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Power Solution & Install - 55-2507

power soluton with install kit
power soluton with install kit
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/17/18.


Power Solution & Install

Item 55-2507 | MFR# 2010-100KIT

The JTB Power Solution will add 

20 MORE Amps to ANY RV



 JTB Power Solution ONLY


55-2509 JTB Power Solution Installation Kit ONLY

Run your 50 AMP RV in a 30 AMP Park

How Does It Work?

The JTB Power Solution automatically configures the available power in a typical RV park (30 amp main circuit and 20 Amp circuit or GFCI auxiliary) for use in your RV. Once the JTB Power Solution is installed, you simply plug your existing power cord into the 30 amp service and plug the additional power cord (added to your RV with the JTB Power Solution installation) into the 20 amp circuit or GFCI.
The JTB Power Solution is the only AC power cable adapter on the market that will allow you to put the full 50 amps of service available at a typical RV parks 30 amp power pole to work in your RV, whether the 20 amp auxiliary outlet is a GFCI or not. Once installed, you will be able to run both of your RV air conditioners at the same time to keep your RV cool, or run other appliances with a single air conditioner simultaneously.

Consider these points:

  1. Provides an extra 20 amp circuit expansion
  2. Switches from 30 to 50 amp service automatically
  3. Works on all RVs and 5th wheel trailers
  4. Allows simultaneous use of multiple AC units & appliances

The JTB Power Solution is automatic, so there are no switches or meters to monitor. Traditional cheater boxes will not work with your RV if the power pole has a GFCI outlet. The cheater box will cause the GFCI to trip every time--in just a matter of minutes--when both air conditioners are running.

The JTB Power Solution is ETL Tested and Certified and carries an one year warranty.

Click here to visit the JTB Power Solution website for for more information including testimonials.

Tech Specs

  1. Weight: 14 lbs.
  2. Dimensions: Product Size 14.5"x 10"x 4.5"
  3. Warranty: Mfr. 1 year limited warranty
  4. Manufacturer: Jtb Manufacturing
  5. Mfg Part #: 2010-100-KIT


Jtb Power Solution Only
Item #: 55-2508 | Manufacturer #: 2010-100
Product Details
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/17/18.
Jtb Installation Kit Only
Item #: 55-2509 | Manufacturer #: 2010-100-INSTALL
Product Details
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/17/18.

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Manufacturer Numbers
2010-100KIT, 19-3395, 2010-100-KIT
Jtb Mfg Inc.
UPC List
  • Powers your 50 amp RV in a 30 amp state park by using the 20 amp GFCI receptacle
  • Eliminates GFCI tripping at typical RV hook-ups--works with GFCI hook-ups in all RV parks
  • Eliminates need for running generator to operate two air conditionersprohibited in many parks
  • Allows unlimited use of both air conditioners in all RVS---Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and Motorhomes
  • Allows use of one air conditioner and another appliance such as a microwave simultaneously
  • Lets you use your hair dryer without blowing circuit in all 50 amp or 30 amp RVs
  • Includes detailed installation instructions with schematics
  • Made in USA
  • Patent pending
  • Mfr. part #2010-100-KIT
  • Power sources: Two 110 Volt AC Power Inputs
  • Type of power: Single Phase 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical rating: 20 amp
  • Dual transfer switches with automatic 40 amp relays
  • Enclosure: Type 1 UL rated
  • Dual 20 amp breakers
  • 30 ft. 30 amp power cord with 20 amp adapter
  • Fixed solid state microchip
  • Circuit board: 2-sided plated PCB .0625 thick, recognized FR4 material with 2 oz. thru copper plating
  • ETL Intertek Approved to US UL Std. 1008 and Canada CSA Std. C22.2 No. 178.1
  • Shipping Weight 27 lbs.
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