offer a consignment program. However, if you decide to consign your unit with a local dealer or any consignment lot take time to visit the lot to see exactly how your vehicle is being displayed. Your vehicle may be in direct competition with the "new" and "used" units owned the dealer. The dealer will probably make more money selling his own stock so your unit will not likely be the first to be sold. Finding a dealer who specializes in selling only consigned RVs with a successful track record is preferred.

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For Sale Sign

The easiest and least expensive way to advertise is to find a busy parking lot or roadside, place a "For Sale" sign in the window. This may bring you a serious buyer but you will have to deal with the many tire kickers who may not even be interested in purchasing.   

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Local Newspaper Advertising

Many sellers think of the classified ads in their local newspapers first whether they are selling used furniture or a recreational vehicles. Newspaper ads can be expensive and results are not guaranteed. Also, bargain hunters are always checking local classified ads for units priced below the market. 

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Internet Advertising

Internet advertising reaches thousands of potential buyers but very few of them are likely to travel across the country to look at your one vehicle. This means it may take you much longer to actually sell your vehicle. 

We believe that the problem of getting potential buyers to travel a long way to look at one vehicle and thus the lack of results is the primary reason that we more dealer and less individual ads on popular internet sites.

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Customer Comments

Sales price. Short length of time listed to sale. I am extremely pleased with your integrity and sales success. Thank you very much! Thanks to your whole staff (sales, clerical, service). Well done!
James M.
Sugar Land, TX.

The things that impressed me was the fastness my unit was sold. I had visions of my unit sitting there on your lot the 3 months and us coming after it. The second thing is the internet advertisement. I think this is a good tool and its very effective.
Ed B.
San Antonio, TX.

Efficiency, Ethics, Straight-Forward. Excellent service both buying and selling.
William / Patricia B.
Galveston, TX.

(More customer reviews of PPL are included here )

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