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Surge Protectors, Autoformers, Monitors

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    Hughes 50 amp Autoformer
    Hughes Autoformer - 50 Amp

    Hughes Autoformer - 50 Amp

    Hughes Autoformer 30 amp
    30 Amp Autoformer by Hughes

    30 Amp Autoformer by Hughes

    hughes autoformer installation Kit
    50 Amp Installation Kit

    50 Amp Installation Kit

    autoformer installation kit
    30 Amp Installation Kit

    30 Amp Installation Kit


    Essential Surge Protectors for RV Living

    Looking for the best RV Surge Protector on the market? Look no further! PPL Motorhomes has the quality and competitive rates you can always expect on all RV accessories and equipment. Surge guard RV power protection can come in 30 Amp or 50 Amp to meet your RV power needs, and get you that warm, fuzzy feeling of lasting power protection every RV owner needs for a better road trip or camping experience. Just need to get your foot in the door? Start with an Entry Level Portable RV Surge Guard Protector 50 Amp to get your head in the game. Inconsistent power at RV campsites can cause significant damage to your expensive electronic equipment, so get the quality of shoreline power with Surge Guard Surge Protectors, minimizing potential conditions that can damage your RV equipment when you should be enjoying, life not worrying about it.

    Get an energy boost with an Autoformer for your RV

    Got to have more power, captain? A Hughes Autoformer provides protection from low voltage damage by boosting the park voltage to your RV, providing a 10% power boost when needed. Now that’s going to keep your RV running efficiently and safely day and night with protection against damage from open ground, open neutral or reverse polarity. With an Autoformer that’s weatherproof and only 24 pounds, you can’t afford not to plug in this power saver.

    Simplify the management of your RV electrical system

    An Electrical Management System Hardwire can provide complete electrical protection of RV electronics and digital readout of your RV AC power source, also protecting against high/low voltage problems, creating peace of mind when you finally find peace in your campsite. Hard wired to be complicated? Let PPL Motorhomes take the guess work out of your RV shopping needs and browse a wide variety of quality electrical products at prices that won’t shock you.