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Battery Tender Plus - 55-1287

Deltran Battery Tender Plus
Deltran Battery Tender Plus
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 09/25/20.


Battery Tender Plus

Item 55-1287 | MFR# 021-0128

Deltran Battery Tenders are the best for maintaining your RV's 12 volt batteries during the off season by not overcharging your batteries, costing you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. Deltran Battery Tenders are more than just a charger, they can actually extend the life of your RV batteries.  Just hook up the battery tender when your RV is not going to be used for an extended period of time and the fully automatic and microprocessor controlled battery charger will keep your batteries at peak performance. A standard Trickle charger might supply the correct trickle down current for long term storage but the voltage can sometimes rise about 15 volts. This causes gassing in the battery resulting in a shorter life and poor performance.

The Battery Tender Plus, Part # 55-1287, is an automatic 1.25 Amp Charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.  It features a quick disconnect and both alligator clips and ring terminals for connection.  This is the ideal replacement for that worn out battery charger in your garage or workshop. This charger also comes with a 10 year limited warranty from Deltran.

If your looking for a waterproof charger, Part # 55-0151 is your choice.  This Waterproof Battery Charger will handle the elements.  It's compact, lightweight, and fully automatic. It features surface mount electronic components that are completely sealed and protected from shock, vibration, and moisture by a synthetic epoxy resin compound.  It puts out 800mA at 12 volts and has alligator clips for connection. It also comes with a 3 year limited Manufacturers warranty.


Waterproof Battery Charger   
          Part# 55-0151      

The Dual Bank Battery Tender, Part # 55-0165, is just like the Battery Tender Plus times two!  It's like having 2 Battery Tender's in 1 compact charging package. Ideal for charging and Maintaining the engine and house battery systems in your RV with the same charger. It is 2 banks of 1.25 Amp chargers at 12 volts and has 2 sets of both ring terminals and alligator clips with quick disconnects. This battery tender comes with a 2 year limited warranty from the Manufacturer.

Dual Bank Battery Charger
         Part# 55-0165

Warranty details are available for the Deltran Battery Tenders.

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Battery Tender Waterproof
Item #: 55-0151 | Manufacturer #: 022-0150-DL-WH
Product Details
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 09/25/20.
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Battery Tender 2 Bank
Item #: 55-0165 | Manufacturer #: 022-0165-DL-WH
Product Details
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 09/25/20.

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Manufacturer Numbers
021-0128, 19-0270
Battery Tender
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  • Fully Automatic
  • Spark proof, even when leads touch.
  • Has Zero to Minimal Current Draw from Batteries.
  • Provides a Visual Indication of Charge State.
  • Will pay for itself in longer lasting batteries.
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