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50 Amp Installation Kit - 55-3893

hughes autoformer installation Kit
hughes autoformer installation Kit
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/14/20.


50 Amp Installation Kit

Item 55-3893 | MFR# 50A KIT

Use this Hughes 50 amp Autoformer installation kit to install your autoformer in the ventilated compartment of your RV, so that it is not exposed to weather or thievery. This kit makes installation easy and convenient. 

This kit includes a 5-foot, cord with male plug and female receptacle for the service cord. A kit is also available for use with 30A models.

Please see the installation diagram below.

50 Amp Autoformer 


Don't get caught with your voltage down! The Autoformer provides protection from low voltage damage by boosting the park voltage to your RV! Our Sense circuit automatically turns the 10% boost on when the park power is less than 117 volts and turns it off when the park power reaches 118 volts. Built in grounding continuity test offers protection against damage from open ground, open neutral or reverse polarity - if the light isn't on, do not use the power source! 1 per box.

Avoid brownout damage by boosting the park voltage to your RV. 50 amp Autoformer has increased capacity to 12,000 watts, with a fully automatic 10% boost when needed. Internal transformer increases volts and lowers amps, while sophisticated circuitry monitors power levels and boosts if power is less than 117 volts. Includes park power diagnostic light, as well as boost indicator lights for both lines, spike and surge protection and polarity and ground test functions. Weatherproof.

The installation kit for the autoformer is sold separately and is listed in the pricing table below.  In addition, a link to the 30 Amp autoformer is also in the price table.

50 Amp Voltage Booster Tech Notes

    1. 733 joules surge suppression per line --1466 joules total
    2. 4500 amps spike protection per line -- 9000 amps total
    3. UL listed components

    Hughes Autoformer - 50 Amp
    Item #: 55-3981 | Manufacturer #: RV220-50-SP
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    Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/14/20.

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